Top 10 Best Family Christmas Pajamas in 2023

Never underestimate how a right matching pajama could do for your family especially during the Christmas season. Whether it is on the night of Christmas Eve when the whole family gang gathers for movie night or it is the Christmas morning when the family gathers around the Christmas tree for gift opening, matching family Christmas pajamas are the most essential outfit to put on to make everyone embrace the jolly sensation of Christmas. Moreover, they will flawlessly make the family photo more memorial with a lot of laughter and joy.

We all know that there is always room for just one more set of pajamas for the family’s wardrobe, isn’t it?  We have curated the top 10 best family Christmas Pajamas in 2023 and make a brief but comprehensive review for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the concept of family Christmas pajamas or you’re the oldies who follow this trend for years. This article is written inclusively for everyone as we review from onesie to two-pieces, solid to a printed pattern, newborn size to plus size, and especially even your four-legged family’s outfit is also there. Now let’s check it out together.

Our Top 3 Picks


List of Top 10 Best Family Christmas Pajamas in 2023

10. IFFEI White Deer Head Printed Family Christmas Pajamas 

IFFEI White Deer Head Printed Family Christmas Pajamas 

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Black and Red have always been a perfect color scheme. IFFEI’s family Christmas pajamas set comes in black long sleeves top and long plaid bottom in black and maroon red color. These matching pajamas are made from soft and long-lasting cotton with a spandex blend that is certainly comfortable wearing, skin-friendly, and elastic for perfect fit sizing.

Moreover, the long-sleeve t-shirt also features a white deer head printed in the front making it a complete Christmas wear, and it will not fade after washing. More importantly, it is designed with a round collar style that will keep you cozy and breathable during cold winter. Apart from this, the full-length pants are comfortable to wear thanks to its lightweight and stretchable material composition; thus, you can wear it all day without any irritation. 

What we like: 

  • Easy-to-clean and stain-resistant
  • Available in all size
  • Lightweight and stretchy fabric 
  • Classic but chic design

What we don’t like

  • Available in one color

9. PopReal Merry Christmas Emblazoned Family Pajamas 

PopReal Merry Christmas Emblazoned Family Pajamas

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On Christmas day this year, let these matching pajamas do the talking as they give a blessing morning wish for everyone with the “Merry Christmas” emblazoned on the tees. Another cute design feature of this top is the black and red plaid printed reindeer, the cannot-be-miss-out symbol of Christmas, appeared in the front as well. Regarding the color, PopReal Family Pajamas comes in a red & white color contrast top and a classic full-length pattern plaid pants making the pajamas perfect for both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Furthermore, these Christmas family pajamas are produced from polyester fabric which is resistant to moisture and durable, make it just ideal sleeping wear for the cold weather. This polyester apparel does not only keep you warm but also offers a comfortable feeling to your skin owing to its softness and stretchy texture.  Over and above, there is a full range for size for your family, so no one will be left out being different during this special day. Even your 9 to 12 months baby can also own one, but it is available in jumpsuit style.

What we like

  • Good quality fabric for winter wear
  • Available in all size
  • Unique color design

What we don’t like

  • Pants’ length is a bit longer than general size standard

8. Monise Matching Family Christmas Pajamas 

Monise Matching Family Christmas Pajamas 

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If having an awesome breakfast with Santa will be the first thing to do on Christmas day this year, then this is a must-to-wear uniform for your family to make it the most incredible holiday celebration. This Fair isle printed long pants will nail the Christmas festive spirit by combing with the light shade color of grey and white top. Apart from that, the conspicuously front printed of black reindeer on t-shirt adds an extra dose of seasonal flair.

Made of 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex fabric, the comfort and stretchy of this two-piece set are not questionable; therefore, they are surely comfortable for sleeping, lounging, and opening presents. A good tip to remember, if you want to experience the ultra-softness of this fabric, we recommend you wash them before wearing them. Furthermore, it available in a broad range of sizes without the exception of your beloved newborns.

What we like

  • Available in all size and color
  • Good quality fabric made from cotton 
  • Detail printed fair isle design

What we don’t like

  • Printing may fade when you wash with a machine                

7. PajamaGram Charlie Brown and Friends Family Christmas pajamas in Green 

PajamaGram Charlie Brown and Friends Family Christmas pajamas in Green 

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For Christmas this time around, even your non-human family member will have the matching family outfit too. Pajamagram offers an all-inclusive style and size for every family member and your pet with the most adorable printed pattern of Charlie Brown and Snoopy dog. These bright green pajamas, adult and pet category, are made from 100% brushed cotton flannel which is fade-resistance; hence, it is washing machine friendly. Meanwhile, Kids pajamas are specially made from polyester flannel garment which is flame resistant, perfectly provide safe care for your children.

Concerning the detail design, these pajamas come in long-sleeve notched-collar button-up top and matching full-length pants with elastic and drawstring around the waist for adult size which you certainly will not want to take it off during the chilly day. For your babies, the pajamas come as one-piece with full-zip front and inseam and non-skid feet which will protect them from cold, and its soothing texture of the fabric will make your kids sleep soundly throughout the night.

