Top 10 Best Bike Kickstands in 2024

Almost all manufacturers produce bikes for customers with no bike kickstand. Thus, bikers have to buy kickstands to keep their bikes standstill. There are many bikes kickstands out there on the market for you to choose, but the problem is which kickstand is the best for you? Which one is the perfect fit for your bicycle’s size and has the best features for you to use?

Well, it is not a problem anymore since we have already compiled for you the list of the top 10 best bike kickstands for your trekking, mountain biking, and exercising in 2024.


List of the 10 Best Bike Kickstands in 2024

1. Greenfield Bike Kickstand

stationary bike stand

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The Greenfield bike kickstand is one of the best bicycle kickstands you can find among this category. The kickstand has two color and sizes to choose. One is 305mm which is suitable for bike 22″ or higher, and another one is 285mm long, which suitable for bike 22″ or under. You can easily adjust the length of the kickstand by hacksawing it to fit with the bike 22″ under.

This quality kickstand is made of non-corrosive aluminum which makes it looks thin but durable for your daily usage. No matter how many times you use it, this slim kickstand stills work smoothly and resistance. Since it’s so strong, it can handle the weight of your bicycle very well.

What We Like

  • Have two different sizes and colors to choose
  • Fit with most adult and kid bikes
  • Can be shortened by hacksawing
  • Work smoothly and easy to install
  • Stable, strong and durable
  • Come with a rubber foot to protect the kickstand and makes it non-slip.

2. BV Adjustable Bike Kickstand

single bike stand

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BV Adjustable bike kickstand is one of the best choices of bike kickstand. This pretty kickstand is suitable for all types and sizes of bikes because it comes with an adjustability feature which you can easily adjust its height with a simple latch without any tools. It also comes with an extra bolt so you can use it with either bike with a plate or without the plate.

Moreover, this aluminum alloy kickstand comes with the plastic foot that prevents your bike for slipping or sinking in the mud. With its unique adjustable feature, you can adjust its height to fit with every surface you’re on to prevent slipping. Lastly, as you can see, it is a unique black classic design that makes your bike look more beautiful than usual.

What We Like

  • Adjustable kickstand to fit with any bikes
  • No need any tools to install
  • Can adjust to meet with all surface, including mountain, beach, and wet surface
  • Come with a plastic foot to prevent slipping
  • Lightweight but look classic and strong
  • Affordable price

3. BV Rear Side Bike Kickstand

mountain bike stand

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BV Rear Side bike kickstand is another quality adjustable bicycle kickstand from BV. It’s a rear bike kickstand that fits on both rectangular and oval tube chainstays and best for bike size 24″ to 28″. You can adjust the height by using freehand with no extra tool needed. It comes with comprehensive technology to prevent rotating or loosing.

This type of kickstand is perfect for those who use their bike on the mountain and for hiking purposes. It comes as a set of one kickstand, one clamp, one set of protective grip and three screws for you.

What We Like

  • One year quality guarantee from the company
  • Fit most bikes
  • Come with plastic protective grip to secure frame damage
  • Less than 5 minutes of installation

4. BV Center Mount Bike Kickstand

floor bike stand

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This is another height adjustable bike kickstand from BV. What makes it unique is the foldable feature that is so important for trekking purposes. With this bicycle kickstand, you do not have to worry about the kickstand being catch mountain’s ground during mountain biking anymore because you can just easily fold it.

Furthermore, it is built carefully for those who love mountain biking as it has double spreading legs to keep the bike stay still all the time. Even you park your bike on the hill; it will not make your bike slip or fall because it has the double legs to keep it stand vertically.

What We Like

  • Unique design for mountain bikers
  • Foldable to protect the bicycle from catching the ground
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Length adjustable

5. BV Adjustable Bike Kickstand

bike work stand

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This kickstand is ideal for bikers whose bikes are height 24″ to 29″. It can hold up to height 29-inch bikes, which is very rare for most kickstands. Same as many BV bicycle kickstand, this one also delivers to you with adjustable height. No matter if you’re a beginner biker, you still can install it to your bike by yourself with no extra tool.

Users can place this bike kickstand with a bottom bracket mount that fits on a bike’s chainstay neck. You can move your bikes to rest at any suitable angle, which is excellent for balancing bikes in places where the ground is uneven.

