Top 10 Best Bicycle Trunk Bags in 2022

For those who frequently travel or exercise using bicycles, it is essential to find a fitting and efficient trunk bags. Accessorizing your bicycles with these trunk bags is not only for the sole purpose of fashion, but these bags also help you to travel with your belongings with ease and comfort. Nowadays, many designs of these bicycle trunk bags are offered on the market, but not all provide the qualities of a beneficial trunk bag. We have conducted research for the top 10 best bicycle trunk bags which are bought, used and rated highly among users. Find out the results down below.

List of the 10 Best Bicycle Trunk Bags in 2022

Product Reviews

10. ROCKBROS Bike Rack Bag

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The design from ROCKBROS offers many inputs such as water resistance, its foldable capacity, the thickness of the pad which helps to lessen shock, and also a strong dense body frame that helps to secure and protect your belongings in place. The material is made out of nylon with a large capacity. it is waterproof and is provided with a rain cover.

There’s an option to a larger capacity whenever you need one with the foldable pannier. The installation is pretty convenient with just three easy steps. Users only have to put the bike on the rack, then proceed to the straps in the middle tube and afterwards the two front straps. It has received very positive feedback from the users with the appropriate price worthy of its quality.

9. BV Bike Commuter

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The BV bike bag is most suitable for those who enjoy riding at a fast pace or far distance. The bag’s features include a 3 Velcro straps, capable of ensuring that the bag stays in place while in motion, a 3 meters Scotch lite reflective trim for nighttime safety and a tail-light hanger.

The bag also has multi-compartments for those travelling with a lot of equipment, a mini pump to load extra materials and a water bottle pocket as well. It is especially easy to carry the bag since it comes with 1 carrier handle and a shoulder strap. The BV bag design offers easy mobility and spacious settings while being stylish yet elegant with good reviews and a good price.

8. Ibera Bike Trunk Bag

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The bike trunks from this brand have a very high quality and storage capacity. The bag has 2 side pockets, a rear pocket along with a top pouch. The exterior design of the bag is trendy and neat, the wide zipper gives an easy access and the carbon-patted ABS base allows the user to settle the bag even on wet surfaces without damage to the inner belongings inside.

With a reflective trim for nighttime safety, detachable padded shoulder strap for carrying and an easy brief installation on almost every racks, the Ibera bag would surely be more than convenient for bikers. The pricing and positive reviews from past and current users added up to this brand made into the list.

7. UPGRADE Aug ‘19 Bag

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The bike trunk bag from this brand is guaranteed to meet your needs in terms of efficiency and storage. Completed with multi-function spacious compartments, the bag could hold your belongings and equipment with ease, there’s even a water bottle holder with strong secure elastic. The bag is extremely ergonomic that makes it very comfortable to use and can be used in various forms, whether as a carry-on or on a rear rack, and not bulky at all.

This bag is also durable to water, reflective stripes and it is unisex as well which ultimately is a good choice as a present. This bag is reinforced with better stitching, interior padding, a longer length for the straps and waterproof coating.

Ultimately, this brand offers many beneficial functions into this trunk bag to meet your comfort and need during bicycling. It is well received and the price of the products are accurate to its quality.

6. ROCK BROS Rear Carrier

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This other design from ROCK BROS presents a very unique and stylish trunk bag. The trunk bag is perfect even during the rainy season with the rain cover as a set with the bag. Its features include fold-out side compartments, a main compartment that has inside pockets and an elastic cord on top along with safety tail-light for nighttime adventure.

The water bottle holder is complemented with a adjustable elastic drawstring to secure the bottle. Made from polyester, the bag is guaranteed of good quality, it is also accessible and mobile as well. It is convenient to install and fixed in place with 2 long straps to buckle the bag to the rear. For an efficient bike adventure or daily commute, this trunk bag will do more than make you look trendy and stylish.

5. Topeak MTX Trunk Bag

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Topeak’s trunk bag is made up of good quality polyester. The compartments for this bag are expendable and come with various details. There are 2 side compartments which are expandable when needed of a larger space and a main compartment with an expandable top connected with a bungee cord and handle for carrying on foot.

