The 10 Best Child Shoulder Carrier in 2022

This article presents the 10 trending child shoulder carriers and backpacks. Shoulder carriers are popular as they allow parents to travel and do outdoor activities with their little one. The tool helps to carry children, when they are still toddlers or for others so that they do not get tired while walking too much. At the end of the article, there is a short buying guide that will explain the factors to consider when you are buying a child shoulder carrier for yourself. Don’t forget to check it out.

Here are the 10 Best Child Carriers Over Shoulder in 2022

10. Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier

Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier

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We all love carrying our little loved ones with us wherever we go. Having a comfortable and convenient carrier for both the child and parents makes the experience even more enjoyable. This Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier is very adjustable for any adult. It a 6 inch/15cm of torso adjustment making it very easily customizable to fit different types of users

Practical for frequent use, it has a lightweight aluminum frame that helps support the load and provides a stable support when the carrier is down. This carrier also features a built-in sunshade that helps protect the child from sunlight. In addition to that, you will appreciate the extra space in that carrier ; you can also carry diapers, snacks, towels and more.

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9. Baby Toddler Hiking Backpack Carrier

Baby Toddler Hiking Backpack Carrier Camping Child Carriers with Rain Sun Cover

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This backpack child carrier has been engineered for greatest satisfaction for users. It is perfect for daily use especially for walking, camping and hiking. The carrier’s frame is made of lightweight but strong metal and has a 600d oxford cloth. It offers greater comfort and safety. The carrier comprises of a 4-point safety belt accompanied with shoulder strap, a thickened double protection jacket, 2 pillows with adjustable seat pad. Its joint is also adjustable and it is easily folded to be carried.

The carrier is adequate for children from 6 months up to 4 years with a weight capacity of 50 pounds. The carrier features more space with multiple pockets that can hold bottles and other items. In addition to that, it includes a retractable canopy that will shield the child from sunlight.

8. ClevrPlus Urban Explorer Child Carrier

ClevrPlus Urban Explorer Child Carrier Hiking Baby Backpack

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It’s Olive green goes well for hiking and blends in nature ! The ClevrPlus Urban Explorer Child Carrier Hiking Baby Backpack is one of the most comfortable. Its lightweight frame is sturdy enough to provide the highest comfort for both the child and the adult. Its straps and hip belt are well padded and there is also an energy-absorbing lumbar padding that keeps user cool and secure. This carrier contains extra storage areas; there are storage compartments that are large enough to hold items such as sweaters, bottles, diapers and keys amongst others.

The carrier can be used for a long time as your child grows ; the seat can be adjusted to fit the child’s height. Additionally, it features a canopy to cover the child from rain and to keep safe and cool from sunlight. Buyers can enjoy a 1-year warranty with the ClevrPlus Urban Explorer Child Carrier Hiking Baby Backpack.

7. Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Series Child Carrier

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Series Child Carrier

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The Kelty Child Carrier is perfect for both short and long distance travel with your child. It is well-built to provide comfort for both parent and child. The seat base is wider offering greater sitting space for the child. It is lightweight and very pleasant to carry. The shoulders are cushioned and it features a waist support. The Kelty PerfectFIT suspension system is easily adjustable so that it fits both parents, especially if they are different heights.

There is an integrated sunshade that protects the child from sunlight. Designed for greater security and frequent use, the carrier has multiple grab handles so that the adult can lift, move and set down the carrier safely.

6. phil & teds Parade Child Carrier

phil&teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack

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The Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier stands out amongst other carriers. It has been dubbed as a ‘fun-for-kids’ carrier. Very colorful and child-friendly, it has a mini detachable for the child. It is light (4.4 lbs) but can carry children up to 40 lbs. The parent & child harnesses are easily adjustable for greater fit with people of different ages and body.

These harnesses are made of high-quality fabric that is tough, waterproof and washable. It has an internal aluminum frame and stand that offers freestanding ; thus, providing stable ground when loading and folding flat for storage.

This carrier has been praised for the comfort it offers ; its active-ergo fit harness system with shoulder padding and hip belts make carrying for long-distance pleasant. Additionally, the carrier includes a 2-year guarantee.

5. ClevrPlus Canyonero Baby Backpack

ClevrPlus Canyonero Camping Baby Backpack Hiking Kid Toddler Child Carrier with Stand and Sun Shade Visor

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The ClevrPlus Canyonero Camping Baby Backpack is recommended for children between 9 to 48 months young and can support a maximum weight of 42 lbs. Designed for daily use and for the greatest comfort both the child and the adult, the carrier has breathable, adjustable and ergonomic padding. The backpack is made of lightweight and sturdy materials that will last for a long time. Its insulated pocket can be used to carry bottles and cold drinks.

Parents will appreciate the bonus padding that is included; it is perfect to be used as a clean surface for changing babies. Further to that, it features adjustable security straps for the child. To top up that amazing backpack, it comes with a 1-year limited backup.

4. Saddlebaby Shoulder Carrier

Saddlebaby Shoulder Carrier

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Looking for a good shoulder carrier for carrying your kids for walks, hiking or to school ? The Saddlebaby Shoulder Carrier pack model is what you need. It is designed to carry children between the age of 2 to 5 years old. It is a hands-free shoulder carrier that will make you create fun and lasting memories with your little ones.

It is convenient and comfortable for both parents and the child. You will be surprised with the spacious storage that does not appear upright when looking at the bag. Users have used it to store PC, bottles, snacks and drinks all in one.

3. Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack

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Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier allows you to carry your little ones in safety and comfort. The carrier is padded with safety stirrups and straps. It also features a stowable sun visor that protects the child from the elements. While carrying your little one for a long time can cause back pain, this backpack carrier has been designed ergonomically for height adjustment and the straps are heavily padded. In addition to that, the belt is load bearing.

While moving around with the carrier, you will enjoy its multiple pockets and insulated pocket for holding bottle. The pockets on the other surfaces, as well as, the belt provide room to store phone, keys, diapers, drinks or snacks. The carrier also includes a diaper changing pad.

2. OE child shoulder carrier by Our Expedition LLC

OE child shoulder carrier by Our Expedition

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This OE shoulder carrier has been smartly designed and it is perfect for outdoor activities with your little one. It is great for walks, hikes, travels and visits to amusement parks. The foldable design makes it suitable for use daily. The carrier comes with a detachable backpack. It is possible to use only the shoulder carrier so that your back can breathe or to attach the back-pack that provides great storage space for carrying things. This carrier is recommended for carrying children between 1 and 5 years old.

1. Shoulder Carrier Seat Saddle

Shoulder Carrier Seat Saddle Kids Child Baby Ankle Straps

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This Shoulder Carrier is recommended for aged between 2 and 5 years old. Have your little one on your shoulder while walking and create amazing moments. It is hands-free allowing greater movement and less pressure on the adult’s hands. Moreover, it provides higher security for the child with ankle cuffs with dual safety systems.

Buying Guide

Size/Capacity of the carrier

When getting a carrier, one should consider the holding capacity of the carrier. You should see what it is the maximum weight the carrier can hold and also the age recommendation.

Comfort of Use

For carriers that are going to be used for a long time and long distance, having a comfortable one will help to prevent sore hips, back or pain. It is recommended to get one that is well padded or comes with cushions.


Another important factor is the safety of the child. Parents should check if the carrier offers safety features such as belt, harnesses and straps.

Other features

Carriers that come with a canopy and pockets for carrying items such as bottles, PC and food amongst others, may be more practical because we’ll never know when these features will come in handy.

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