What we like

  • Made from good quality fabric-fade and fire resistance
  • Inclusive design for every family members and pet
  • No shrinkage after washing

What we don’t like

  • Available only in one color 

6. Sleepyheads Knit Jersey Holiday Family Matching Pajamas

Sleepyheads Knit Jersey Holiday Family Matching Pajamas

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Grab this Sleepyhead knit collection to your wardrobe this year if you want to have perfect Christmas morning pictures, a comfy lounging on movie night, breakfast with Santa, and many more as you list. Sleepyhead released a collection of Christmas family pajamas that feature several different patterns including the light grey polar bear, charcoal grey bear paw, red deer, and red snowflake Fairisle graphics. The garments used to produce these PJs are a combination of polyester, cotton, and spandex which is light in weight and perfectly comfortable for nightwear.

With respect to the design, this knit jersey for adults and kids, they come with a lightweight knit top with long raglan sleeves and end with ribbed knit cuffs. The round neckline design makes you both warm and breathes easily. Moreover, each color has different graphic designs printed on the front making it look fun and festive. For the bottom, it is the lightweight knit fitted legging with elastic waistband, the contrast ribbed knit cuffs, and all-over print.

What we like: 

  • Available in various colors, pattern, and size
  • Inclusively design variety even for pets and dolls
  • Made from Lightweight and stretchy fabric 

What we don’t like

  • No pocket for woman pants

5. PajamaGram Nordic-inspired Family Christmas Pajamas

PajamaGram Nordic-inspired Family Christmas Pajamas

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This family Christmas pajamas design inspired by Nordic will surely make your whole family immerse deeply in the winter festive spirit. This PajamaGram’s set comes in a mix-matching of three different colors for the long sleeves top, but sharing the same Nordic printed style for the full-length bottom, providing distinctive style for every family member. For mom, the top is in maroon red color while dad’s top comes in the ash-dark gray and pure white top is for kids. We almost forget to mention, your pet can have their set too from this collection.

Made from soft cotton jersey, these PJs are really warm, yet it will not trigger any smothering feeling. Besides, you can feel free to flex around with this stretchy and lightweight type of fabric. Regarding laundry, no much effort is required. This durable garment can be put in a washing machine and the color won’t fade out easily and will remain bright as it is new. The combination of sophistication material and festive design of this Christmas family pajamas will keep your entire family snuggly cozy all season long.

What we like

  • Good quality fabric with unique Nordic-inspired design
  • The inclusive design even for pet
  • Can be worn season after season
  • Fade-resistance graphics printing

What we don’t like

  • Size measurement is ideal for tall people

4. SleepytimePJs Christmas Family Mix and Match Red Holiday PJs

SleepytimePJs Christmas Family Mix and Match Red Holiday PJs

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Made from 100% cotton and available in an endless selection of size and style for every member of the family, SleepytimePJs will spice up this holiday season to another level with their matching family Christmas Pajamas. There are four different themes design for you to choose including red deer, red plaid, grey plaid, and black buffalo plaid. One sure thing, there will be no wrong selection because every design of this collection is purely dedicated to the Christmas vibe.      

Now let us brief you about the detailed crafting on each separate piece. For the top, it is a knit long sleeve with a classic crew neckline and feature with graphic print. For the bottom, it is full-length pants for men and long legging for a woman. Additionally, it is the knit fitted pant with elastic waistband, contrast ribbed knit cuffs at the ankle, and cover in an asymmetrical all-over print. On top of that, the material used for producing this product is lightweight and snug-fitting ensuring your child safety.                                                                                                                                           

What we like

  • Available in a wider range of style, design, and size 
  • Good quality fabric made from 100% cotton 
  • Can be worn all year round

What we don’t like

  • Slightly tight waistband

3. Christmas Family Matching Pajamas Set Santa’s Deer 

Christmas Family Matching Pajamas Set Santa's Deer 

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Cuddle-up this holiday season with your whole family in these not only comfortable but also cute matching set. These Christmas family pajamas come in 12 different designs and colors, the most choice in our review list so far, for you to select base on your family sense of style. Concerning the detail of each separate piece, the top is a knit jersey which is made in long sleeves with a knit cuff at the wrist and round neckline. On the other hand, the pants are full-length with a knit cuff at the ankle and elastic waistband. This particular PJs are made for hand and drape; thus, it is super convenient to wear and take off.

Furthermore, the garment used to produce these pajamas are 100% organic cotton and combine with spandex which provides a sufficient amount of warmth and starchiness and superior softness once it touches on your skin. On top of that, for cleaning and caring for the cloth, no extra attention is needed. You can use both a washing machine and hand-washing to take care of your clothes. Overall, your family will have loads of wonderful time wearing these pieces during this upcoming holiday. 

