Top 10 Best Sublimation Blank Mugs in 2024

This probably makes sense to some people that water tastes differently if you drink from a different mug. It is all psychological however, some individuals would go extra miles just to drink tastier water. Sublimation mug can suit many events of your life, it can be a gift for your loved ones on their graduation, birthday and wedding, you can also gift yourself a mug for a new office or promotion. There is a saying goes, nothing tastes better than a coffee from your favorite mug.

Shopping for a mug is a tiny pleasure, whether it is a gift for others or yourself. This is crazy how this little pottery can create the endorphin of our mind. This article will present you 10 most purchased sublimation Mug, so let’s get down to the business.


List of the Top 10 Best Sublimation Blank Mugs in 2024

10. Amuse 15 oz Stoneware Sublimation Mug

Amuse- Professional Grade Stoneware Mug- Sublimation Series

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First of all, we have this set of 6 mugs from Amuse. These lead and cadmium-free mugs can be used with both cold and hot water, it can be used even in a microwave to warm up your drink. The handle is designed for easy carrying as it allows enough space between the handle and the cup. The durability and quality are guaranteed because the raw material used is the best grade stoneware same as ones in expensive restaurants.

For cleaning instruction, this mug can be washed by either dishwashing machine or hand wash. This set also comes with a warranty of 90 days which means the company will replace a new mug for free or give you a refund if something goes wrong.

9. Twisted Envy Ceramic 11 oz Sublimation Mug

sublimation blanks

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If you are looking for a big set of mugs for office use or wedding gift, we suggest a case of 36 mugs from Twisted Envy. The mug is AAA coated, it has white ceramic cover for the purpose of sublimation. Similar to the aforementioned mug, it is suitable for both cold and hot drink and also microwavable.

Most importantly, this company guarantees only purchases from manufacturers with very strict QC so you can have the most promising quality mug.

8. Coastal Ceramic Sublimation Mug

Ceramic Sublimation Blank Mugs

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Moving to the next sublimation mug from Coastal. This is another big set of 36 ceramic mugs, the body is poly-coated for sublimation. This product also contains no lead and is able to be used in the microwave and cleaned by dishwasher. The smooth surface is designed from high quality materials to withstand wear and pressure which is perfect for any heat press machine. This can be served as many purposes such as café’s mug or giveaways. Additionally, this big set of personalized mugs also comes with warranty.

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7. 11 OZ Mug 8 PCS Sublimation Blank Mugs White Coated Ceramic Cups DIY Mugs for Coffee Milk Tea

sublimation tumbler blanks

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Let’s look at another sublimation glasses from UOhost. This ceramic is 11 oz in height which comes in a set of 8 mugs, it has bright and white AAA coating perfect for both hot and cold drinks. For sublimation purpose, it is suitable for both sublimation paper transfer and heat transfer vinyl. This mug will be delivered in a protective box for safe shipping.

6. Amuse Cozy Sublimation​​ Blank Mug

15 oz sublimation mugs

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Here is another sublimation mug from Amuse with 12 oz in height. it was made from the same materials with the aforementioned product from Amuse and the quality is no different. This brand is well-known for its incredible design and durability. with this being said, if you are looking for stoneware sublimation glasses but shorter in height compared to the 15 oz one, this is the mug for you.

5. Twisted Envy Sublimation Blank Mug 11 oz

11oz sublimation mugs

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For a family of 4 members you might want to get this set of mugs from Twisted Envy. Good news for those who love to reheat their drinks, this product is dishwasher and microwave safe as it is made from durable ceramic. For sublimation all you need are either transfer sheet roll or permanent vinyl of any design or photo of your choice then you will get your own uniquely customized mug. This will be shipped to you with a smash proof mug box shield by foam, so anywhere you are these mugs will be delivered to you without any damages.

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4. Lustracoat Porcelain Sublimation Blank Mug

11 oz. Porcelain Sublimation Mug

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Lustracoat offers another quality sublimation mug. This set comes with 36 AAA quality mugs made by porcelain. The product from Lustracoat received the best customer review for its outstanding durability and quality. Due to the convenience of use, simple design, speedy and safe shipping including warranty, it is mostly purchased by business owners such as restaurants and cafes.

Be noted that, for the design to last long it is recommended that the mug is used in heat below 350 F.

3. ARTONUSA Sublimation Blank Mug

sublimation mugs amazon

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Let’s move to the next sublimation mug which is the latest invention by ARTONUSA. These ceramic mugs were built to be used in the microwave and washed by dishwasher. This set of 24 mugs will be delivered to you in a smash proof environmental-friendly box without polyfoam.

The company is conservative about the environment regarding the packaging, you might want to make purchase from ARTONUSA to support their business and the cause.

2. Twisted Envy 15 oz Sublimation Blank Mug

15oz sublimation mug blank

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Twisted Envy presents you another sublimation mug, but this one is slightly taller in height than the aforementioned. The set has 24 ceramic mugs. The looks, quality, and capability are as great as other mugs from Twisted Envy. It is suitable for giveaway and present, you can even fill the mug with candy, pens for your DIY or decoration purposes.

It is absolutely fine to use in a microwave and dishwashing machine.

1. Amuse Professional Barista Mug

Mug for Coffee or Tea

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This is a modern designed barista sublimation mug from a cozy collection of Amuse. This set comes with 6 mugs and 16 oz large. These mugs are free of lead and cadmium to ensure the safety of the users. You can find this professional grade porcelain and classy looking mug being used in some famous coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa Café, Coffee bean & Tea Leaf.

The product also comes with a 30-day chip-free warranty so if anything goes wrong you will get a replacement or even a refund.

Buying Guides

If you are a restaurant or café owner who is searching for a mug to serve in your business or as a giveaway or you are buying a mug as a present or even for your own use. You might feel overwhelmed by many choices available on the market because the mug could add value to your business and as a gift it will be a remarkable memory to someone you give it to. it is important to choose the best mug available. Check out our buying guides to see the criteria you should look for when buying sublimation mugs.

Easy handle

The handle should be designed for convenience in carrying, therefore, if the design does not allow enough space between the handle, that’s definitely not the product you should purchase.


This might not be important to some but, If you have a particular size you prefer you should always be aware that sublimation mugs come with various sizes ranging from 11 oz to 16 oz, so better choose carefully than regret later.

Dishwasher and Microwave safe

For either business or domestic use, the sublimation mug should be able to withstand the microwave for reheating purposes. Additionally, it should also come with dishwasher safe feature, so you don’t have to wash it manually.


The mugs are naturally fragile, want it or not the damage is almost unavoidable upon shipping. It is important to check whether your sublimation mugs come with warranty, so you can get an exchange or a refund in case there is any chip or damage occurring during shipping.

Chemical Free

Lead and cadmium are typically found in cheap mugs. This chemical could get into the beverage that you are drinking and the impact it might cause could be deadly so make sure that the product you are buying is toxic-free.


Even if it is just a simple little pottery, a mug can make a big difference to the drinking experience and could add a small joy to someone’s day. Now that you have read our buying guide and know what to look for in your sublimation mug, you should be able to pick a suitable package to make your events or purposes even more desirable.

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