Top 10 Best Michael Kors Smartwatches in 2022

Modern people should have smartwatches along with their smartphones. Smartwatches could let you sync the system with your smartphones, and there is an abundance of other desirable features. Yet, the quality of smartwatches are varied. And, among all brands, Michael Kors is a remarkable option to opt for. Therefore, today our team has dedicated time to assess and shorted out the best models of Michael Kors smartwatch to share with you. We also have a handy buying guide at the end for you to make sure you can select the best one for yourself.

Most Popular Michael Kors Smartwatches on Amazon

List of the 10 Best Michael Kors Smartwatches in 2022


10. Michael Kors Access Gen 4 MKGO Smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Gen 4 MKGO smartwatch review

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ACCESS MKGO Michael Kors smartwatch is a modern and youthful model in generation 4. It has six styles & colors. This smartwatch model features Wear OS system which is compatible with both iOS as well as Android system. Moreover, the watch has a built-in GPS system designed for distance tracking as well as Google Fit featured for activity & heart rate tracking.

This Michael Kors’ smartwatch also has a Google Assistant which helps you with some basic searching on the search engines as well as playing music. You could check out fast with the built-in Google Pay by wearing this one as well. The product has a battery which could last for 24 hours per full single charge. Users could switch on the low-power moding which could delay the battery hours to two full days. Lastly, the product is waterproof as well.

9. Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Bradshaw Smartwatch

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ACCESS GEN5 Michael Kors smartwatch comes with a premium look with shinny artificial diamonds. Moreover, the LED screen comes in a round circle along with surrounding artificial diamonds. Michael Kors offers their potential customers with nine choices of colors & styles for the model. ACCESS GEN5 smartwatch features GPS tracking, swim-proof quality, Google Assistant, Google Fit as well as Google Pay, like the previously mentioned Michael Kors model. Furthermore, potential users could receive instant alerts and notifications from the Michael Kors smartwatch because the product could sync with your smartphones.

For the swimproof quality, the smartwatch could withstand water pressure at a maximum depth of 50 meters. Lastly, the product has a one full-day battery life. Potential customers could switch on the low-power function for extra-two days of the battery power.

8. Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Sofie Smartwatch

michael kors access runway smartwatch

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This Michael Kors’ ACCESS SOFIE smartwatch comes with a premium outlook design. The smartwatch, however, is recommended for men. While the smartwatch’s strap comes with an aluminum material, the rounded LED touchscreen of the product’s has surrounding artificial diamonds. This smartwatch model comes with six different colors for customers’ varied preferences. The smartwatch product features NFC as well as GPS. NFC is a payment method while the GPS is for tracking your activities.

As a basic, the product could track your heart rate as well as receive instant alerts and notifications on behalf of your smartphone’s. Moreover, potential customers could receive or refuse calls with their Michael Kors smartwatches too.

7. Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Runway Smartwatch | Michael Kors pink smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Runway Smartwatch

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Michael Kors pink smartwatch is highly recommended for female users. The rounded LED touchscreen belonged to this ACCESS RUNWAY Michael Kors watch surrounds itself with a circled string of artificial diamonds. The mentioned product also features rubber strap. Potential users, nevertheless, could choose between rubber and aluminum straps. While Michael Kors offers six colors & styles for the smartwatch, potential customers get every basic function of a smartwatch’s such as touchscreen functionality, instant notifications, alarm settings and more. The smartwatch uses the Wear OS system.

The system is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. For the iOS system, the smartwatch requires version 9.3 and above. For an Android system, the Michael Kors’ smartwatch requires version 4.4+. Lastly, the smartwatch has a water-resistant quality. The smartwatch could stand the depth of 30 meters of water.

6. Michael Kors smartwatch gold Access Gen 5 Lexington Smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington Smartwatch

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LEXINGTON Michael Kors smartwatch gold comes with a compact yet premium outlook design. This gold smartwatch is recommended for men. Michael Kors offers six choices of colors & styles for their potential customers. As expected, this watch is compatible with both Android and iOS systems because the smartwatch features with the Wear OS system. The product has a Google Assistant which you could use the high-tech system for routine helps such as playing music.

Furthermore, users could check out with the built-in Google Pay. Like all the previously mentioned smartwatches, you could control your music, receive notifications and alerts, track your movements and serve as swimming with the smartwatch as well.

