Why These 10 Best Cat Tree Houses Should Be Your Pick in 2020

Cat tree house is a pet house building in a tree structure, especially for cats as they like climbing and jumping a lot. If you have raising cats as your companions, having the tree house for them are the best choice as you know it will provide your lovely cats a lot of fun and good shelter at the same time.

When it comes to choosing this kind of products for our pets, things can get challenging as there are so many products available in the market. And, as a cat owner you sometimes forget to check for the suitable sizes and design for your pets. Even so, when it comes to cats, choosing which tree house or beds can be pretty simple. Just get the one which they can be playful with it. Thus, if you are looking to buy one for your cats, check out our best selection list of the cat tree houses below.

List of the 10 Best Tree Houses for Cats in 2020

SaleBest Choice # 2
Go Pet Club 72" Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture
72 High Beige Cat Tree; Material: Compressed wood, faux fur, sisal rope; For medium to large size cat
$249.00 −$154.01
SaleBest Choice # 3
On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture, Tree House Tower for Climbing, Playing, Scratching, and...
Cat tree house intended for indoor use, fits great in any room.; Cat tower perfect for jumping, scratching, climbing, and relaxing.
$154.99 −$30.50

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Cat Tree House Reviews

10. Nova Microdermabrasion Tree House for Cats

best cat tree for small apartment

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Cats ADORE soft and warm places for naps. They tend to sleep on a soft chair or on their own bed. However, cat tree houses or towers are on another level when it comes to cats’ ideal napping station. So with this in mind, Nova Microdermabrasion has made a kitty tower cushioned from top to bottom.

This tree house is about 3 kitty stories tall, allowing more room and space for the furballs to climb and play and is suitable for up to 4 adult cats to occupy. It is also built with an anti-toppling feature, which ensures safety to the little ones. This Nova Cat Tree House has toys attached close to the 2 kitty scratching posts on one of the tower’s poles. For napping purposes, it has three condos and a solo cushion located on the tallest pole

9. FEANDREA cat tree house for large cats

cat tree house for large cats

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Next, we have a shorter tree house from FEANDREA. This tower is recommended for cat owners who have less space for a kitty tree house. It comes in multiple colors; all cushioned plushly the same way, with maximum comfort and guaranteed kitty purrs. This tower is suitable for 2 large cats. It has 2 cozy condos to nap in and a spacious top cushion for when the kitties want to have a nice view before or after their naps.

In addition to the comfortable cushions, this tree house also has 2 scratching posts. These posts are wrapped with natural sisal rope, allowing the kitties to safely scratch and exercise. This tree house is also made with anti-toppling fittings, to bring you double security.

8. cat tree house amazon

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Cave | cat tree house amazon

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Those people who shop or are familiar with Amazon, the online shopping platform, are highly likely to be familiar with AmazonBasics as well. AmazonBasics has pretty much everything that you’re looking for. From kitchen utensils to kitty toys, they have it all. So we hope you were not surprised to see that we have picked a product from them.

Following the compact design from the aforementioned product on our list, this cat tree house from AmazonBasics has 1 ground floor condo and 2 flat posts for window watching. It is made with cushioned flooring and poles and is suitable for up to 3 cats to occupy. However, because of its compact design, it does not come with scratch posts and we recommend to allow only 2 kitties to occupy it at the same time, to avoid crowding and accidents.

7. AmazonBasics Multi-Level Tree House for Cats

AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree | cat tree house that looks like a tree

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In contrast to the previous tree house, this one is more suitable for those who do not lack space within their home. This tree house is built with 4 kitty floors, 1 condo and scratching posts on all their poles. The way this tree house is constructed makes it more suitable for only 2 kitties to nap at the same time and is more for being a playground than a napping station.

The scratching posts are made with natural jute fiber, which helps with maintaining your fur babies’ nails healthy. The natural and warm toned color scheme allows this tower to fit in with most of the existing home decorations or color scheme.

6. Nova Microdermabrasion 34 Inches Cat Tree Tower House

Nova Microdermabrasion 34 Inches Cat Tree Tower

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This cushioned tree house from Nova Microdermabrasion is recommended for small cats and kittens only. It has 2 condos, one on the ground floor and the other on the 2nd floor, for comfortable private napping times. Additionally, it also has a cushioned top perch on the 3rd floor, for the kitties to nap or look out the window and be poetic like usual.