The bag is water resistant and stretchable. Reflective strips are attached to the surfaces of the bag such as the rear, the side and the panniers of the bag and a clip on light cap for extra safety measures. Simply install this bag onto your back rear rack with an MTX quick track system and enjoy your stress-free bicycle rides.

4. Roswheel Trunk Bag

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Looking for a lightweight and fashionable trunk bag? This one would meet your requirements. The Roswheel’s bike trunk bag is very comfortable for everyday usage and travelling. It can hold a large quantity of materials with expansion features and an elastic cord for bottle holding. The bag is very versatile in its functioning method, you can either use it off the bike as a carry on hand bag or a shoulder strap bag. This piece is made from polyester and PU leather to secure the shape and belongings inside the bag.

Nighttime safety is guaranteed with the help of the logo’s reflectiveness, enhancing the visibility in the dark and a tail-light provided. The bag will stay put in place while in motion with the 4 Velcro straps offered that is also pretty easy to install onto the bicycle rear rack. Show off a fashionable bicycle ride with this durable trunk bag which is affordable and trendy among bikers.

3. Topeak MTX Trunk Bag

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This version of the trunk bag from Topeak illustrates a convenient, sensible trunk bag. It is very convenient to install and easily take off with the MTX connection system. The bag contains a divided main compartments, side compartments which are all resistant to water and flexible. It comes with a reflective strap on the handle and shoulder strap to carry around.

The bag is not bulky in size but rather a convenient one. It is simple and useful, suitable for daily commune and bicycle rides. This bag can be used in many various settings and is reasonable for the set price tag.

2. Rhinowalk Bike Bag

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The trunk bag design from Rhinowalk features a fully waterproof surface with PVC on both sides of the bag. It is durable and anti-tear as well as heat and wear resistant. The bag is surely to last for a very long amount of time. The bag is considered to be on a large side, holding to 17L of capacity and can also be expanded to equip more materials.

This trunk bag also has a quick release system installed which makes it easy to take off or install on the rear seat. With a removable strap, users can use it as a casual bag or a carry on. The design of the trunk bag shows off a very dominating aura to boost with its efficiency and capabilities.

1. Bushwhacker Trunk Bag

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Bushwhacker designs on the bag offer much storage and ease to the users. The interior of the bag is fully padded to prevent damage to the materials inside with a soft pleasant touch to boot but will still hold the bag in shape. The side compartments are able to hold a water bottle or tools and many more. Reflective stripes are added on the bag to ensure the safety of the users and the back loop is able to secure a LED light for safety measures.

The bag will be secured tightly with the 4 point Velcro mounting system provided. The materials the bag is made out of is very high quality as well as the construction of the bag. This design is very compatible as an accessory when taking a bicycle ride or as a way of commune. All in all, the pricing and feedback, this bag is very much recommended for bicycle riders.

Buying Guides

A few points to keep in mind for those looking to purchase a satisfying bicycle trunk bag on your bicycle journey are listed down below.

Fast and Easy Installation: One important aspect to look into a trunk bag you’re trying to buy is its installation method. For easy access as well as to cut down time wasted on trying to install the bag on the rear rack, look for trunk bags with strong but easy strap on or an MTX installation system.

Durable Features: Consider the materials of the trunk bags to ensure it maintains the features and shape of the bag. It is also important to consider its weariness and maintenance after a period of time. For an extra factor, waterproof features would help to make your bicycle ride a more enjoyable ride even through the rain and to protect your belongings from getting ruined when in contact with wet surfaces.

Spacious and Secure: Expandable and many different compartments are recommended when purchasing a trunk bag. This allows you to pack in more materials throughout your adventure with ease and comfort. Be sure to check out its ability to secure your belongings in place and that the bag won’t shift around or fall off the rack while in motion.

Mobility: For a more convenient experience, look for its mobility qualities. The bag should either be able to be used as a handbag or a shoulder bag so that you’ll experience a better time when moving the trunk bag off from the rear rack.

Nighttime Safety: As a safety measure during nighttime rides, please make sure that the bag comes with reflective stripes or a taillight. This ensures your safety and enables you to take your bicycle for a ride through anytime of the day.


Now, we have reached the end of the product reviews and guides for the best bicycle track bags. We hope that you are able to find the perfect trunk bags for your bicycles. Thank you for spending time with us.

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