Here are the 10 best conference room cameras for remote work and meeting in 2022

Today, remote work becomes more and more established in the business industries, allowing people to communicate and work with one another from anywhere in the world. With the advance of technology and the invention of conference room camera, the international collaboration through online platforms are made with ease. You can hold a video conference call or meeting and see one another’s faces with real interaction. Yet, to have an effective online meeting, it also is necessary to have an outstanding conference room camera for you to work with other teammates.

So, to help enhance your meeting experience, we would like to introduce you to the best conference room cameras which are all designed to be highly professional. In addition, at the end of the article, you are also encouraged to learn about the buying guide of this product. Check out list below:

Most Popular Cameras for Conference Room on Amazon

Best Seller # 1
Logitech Conference Video Conference Webcam, HD 1080p Camera with Built-In Speakerphone
Logitech Conference Video Conference Webcam, HD 1080p Camera with Built-In Speakerphone
All-in-one design combines HD video with high-quality audio clarity; All-in-one design combines HD video with high-quality audio clarity

List of the 10 Best Conference Room Cameras in 2022

10. Logitech Group Video Conferencing Bundle with Expansion Mics for Big Meeting Rooms

conference room camera for zoom

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To start with, Logitech has offered a great conference room camera which is able to provide a clear video and audio. It can be used for a meeting that has a maximum of 20 people. The maximum audio range is up to 28 feet, and it provides 90 degrees of view. The speakerphone is designed with high quality to absorb all the sound and display clear audio.

It works with a USB connection that is used to connect to the laptop. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. Last but not least, it works with cloud apps to improve the quality of multinational collaboration and conference.

9. Meeting Owl Pro – 360 Degree, 1080p Smart Video Conference Camera, Microphone, and Speaker

wide angle conference room camera

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Owl Labs has provided another great conference camera that allows the rotation up to 360 degrees to give a full picture about what is going on in the conference room. This wide angle conference room camera offers high resolution output at the maximum of 1080 p. The sound quality has been upgraded to be two times louder than the old Owl Labs design. It works well with both medium and large conference rooms, and it can be set up easily with the connection through USB ports.

There is no need to install anything to your device to get started. Last but not least, the quality of the product is guaranteed with a 30 day warranty with money back.

8. AVer Information Plug-N-Play Conference Camera by Aver Information Inc.

AVer Information video conference camera for tv

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Here is another camera for conference room that you can get at a reasonable price with premium quality for outstanding output. It offers a high definition picture and video at 1080p. For the touch customization, there are 10 camera waiting and pre-setting. The camera features a wide angle at the maximum of 82 degrees in its front. It also comes with a zoom in feature which is able to capture the most detailed thing.

Users can connect it to both desktop and laptop via USB cable provided. Last but not least, it is compatible with any types of applications for conference meetings, such as Skype and Google Hangout.

7. Webcam 1080P with Microphone & Cover by Vitade

skype conference room camera

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If you are looking for a great webcam, you should never forget Vitade. The fact is that this webcam is able to provide you with 1080p high resolution pictures and videos at the same time. The angle is designed to be as wide as 80 degrees to capture what is going on in the conference room. It is compatible with different types of apps, such as Skype and Youtube.

There is also a shutter cover provided to secure you and your teammates against the hackers who are willing to spy on you. It also has a light correction function to work with the low light environment. More importantly, you are enabled to rotate the camera at the maximum of 360 degrees with confidence.

6. Logitech ConferenceCam Connect All-in-One Video Collaboration Solution for Small Groups

large conference room video conferencing

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It’s time to look at another model of webcam from Logitech. In fact, this webcam is lightweight and portable enough for users to carry with them conveniently. It is able to conduct an effective conference meeting through any online platforms. For the field of view, it features a wide angle at 90 degrees, and it features 360 degree rotation for added flexibility. It comes with 1080p high definition video which allows users to see clearly through the camera.

To connect to the camera, users can simply plug in the USB port to get the webcam ready for the conference meeting. Last but not least, it works with a wide range of applications to suit your different preferences and demands.

