Top 10 Best Adjustable Dumbbells in 2023 Reviews

In your busy routine, healthy living is one thing that you must not ignore. This includes a lot of things, most unmistakably fitness. Also, when you do physical exercises regularly, you will derive many benefits from it.

To begin with, it will make you physically stronger and keep you fit. So, depending on what type of result you require, there are different types of weight lifting equipment that you can choose from.

These options can get extremely confusing for those on the lookout for best weights to do some weight training. Therefore, to make things easier, we have listed down 10 best adjustable dumbbells 2023 that you can consider.


What is an adjustable dumbbell?

In contrast to a normal dumbbell, the adjustable dumbbell is unique since you can choose different measures of weights. These are available in two types, the round adjustable dumbbells, and the block-shaped dumbbells. The round ones come with plates and for the block-shaped, you can adjust the bars.

Finally, a sleeve holds the weight plates together, and its length determines the measure of weight that one can load onto it. On the other hand, the block-shaped dumbbells consist of an arrangement of weights. You can, therefore, slide the weight bars to choose your desired weight, which lies on a single handle. These weights fluctuate in size and range from 45 to 100 pounds.

Why would you use an Adjustable Dumbbell?

Using an adjustable dumbbell has numerous advantages as compared to the normal ones:

  • Consumes lesser space
  • You can use them for a variety of exercises that require different weights
  • You can get up to 16 sets of weights in a dumbbell box with selector
  • Affordable

Another great advantage is that you can do different resistance exercises with them. These are extraordinary equipment for the arm and abdominal area, and help you stay in better shape. Also, you have better control over how many weights to choose in order to achieve your goal.

Buying guide

Buying adjustable dumbbells makes sense, however, it makes no sense to go out and get them without adequate research. If you need to be a brilliant client, here are a couple of tips to remember in order to make the right purchase.

  1. Weight: 

    Weight plates or bars are most certainly one of the key factors when it comes to purchasing adjustable dumbbells. Therefore, you must consider how much weight you can load onto them. The minimum and maximum are what you need to look out for, depending on your requirements.

  2. Stability: 

    You must be careful while choosing this equipment and look for something that is stable. Although the general view is that these are usually strong, and therefore there is no possibility of the dumbbell breaking or becoming unbalanced, the truth is otherwise.

  3. Measure: 

    One of the major reasons to choose adjustable weights over standard dumbbells is its adjustable weight plates or bars. However, if you buy an uncomfortable adjustable dumbbell, you definitely won’t enjoy working out with it.

  4. Convenience: 

    Some weights are a real problem to modify. Therefore, you must look out for a dumbbell that you can change quickly and effortlessly. In this way, if you choose to increase the weight in the middle of your exercise, you can do it without wasting time.

  5. Cost: 

    The adjustable weights are far more expensive than the usual ones. Most of them cost $ 100 or more, therefore it is strongly recommended that you buy only what you need. In other words, do not buy an extravagant dumbbell that you cannot handle.

List of The 10 best adjustable weights Reviews 2023

10. Bayou-Fitness-Adjustable-Dumbbell


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This product is constantly gaining popularity for several reasons. It is an extraordinary equipment that can be used at home and requires very little space.

So regardless of whether you have adequate space in your home or not, you can consider buying this product. This equipment has been designed to incorporate a creative combination of 552 selected technologies from various dumbbells.

Also, its gear makes use of 15 sets of weights in one. These adjustable weights can be used in several exercises; the exercises include leg exercises, back exercises, chest exercises, stomach exercises, arm exercises, shoulder exercises, and so on.

There are many factors that distinguish this product from the rest. Despite their complex design, these are easy to use and that makes it very attractive. Particularly, changing its resistance level is very convenient. Its weight can be increased by 2.5 pounds until it reaches 25 pounds.

Moreover, when you buy this product, you will get some incredible benefits and one of them is the free SelectTech training DVD that you can simply get while you make this purchase.


  • Shift weights easily during exercises
  • This adjustable dumbbell is an incredible space saver as it replaces nine arrays of eighteen dumbbells
  • Has a durable thermoplastic elastic handle
  • With a dial twist, you can without much stretch change the weight as required by you
  • The dumbbell has a locking frame to anchor the weights


  • Ease of use
  • It is reliable and can load considerable measure of weights
  • Superior design
  • Strong handles
  • It is easy to change the resistance of weights


  • The plates have a poor quality plastic cover
  • It may be difficult to return to the base, as it may get misaligned

9. Bowflex-SelectTech-560-Dumbbell


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This product is made from superior quality cast iron and comes with a chrome handle. This makes the product durable and strong. Additionally, weight adjustment is not very difficult with these weight plates. In fact, choosing a weight range is rather flexible. Most importantly, you do not require any additional tools to adjust the weight.