Moreover, it comes with 1 scratching pole and a scratching board, connecting from the ground floor to the 2nd floor, both of which are fully wrapped with natural sisal ropes. This tree house was made with sturdy construction and design. Its supporting tubes can hold the entire platform firmly while eliminating any wobbles. The bottom has battens to double the stability on the tree house.

5. WIKI Cat Tree Scratching Toy Activity Centre Cat Tower

WIKI Cat Tree Scratching Toy Activity Centre Cat Tower

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Moving on, we have a tree house from WIKI. We discovered that, because of its design, some cat owners would call it a jungle or a “literal tree house.” It has 1 condo on the 2nd floor and a comfortably cushioned hammock above the condo to the side. Some cats prefer to sleep on hammocks rather than on normal platform cushions, so maybe this tree house would bring new napping experiences and dreams to your cats.

It is suitable for cat owners who do have extra space to spare within their home, as the tree house is quite tall and is also suitable for up to 3 big cats to occupy. The poles of the tree house are made to be scratching posts, wrapped with natural jute for extra durability and healthy nails for the kitties.

4. Go Pet Club Tree House with Towers for Cats

Go Pet Club 72" Cat Tree

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This tree house is definitely recommended for those who have extra space within their home and more than 1 cat. Go Pet Club made it with extra height and space for the cats to explore, play and nap around. It has about 3 kitty stories tall and sisal ropes scratching posts as support beams.

With the spacious design, this tower is also recommended for medium to large sized cats, up to 4 or 5 cats can occupy the entire tree house at the same time. It has 2 condos, which are on different levels, and 3 round cushioned posts for napping or window watching.

3. FEANDREA Cat Tree and House with Sisal

FEANDREA Cat Tree with Sisal

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With 3 kitty stories tall and cushioned all over, plus a hammock, this tower is the dream cat tower for us, if we were cats. FEANDREA made it not too big and not too tall for those who prefer the “comfortably compact” designs within their home. The round corners are also a check to the list. It gives more relief to cat owners, as it will allow you reduce the chance of the kitties having any dangerous accidents.

This tree house has 1 condo, 1 hammock, and 1 spacious top bed. These features allow 3 or 4 large cats enough space to occupy the entire tree house at the same time. Furthermore, it has 2 scratching posts on the base and a scratching board as a connecting platform between the base and the 2nd floor.

2. Go Pet Club Tree House with Tower for Cats

 Go Pet Club 72" Cat Tree House with Tower

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If you’re here for the tall tree houses with extra napping stations, we think this one from Go Pet Club might be for you. The entire construction is cushioned well, with 5 kitty floors and natural sisal rope scratch posts on all available space on the support beams. It has 2 condos, the lower one being bigger, and 3 top napping perches.

The extra number of scratching posts and attached toys boost more activity from the kitties. It is suitable for up to 5 cats to occupy at the same time, without any disturbance. Not to mention, the lower condo has a cute connected platform straight from the floor. This allows your kitty the extra choice of climbing up instead of jumping, but we doubt the civilized cats would climb anyway.

1. Yaheetech 51in Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture

Yaheetech 51in Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture

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Drum roll please! Finally, we have arrived at the last recommended tree house. This tree house from Yaheetech is tall and has enough space for up to 4 cats. It has 2 kitty condos, 2 high perches and1 private bed on the highest level. The cushion is made safe and protective materials; keeping the kitties comfortable and safe during their naps or playtime.

One of the support beams acts as an extra long scratching posts; with 3 scratching posts on different levels. The scratching posts are wrapped with natural sisal ropes to keep the kitties’ nails safe, while also boosting more active time from them. All in all, this tree house is suitable for cat owners who have extra space to spare for the kitties.

Buying Guides:

Installation: each cat tree house comes with their own manual and instructions on how to assemble them properly. For additional information regarding assembly, we recommend checking said included manual or videos online.

Scratch posts: we recommend choosing a tree house with the safe kind of scratch post(s). Cat nails are strong, but they can also chip away and break apart easily when it comes to excessive scratching. Hence, we suggest checking the material of the scratch carefully and make sure that it is safe for daily scratching.

Warranty: warranties vary depending on the respective company. However, we have noticed that most cat tree houses DO NOT come with a warranty, but they do provide services before and post purchase. We recommend checking the included manual or contacting the respective company’s customer service team regarding warranties and product conditions.


In conclusion, we recommend focusing most on the size needed for the tree house and the price when it comes to choosing for a kitty tree house. Cats are low-maintenance when it comes to napping locations. As long as they are within their home or can feel safe within a space, they can doze off and relax for the day.

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