What we like

  • Available in various styles and colors
  • Inclusive Design for the type of family member 
  • Washing machine friendly 
  • 100% made from organic cotton

What we don’t like

  • Slightly small sizing comparing to standard size

2. Lazy One Flapjacks Christmas Matching Pajamas 

Lazy One Flapjacks Christmas Matching Pajamas 

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Made from preshrunk 100% premium cotton, these adorable flapjack, a modern take on the classic long john, are extra cozy and will help your family beat the coldness all winter long. This type of fabric is soft and fuzzy in texture and AZO-free dyes which guarantee the toxic-free. It makes you warm, comfy, and safe. The perfect combo dedicatedly crafts into one piece of flapjacks. What else could you ask for? On top of that, as it is preshrunk, therefore, it is perfectly suitable for washing in the machine and what you need to do next is to tumble dry on low. And Voila! Your cleaned and stay-in shaped onesie flapjack still look and feel as it was new.                                                      

In a matter of descriptive of the design, these bodysuit pajamas have several different styles and colors for your family to consider such as animal, plaid, and solid prints. All of the printing on the fabric is permanent and is not flimsy to fade away with washing which implies high-quality work putting to produce this product. It is not only designed inclusive of all sizes for your family members but also your pets can have their cozy pajamas too. With sewing detail, the drop seat is functional with a buttoned flap for the adult sizes; however, it is for decorative purposes only for the kids’ and baby sizes.

What we like

  • Unique and fantastic printing design
  • Available in various style, size, and even for pet
  • Made from preshrunk cotton fabric 
  • Toxic-free fabric 
  • Comfy and cozy

We don’t like

  • Suitable to wear only during winter

1. Family Christmas Jammies in Striped 

Family Christmas Jammies in Striped 

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Here comes the best of the best for our review on the best family Christmas pajamas. You should consider taking these set to your family wardrobe if your family is a big fan of striped jammies. They definitely do not want to take it off once they have it on. These two-piece nightwear are perfect for bedtime thanks to its soft and high-quality fabric made from 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex jersey blend. Designed for hand and drape, you just snuggle under the cover to stay warm during a cold winter night.

Additionally, each set of these jammies features long-sleeved tops and full-length pants. The top is knit jersey style with round neckline and highlight with contrast color rib trim at neck and wrist whereas the pants are relaxed-fitted striped and highlight with contrast color rib trim at waist and ankle. There are 10 different colors with a mixture of red, white, and green colors. You can choose wisely according to the sense of style of your family member. With no exception, every size is available for everyone ranging from infant to adult. This Christmas your family will have a picture-perfect matching look for once you own these set in your closet.

What we like

  • Excellent soft, warm and stretchy guarantee fabric 
  • Available in all size and various style options
  • Adorable design and affordable 
  • Durable and can be worn beyond the Christmas season

What we don’t like

  • The fabric texture is a bit thin

Buying Guides to Choose Top 10 Best Family Christmas Pajamas in 2023

We have reviewed a range of the best family Christmas pajamas in 2023 for you, and we hope some of you have already found the best option to take home with. However, for those who are still in dilemma to make a decision, we have taken a step ahead by preparing a list of tips for you on how to choose the best family Christmas pajamas that fit your preference.


Fabric Quality

Quality of fabric is the most important aspect of choosing any cloth with no exception for your family pajamas. During the color winter, it can be seen there are few fabric types that are commonly used and loved by many for their nightwear including a cotton, cotton blend with polyester or spandex, flannel, and fleece because these types of garments are typically warm, comfy, and stretchy. 


There are a variety of colors for family Christmas pajamas ranging from vivid to mild tone one; however, red and green, the signature color of Christmas, is popular among most families. Bright and vivid color maybe your family cup of tea if you have young kids. In contrast, if your son and daughter are quite mature, they probably opt-in for a mild or darker shade of color. 


Regarding pattern, we can classify it into two solid and printed patterns. The solid pattern looks minimalist and chic in its way. On the other hand, a printed pattern may spice up your Christmas mood at another level as it looks fun and vibrant. The best alternative option is to mix and match between either solid top with a printed bottom or printed top with a solid bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions – Top 10 Best Family Christmas Pajamas in 2023

Why do we sleep in pajamas?

Pajamas are mostly made from comfortable fabric thus it will keep you warm during the night and will boost your sleeping quality. Additionally, owing to its loose-fitting design, pajama allow you to flex around at ease and prevent smothering condition during your sleep. More importantly, pajamas are even suitable for casual wear during your stay at home all day long as well.

What is the softest material for pajamas?

The majority of people would favor cotton as it is naturally soft and make you feel snuggle due to its ability to control moisture and insulation and it is compatible with any season. On the other hand, silk is also well-known by many for its softness and smoothness touch texture on skin. It is the best companion for hot weather and also makes you look fancier comparing to cotton.


In conclusion, Family Christmas pajamas are considered as an essential item for your Christmas celebration because it makes every family member feel more connected and spice up an extra festive spirit to the entire house. On top of that, owning a good set of pajamas will help your family to have a better sleeping quality at night and this family Christmas pajamas can be worn only during Christmas but season after season.

Last but not least, we hope that our review has provided you sufficient and vital information to be able to choose the best family Christmas pajamas and let it serves its duty to provide a snuggle feeling for your family member during the cold winter day.

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