5. YSX K8 USB 2.0 Plug and Play All in One Video Conference Camera for Small Meeting Room

Plug and Play All in One Video Conference Camera for Small Meeting Room

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Moving onto the next conference camera from YSX, it is suitable for small size conference meetings. The camera comes in a set of microphone and speaker which integrates all the best sound quality to ensure the stability of the meeting. The pictures and videos are shown in clear definition of 1080p, which includes 90 degrees for the field of view.

The maximum sound pickup range is up to 6.5 feet. For the connection, it features USB 2.0 for Mac. Last but not least, it works well with a conference meeting which has around 4 or 5 people.

4. Tenveo 20X Optical Zoom Video Conference Camera Full HD 1080p USB PTZ Camera for Business Meetings

Tenveo 20X Optical Zoom Video Conference Camera for Business Meetings

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For this video meeting camera from Tenveo, it comes with 20 time optical zoom to offer a high quality meeting. Everyone is ensured to be seen in the teleconferencing camera as long as they fit in a conference room at the size of about 200 square meters. There are various applications that it can work with, including Skype and Zoom. Users can make adjustments to the parameters to enhance the quality of the video.

It is operated with a USB 2.0, and it can be controlled using a remote control. The pan degree of the camera is between 0 and 340 degrees, and it can be titled up to 120 degrees. For the installation process, screws and brackets are provided in the package.

3. AVer VC520 All-in-One Video and Audio USB Conference Camera

AVer VC520 All-in-One Video and Audio USB Conference Camera

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Here is another webcam from AVer Information Inc. It is designed to bring the highest quality meeting with high definition video at up to 1080p. It comes with 10 cameras in the preset status waiting for the customization. The audio is made to be superior with the noise suppression feature.

It has the compatibility to work with all types of applications as long as they can be connected through a desktop or laptop. To ensure the best quality of the product, the company also provides a 3 year warranty on the customer service with 1 year warranty on the replacement.

2. Tenveo Group All-in-One Video Conferencing System, USB PTZ Conference Room Camera​

Tenveo Group All-in-One Video Conferencing System Camera

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Tenveo has designed another video conference camera to accommodate your demand and boost your team’s performance. It is highly professional with high quality for the video and audio. It features a USB connection to the laptop or desktop to ensure the stability of the meeting. It is compatible with all types of conference meeting applications.

Users can make their own adjustments to the video resolution to make sure that the meeting is conducted in a way that everyone prefers. The camera comes with 10X optical zoom function to offer a crystal clear detail. Last but not least, it works well for all types of large conference rooms with 10-25 members.

1. Genius 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle Full HD Conference Webcam

Genius 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle & Full HD Conference Webcam

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Last but not least, Genius also provides a great webcam for meeting use. It is highly recommended by its customers for its premium quality. It comes with a highly sensitive microphone which can offer crystal clear sound quality to both sides of the meeting. The picture and video are shown in 1080p high definition.

Also, the lens can give a view of the range up to 120 degrees to give a clear view of what is going on. The USB cable is provided for the connection to laptops and other devices. Users can also choose the rotation up to 360 degrees.

Buying Guide

When it comes to your business, you may want to invest in the most premium quality item to improve the business process and get more profit through a more effective collaboration. Thus, before purchasing a webcam for your company, carefully evaluate the following features.

View: the conference room camera should get a clear view of at least 80 angles of the view in the front of the camera.

Rotation: it should feature up to 360 degrees rotation to bring more flexibility to the use of the camera during the conference meeting.

Resolution: the pictures and videos should appear in a high definition view, which is as high as 1080p to make the meeting more effective and realistic just like a face to face discussion.

Shutter cover: this is to prevent the camera from hacking and spying by dangerous hackers who wish to steal information.

Connection: it should feature the connection through USB cable to the laptops and desktops.

Compatibility: it should be compatible with all types of online meeting platforms, including Skype and Zoom.


To conclude, above are the top ten best conference room cameras or webcams that work effectively to conduct all types of meeting through online applications. It enables the easiest connection with simply a USB cable linked to get everything started. So, to enhance your meeting experience, grab one now. Users can also adjust the volume according to their own preferences and demands.

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