You can adjust it between 10 lbs and 60 lbs and this adjustment can always be altered by 5 lbs. Therefore, this can be considered as a versatile fitness equipment that can be used by persons with varying requirements. This kit is easy to use and therefore it will not be difficult to get started. It is one among the best you can find in the market.


  • Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 60 pounds; Adjusts in increments of 2.5 pounds to the first 25 pounds
  • Allows you to quickly change from one exercise to another
  • Combines 15 sets of weights into one, using an exclusive marking system
  • Eliminates the need for multiple weights that cram your training space
  • Two-year guarantee on plates and parts of weight


  • Weighs accurately
  • The bar is solidly built
  • The standard plate is placed on a one-inch plate


  • It takes time for the plate to interlock

8. Ironmaster-75-lb-Quick-Lock-Adjustable-Dumbbell-System-with-Stand


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This incredible Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell is exceptional among other adjustable dumbbells out there. It has many things that make it work.

First of all, this product requires very little space and is very easy to use. Many users recommend this product to others because of the ease with which they can change the weight.

In terms of choosing weights, it offers numerous options and lets you start at 5 pounds. From that point on, you may increase according to your requirements. The most important thing is that you can simply do these exercises from the comfort of your home.

This dumbbell is particularly easy to use since it does not require you to load the weights on a stick and adjust it over your shoulders. All it requires is twisting and moving forward. So whether or not you need to change the weight level, you are not going to have any trouble with these weights.


  • Has lots of fascinating features
  • Easy to alter resistance levels
  • Has an interesting design
  • Has an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to handle and lift
  • It is easy to configure, that means even beginners can start using it


  • Designed to counteract injuries
  • Ease of use
  • Does not require much space
  • Durable


  • Many people who have used this product have great things to say about it, and that is why there are hardly any negative reviews.

7. Power-Block-Elite-Dumbbells


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When it comes to adjustable dumbells, Power Block Elite Dumbbells remain a preferred choice for some. In fact, it is the best decision for anyone to buy it if they have enough space for it.

It is designed to meet the requirements of your fitness regime and therefore offers three alternatives for you to choose from. It includes resistance levels between 2.5 pounds to 50 pounds. So the user can choose his capacity and exercise with it. In addition, they are made from hard-core steel chrome plate and are therefore durable.


  • You can alter the weight between 2.5 to 50 pounds
  • Gives you the choice to increase the weight in 2.5-pound slots
  • The weights have an agile attachment change stick
  • Includes a 10-year restricted warranty
  • Designed with clean and perfect dark finishes with PowerBlock Elite / Pro Dumbbell stand (sold separately)
  • Suitable for all; from apprentices to pros


  • Resistance levels between 2.5 pounds to 50 pounds
  • Made from hard-core steel chrome plate
  • Durable


  • You must use it carefully with a glove

6. Titan-Adjustable-Weight-Chrome-Dumbbells-Set-200-lbs-Pair-100-lbs-Dumbbell-x-2pcs-Fitness-Strength-Training


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This is an extraordinary product liked by many and combines technology and suitability to meet the demands of its customers. In addition, it is highly acclaimed due to factors such as flexibility, hardness, and several other features.


  • Made from quality cast iron with chrome handles
  • Includes an arrangement of modifiable weights of 52.5 pounds (each), two 5-pound collars, eight 5-pound plates, two 2.5-pound plates, and two 1.25-pound plates
  • Collars and handles are strong and have plates made using heavy-duty casting press
  • You can set it up with just 2.5 lbs
  • Durable


  • Easy to use
  • It is durable and well-built
  • Offers a wide range of variety in terms of use


  • None

5. CAP-Barbell-RSWB-40TP-40-lb


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This is perceived as a brand name when it comes to adjustable dumbbells. This is because it has around nine weight arrangements, and the level of change can be somewhere between 4 and 45 lbs. This implies that when you use this product, you can slowly advance with the weights. It is ergonomically designed and this makes it easy to use and store.


