Top 10 Best Waterproof Activity Trackers In 2022

Having an activity tracker has become as regular a thing as having a smartphone. But while buying a fitness tracker, you should go for the waterproof trackers only. The reason is that when you go out in the sun, your wrist can get sweaty and if the tracker is not waterproof, it can get damaged. Consider sudden rainfall or water splash on your tracker, it will be irreparable. With a waterproof activity tracker, you can keep it on 24-hours a day whether you go to the bathroom, swimming pool, and perform any water-based activity. We have listed the top 10 best waterproof activity trackers in 2022 that you should consider buying.

List of Top 10 Best Waterproof Activity Trackers In 2022

10. TwobeFit Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker, Waterproof Activity Tracker Heart Rate

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With this fitness tracker, you can track your heart rate which is a feature that is not available in most of the fitness trackers. There are 14 different training modes available to track your daily activities accurately. The clock faces are customizable, and four different styles are available. There is an app provided with it will help you to understand the data in a more detailed way. You can also track your sleep in a more scientific way. The product was IP67 water resistant certification, and there is GPS integration. The battery is long lasting, and you will get call and text alerts.

  • 14 different training modes available.
  • 4 different clock face styles provided.
  • Water resistant and GPS integrated.

9. MoreFit Fitness Tracker

 Fitness Tracker, MoreFit Slim HR Plus

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This fitness activity tracker comes with 14 different sports modes like football, tennis, and likewise so that it can understand your activity and collects data accordingly. It also has heart rate tracking and sleeps activity functionalities. The battery can last for 7 to 10 days with one full charge. You can turn on the screen by flipping your wrist. The colors of the bands are changeable if you buy the bands separately. The app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

  • 14 different sports modes available.
  • Tracks heart rate and sleep quality.
  • Multiple colors available for choice.

8. AIEX Fitness Tracker

 AIEX Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

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This is one of the most fashionable fitness trackers that come with a large OLED screen. There are four different screen styles available that you can change as per your liking. It tracks all the daily activities like distance, steps, calories burnt, active and inactive minutes, and sleep. You can charge it directly from the computer or laptop using the inbuilt USB plug. One full charge will make the tracker work for a week. It includes the alert system for calls and messages, and you can control camera and music player. The product is waterproof, and you can swim with it for 30 minutes.

  • Stylish display with OLED screen.
  • Inbuilt USB plug for easy charging.
  • Waterproof up to 30 minutes and 1 meter depth.

7. DBPOWER Fitness Tracker

 DBPOWER Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

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The fitness tracker continuously tracks the heartbeat and shows the details with various parameters through the app. It also has auto sleep tracking that unveils the quality and category of your sleep. You can set the alarm and get notifications for calls and messages. The screen is quite large, and the bracelet is fashionable. You can track your daily activity including sports effortlessly. It has an IP67 rating, and the company offers one year warranty.

  • Large OLED screen with swipe navigation.
  • Details heart rate tracking with multiple parameters.
  • Mind training and music control option available.

6. Coffea Fitness Tracker

 Coffea Fitness Tracker, H7-HR Activity Tracker

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This is a uniquely designed fitness tracker as the screen is situated on the band rather than inside it. The band can track all the basic and complex physical activities, and there are different modes available that you can set to measure the activities accurately. The tracker can also track heart rate and sleep quality. The battery is an upgraded one with the lasting power of 7-10 days. The band is compatible with all smartphones having Bluetooth 4.0. There is connected GPS system and weather forecast update.

  • Accurately measures the different daily activities.
  • Breathing guide, camera and music control possible.
  • Upgraded battery with longer sustainability.

5. Garmin Vívosmart Activity Tracker

 Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit - Black

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There are multiple colors available for this tracker to suit your need. The bank is sleek, and the display is visible even in strong daylight. All the basic and advanced daily activities are well tracked. You can get alerts not only for calls and texts but also for social media notifications. It also lets you control music and action camera. The display is relatively large, and there are move bar and vibration alert to keep you active. It also tracks the heartbeat and provides various detailed information.

  • Accurate heart rate tracking with various parameters.
  • Control music and camera effortlessly.
  • Social media smart notification alerts.

4. EWEMOSI Fitness Tracker

 EWEMOSI Fitness Tracker - Heart Rate Blood Pressure

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The design of the fitness tracker is quite elegant, and it can track your steps, distance covered, calories burnt, and other physical activities. Besides, it does heart rate monitoring, sleeping tracking, and most importantly, measures blood pressure. You can get detailed information through the app which is compatible with new and old smartphones having Bluetooth 4.0. The strap is highly adjustable to fit perfectly for different sizes of the wrists.

  • Can measure blood pressure.
  • Superior LED screen design.
  • Social media push notifications.

3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

 LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, Fitness Tracker

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  • This is a unisex fitness tracker as there are various color options available for men, women, and kids. The wrist strap is adjustable to suit every wrist size. It can track all-day daily activities and monitor your heart rate. The built-in USB plug is a boon as you do not have to take the tracker out to charge it. The OLED screen offers awesome display. The strap is replaceable, and there is an alert system for call, SMS, and others.
  • Full day activity tracking with greater details.
  • Convenient charging with built-in USB plug.
  • Wide compatibility with Android and iOS device.

2. Misfit Shine 2 Tracker

 Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer's Edition

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This is undoubted the most beautiful fitness tracker on the list by far. It looks like a premium wristwatch with round dial and elegant strap. The fitness tracker can track not only your steps and jumps, but also your swim distance and laps. There is vibration alert system for calls, texts, alarms, and movement reminders. You can control your Bluetooth connected household devices with it seamlessly. The battery is replaceable and lasts for nearly 6 months.

  • Best design for a fitness tracker.
  • Control Bluetooth connected devices at your home.
  • Suitable for swimming. Measures swim distances and laps.
  • Battery lasts for 6 months and replaceable.

1. Garmin Swim Watch

 Garmin Swim Watch with Garmin Connect

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It is one of the most premium-looking fitness trackers cum wristwatch. You can take it under water up to 50 meters, , and it can track your swimming activities like pace, stroke, distance, and likewise. You can get a complete analysis on the app provided. There are various advanced features like timer, log tracking, personal reminders, and much more. If you are looking for a waterproof activity tracker with greater efficiency and wider features, there is no better option than this one.

  • Accurate swimming activity tracking.
  • Advanced and unique features to stay motivated.
  • Better analysis and greater parameters available.


While buying a waterproof activity tracker, you should check the description carefully to see the type of water activities you can perform with it. Most of them will survive under water for up to 30 minutes and that too up to a depth of one meter only. There are some that can actually track your swimming activities along with basic daily activities and sports works. You can opt for the traditional fitness tracker design or wristwatch design as per your choice. All the above-listed top 01best waterproof activity trackers in 2022 are the best you can get in terms of quality and features.

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