What We Like

  • Affordable price
  • Beautiful design
  • Non-slip plastic foot
  • Expandable​​ height
  • Weightless and slim

6. TOPCABIN Bike Kickstand

bike stand for indoor riding

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TOPCABIN bike kickstand is one of the best kickstands out there for bikers. If your bike doesn’t come with a kickstand, this product may help you solve the problem. It is fit for bike size 22, 24, 26, and 28-inch and best use for trekking and riding in the urban city. You can loosen the stand’s length between 12.2 to 14.4-inch, perfectly fits on oval tube bewteen15 to 28 mm diameter. Although it does not match to 20-inch frame, you can fix this problem by hacksawing it to shorten the length.

What We Like

  • Waterproof and rush resistance
  • One year guarantee from TOPCABIN
  • Durable aluminum alloy product
  • Anti-slip plastic
  • Easy to park anywhere

7. BV Alloy Adjustable Rear Side Non-Slip Bicycle Kickstand

bike leg

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This bike kickstand from BV is also no different from the rest of BV products. It is built with easy installation, adjustable, non-slip, plastic protective gear, and weightless aluminum alloy. However, what makes it unique is the fact that the company makes it to be more stable than other kickstands by designing it with two-points mount connected with bicycle’s frame. It sizes, on the other hand, also available for bike higher than 28-inch, the standard bike size. With extra-long length, you can fit in with all types of bikes as you can easily cut or angle it if you wish to reduce the length.

What We Like

  • Two-points mount
  • Can be adjusted easily
  • Design to solve mud sinking and slipping problems
  • Strong aluminum alloy
  • Thin and black classic look

8. SEISSO Kid Bike Kickstand

bike stand park tool

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SEISSO Kid bike kickstand is perfect for kid bikes because it is manufactured to fit with kid’s bike wheel. So, even if your kid’s bike has protective wheels on their bikes, it won’t affect their parking process. It is a high carbon steel bike that can allow the kid to sit on their bike even while parking. Thus, if you’re kid loves biking away from home and doesn’t have anything to sit on, they can sit on their bikes to rest before continue biking again. Also, it is suitable for kid safety by providing an anti-slip feature that allows them to park and sit on it without falling. Moreover, because it has elastic technology, it will enable kids to kick it up or down by just using little strength.

What We Like

  • Allow kids to sit on
  • Kick up and down easily
  • Fit with bike wheels
  • Inexpensive
  • Available in many sizes
  • 18-months guarantee

9. Sataway Bike Kickstand

bicycle stand wall

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Not so different from the BV Alloy Kickstand, this Sataway Bike Kickstand also comes with a two-points mount to increase bike’s stability while parking on hill or mountain surface. Similarly, it also has anti-slip technology, prevent sinking on mud ability, and durable alloy material. Nevertheless, its distinctive feature is that it is available for bike height 24, 26, 27.5, and 28-inch. If your bike is between 26 and 28, and you do not want to hacksaw your bike kickstand, then this product is perfect for you.

What We Like

  • Many sizes to choose from
  • Anti-slip and anti-sinking
  • Two-points mount to increase stability
  • Sturdy and easy to set up
  • Come with adjustable length button

10. CyclingDeal 5 Bike Floor Type Parking Rack Stand

portable bike repair stand

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This bike stand is the best for using at home, bike stores, or places that need to park many bikes. With this portable floor type bicycle stand, users can save spaces better than using regular kickstand. This stand can hold the bike in a perfect vertical angle even if you park 5 bikes on it at the same time. Though it is recommended by the manufacture to use for the indoor purpose only, it is made of robust and durable material that ensures long-lasting usage. According to this quality, it can use in outdoor as well.

It is designed for all bike types, including adult and kid bikes. Furthermore, it has a smart feature that fits the tire perfectly with the hole of the stand that effective won’t damage your bike while parking.

What We Like

  • 5 years of quality guarantee
  • Easy to set up
  • Made of long-lasting material
  • Balance the bike well
  • Save up spaces
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor


Finding the best bike kickstand can be difficult, but as long as it fits with your bike’s size and have enough features that ensure your biking will go smoothly, that will be a perfect fit for you. We hope you can find the best bicycle standing for your need.

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