  • The 40-pound set consists of two handles, four 2.5-pound plates, four 5-pound plates, 4 collars, and a plastic storage box
  • Has ergonomic grip, comfortable handles, and adjustable collars
  • Durable cast iron press plates have a semi-gloss finish
  • Collars are strung for a protected fit


  • It has nine weight configurations; this is excellent since it offers different alternatives to choose from.
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Increasing weights is not difficult


  • Some customers complain about the level of clamor

4. Weider-Speed-Weight-Adjustable-Dumbbells.


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This is another awesome product in this category and can be used conveniently. It can be balanced or changed without much stretching, simply by unscrewing the weight plates. This dumbbell is an impressive product made from high-grade steel and is plated with chrome.


  • Has four alternatives in terms of resistance
  • Adjusts effortlessly from 5 to 25 pounds using storage plates
  • Works with a leverage instrument
  • The handle’s design gives you a much secure grip
  • Suitable to strengthen your biceps and triceps


  • Convenient plates save lots of space
  • Weights are easy to change
  • Value for money


  • They are somewhat noisy when used because of the metal, but this can be stopped by placing socks between the plates.

3. XMark-adjustable-dumbbell

3. XMark-adjustable-dumbbell

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If you are looking for fitness equipment that you can use to do some weight training with, then you must definitely consider this extraordinary product. This equipment comes with fantastic features and is designed to handle a weight ranging between 3 to 24 pounds in one hand. It is built to satisfy your needs and is quite durable. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a complete fitness center at your home, you can simply choose this product.


  • Sold in a pair of adaptable 25 lb Dumbbells
  • You can adjust the weight between 5 to 25 pounds
  • Designed with chrome
  • Has a space-saving design


  • Far more compact than the rest
  • It is fast and easy to switch weights
  • Strong and well built
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t work great on carpets
  • Pin-magnet isn’t very durable

2. Merax-Deluxe-71.5-Pounds-Adjustable-Dial-Dumbbell


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If you are looking for an excellent product that will let you adjust weights, you should opt for this adjustable dumbbell. Also, it does not take up much space in your home. This brand is excellent and uses superior technology, for which the brand is known.

Weights can be adjusted from 11 lbs to 71.5 lbs in 5.5 lb incremental slots. To use it or lift it off the floor, the product has a custom tray. Just pack it and keep it at the side of the table and you will see how little space it requires.


  • It has a weight variation between 11 lbs to 71.5 lbs.
  • It lets you increase the weight in 5.5 pounds slots
  • For a secure and effective weight connection, the weights have a quick-fix change pin
  • Includes a 10-year limited warranty
  • Designed with polished black ends and compatible with PowerBlock Elite / Pro Dumbbell stand (sold separately)
  • Easy storage
  • Convenient weight adjustment
  • Ease of use


  • It is durable
  • Smaller diameter, only six inches
  • High-quality support for easy lifting


  • Fewer weight adjustments

1. Bowflex-SelectTech-552-Adjustable-Dumbbells-(Pair)


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This adjustable dumbbell is one of the most sought-after product and therefore tops this list at Number 1. It is made from corrosion-free cast iron press plates and comes with an ergonomic chrome handle that is easy to use. This handle is about an inch wide.

There are many reasons for you to like this product, first of all, it does not consume a lot of space. Again, the openings on the plate comply with the industry standards.

Despite being the best in line product, it is moderately priced. It can deal with quite a few of your problems and that is the reason why it is seen as a front-runner among other available weights.


  • The SelectTech 1090 has a durable construction and is made for pros who can start at 5 lbs and reach 52.5 lbs per dumbbell.
  • Adjustable weights that can be increased by 5 lb. This gives you 17 different weight settings.
  • Comes with dial-a-weight modification frame. So the user only needs to turn the dial to change the weight.
  • Has a durable design with metal plates and thick plastic lining that aids the smooth progression of weights.
  • Includes a two-year restricted warranty.


  • The ergonomic handle makes it easy to use
  • Flexible range of weights; this makes it easier for you to pick from
  • Weights can be easily adjusted
  • It is durable since it is made from solid metal that does not rust
  • Finally, it is reasonably priced


  • Adjusting the weight requires significant exertion

When you look for options to buy an adjustable dumbbell, always take a note of the product’s features. Some products may be excellent for those who need a light workout, while the rest may be ideal for pros.

If you are looking at gradually building up, here are dumbbells that offer the ability to adjust the weights. This can be of great value as a person gets stronger during training.

Always consider the budget and compare it with the value you get. For those who want to focus on shaping-up their muscles, the best thing to consider is adjustable dumbells. Make sure to pick the ones that come with a comfortable grip, or the popular hexagonal shaped ones for maximum comfort.

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