5. Michael Kors Access Women’s Smartwatch

michael kors watch access review

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Bradshaw Navy-Tone Stainless Steel Michael Kors smartwatch has a compact and simple outlook design. By small and large, this bronze one looks modern because it is not too sophisticated for an outlook design. The smartwatch is recommended for female customers. You could use the smartwatch to track movements and activities, receive instant alerts and notifications and control music.

The product features stainless steel as its construction material while there is only a Navy Blue color for your preference. Moreover, the product is water-resistant because of its IP67 built-in piece of technology. The Bradshaw Navy-Tone Stainless Steel is compatible with an iOS operating system 9.3+ as well as Android operating system 4.4+. Lastly, the smartwatch comes with a rubber strap.

4. Michael Kors Access Men’s Smartwatch

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This MEN ACCESS is a simplistic and minimalistic Michael Kors smartwatch for best buy. We recommend this one for men. Moreover, Michael Kors offers only a choice of color & style for potential male customers which is a silver color. As a basic, users could control music, customize facial outlook of the Michael Kors watch, track goals as well as movement and receive instant notifications on behalf of your smartphone.

Additionally, male users could use the smartwatch as a swimming tracker because this model features IP67 waterproof technology. While the product has a full battery life of 24 hours per full single charge, the Wear OS is the operating system for the watch. The system itself is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

3. Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch

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Michael Kors’ RUNWAY smartwatch comes with a premium outlook design. RUNWAY smartwatch features many artificial diamonds along with its shiny aluminum-constructed component pieces. Michael Kors brings about five choices of colors for all their customers. While you could control the smartwatch by touching the product’s LED screen, the watch tracks your movements, set alarm clocks and goals as well as control your music.

As expected in almost all the Michael Kors’ wearing watch, the Wear OS system is the built-in system for the Michael Kors smartwatch. The product is compatible with iOS as well as Android operating systems. Lastly, the product could withstand water at a 30-meter depth.

2. Michael Kors Access, Men’s Smartwatch, MKT5009

michael kors access smartwatch

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DYLAN model has a more weird yet unique outlook design than all the aforementioned Michael Kors’s model. Because of DYLAN Michael Kors’s unique outlook design, we recommend this one for men. Furthermore, we recommend potential male customers to use the smartwatch as your secondary smartwatch because the product is compatible for casual wear. For teenagers, you could wear the Michael Kors in all the occasions because it looks youthful.

The Wear OS system is the operating system for the product. While the smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, they are only version 9.3+ for iPhones as well as 4.4+ for Android phones.

1. Michael Kors Access Hybrid Rose Gold Slim Runway Smartwatch MKT4005

michael kors bradshaw smartwatch bands

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Michael Kors’ HYBRID smartwatch is yet a smartwatch with simplistic and minimalistic outlook feature designs. This HYBRID smartwatch uses the Wear OS system for the product’s smart technology. Potential users could expect the smartwatch to perform tasks such as touchscreen, play music, receive notifications & alerts as well as receive/refuse calls. This smartwatch is also water-resistant.

Customers could use the this hybrid watch in a depth of 50 meters of water. Michael Kors, nonetheless, does not recommend potential users to use the smartwatch for snorkeling or diving. While we recommend the smartwatch for female users, the smartwatch has an approximate weight of one pound.

Buying Guide

Operating System: Quality smartwatches should come with high-tech operating system. All the recommended Michael Kors smartwatches feature the Wear OS system which is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, from the mediocre to the latest versions. The Wear OS system lets you pay with Google Pay, for some Michael Kors smartwatches too.

Outlook Design: We encourage potential customers to see only the smartwatches with awesome outlook designs. While the quality of the smartwatches’ outlook designs could be subjective to potential customers’ personal preferences, we encourage you to ask your friends or family members whenever you are indecisive about particular choices.

Water-Resistance: The feature serves customers who like swimming very well. You could use the smartwatches to track your swimming speed. Meanwhile, you could read the time with the water-resistant smartwatches. Please read in detail the water depth of each smartwatch’s swim proof quality.

Recommendation for men or women: Some smartwatches are for men while some other smartwatches are for women. A number of smartwatches are unisex.


Michael Kors is a well-reputed brand for the smartwatch industry. Potential users, nonetheless, could also consider smartwatches from other manufacturers. We encourage you to take into account features in the review’s buying guide for a correct decision

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