Top 10 Best Christmas Dresses in 2022

We know that there are so many things to prepare for this upcoming Christmas celebration, but one thing you should not forget is to also look for the best Christmas dress for your daughter, yourself, friend, or wife. It will be the greatest gift option ever giving to women of all ages. We all know that dress is love, the dress is life for them. 

We manage to filter and select the top 10 best Christmas dress in 2022 and make a brief yet comprehensive review for you. By best Christmas dress, we are going to inclusively review the top-ranking dresses for girls and women of all ages. We cannot deny that girls and women have different personalities, and yes, we make sure to choose various styles to fit their sense of fashion. 

Now let’s check it out together!

List of Top 10 Best Christmas Dresses in 2022

10. AKIWOS Toddler Christmas Stripe Dress 

AKIWOS Toddler Christmas Stripe Dress 

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Your little girl will look absolutely adorable in this stripe slip-on dress embellished with either Santa or elk embroidered applique patch in the front. Designed in long sleeves and knee-length, this dress is not only suitable for Christmas day but also for everyday casual wear. There are three different colors for you to choose including blue, red, and black. Regarding the sizes, Akiwos made them available for the kid with age group starting from 9 months to 6 years old.

Furthermore, the garment used to produce these cute little dresses are high-quality cotton blend material that is comfortable for your kid to wear all day long without causing a sign of skin irritation. On top of that, for cleaning and caring for the clothes, no extra attention is needed. This dress is washing machine friendly, and the fabric won’t have any color shading or show the side of tear after numerous times of washing.

What we like

  • Nice and cute design
  • Affordable price 
  • Available in various colors and styles

What we don’t like

  • Not warm enough to wear during winter

9. Bonnie Jean Velvet Bodice Girls Christmas Dress

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With an elegant aesthetic, this dress will make your girls outshine the rest during the family Christmas gathering. This best Christmas dress’s upper part is long sleeves stretchy velvet bodice with a round neckline which provides the ease for slipping on to wear. For the downer part, it is a drop-waist skirt and a tulle underskirt making your girl look like a princess in a fairy tale. Another significant design is the sash at the waist is accented with either a golden or silver bow adding an extra fabulous vibe to the dress.

Despite the undeniable charming design, great fabric quality is also used to produce this dress. The top of the dress is made from polyester and spandex plain fabric which is known for its stretchiness and lightweight whereas the skirt is made from plaid polyester fabric. Bonnie Jean offers seven different colors for this dress line, and the size is available for two-year-old to 16 years old girl. Now you’re probably thinking of twining kids and this will be the great matching sister’s siblings’ outfits for this Christmas.

What we like

  • Elegant and detailed design
  • Available in various color and size

What we don’t like

  • Dull color 

8. Leg Avenue Mrs. Claus Costume

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Moving from the kid’s best Christmas dress category, we are now reviewing the dress for a woman. Made from 100% polyester, Mrs. Claus Costume comes in a velvet hooded dress, and the design is inspired by Santa Clause’s custom. This dress has both traditional Christmas colors which are bright red and deep green. Women of all shapes can own this dress as it offers sizes ranging from XS to XL. You just need to choose the right size the let this dress do magic to outshine your darling look for this Christmas.

Regarding the fabric, it is made of 100% polyester, a material that guarantees its quality and durability. Furthermore, you will feel the softness and lightweight of this fabric when you are wearing it. Moving to the detail design, it is a slip-on dress and comes with a detachable wide belt with a buckle that you can perfectly show off your hourglass shape. For the best of the best look, we recommend you to pair up with its white matching faux fur trim.

What we like

  • Slip-on dress type for the ease of wearing 
  • Unique design

What we don’t like

  • Hand wash only

7. Bonnie Jean Baby Girl’s Christmas Dress in Red Smocked Corduroy 

Bonnie Jean Baby Girl's Christmas Dress

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Sometimes keeping things simple is also a good idea for your baby girls this Christmas because kids will look fabulous in any style they are wearing. This smocked dress offers a very simplistic design which ideally can be worn for this holiday season and beyond, and it won’t let your kiddo run of out style. Bonnie Jean offers two different design options for you to choose from. The first option is small Christmas tree embroidery in the upper front and button-up back and the second option is upper front embroiled with a row of wrath and zippered closure back.  

Furthermore, this dress is made from 100% cotton fabric, and it is a corduroy type that warms up your kids during the cold winter. This type of fabric is machine washing friendly; however, it is recommended to wash in cold water to maintain the fabric quality and durability. Regarding the size, it is available from a newborn to a six-year-old girl. For 3 months and below baby dress, it will come matching diaper panty when you order it.

What we like

  • Simplistic design
  • Available in an inclusive size 

What we don’t

  • Available in only one color

6. Hanpceirs Women Christmas Cocktail Dress

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This dress from Hanpceir will make look effortlessly elegant once you put it on; thus, it is a very wise choice for you to add it to your Christmas wardrobe collection this year. This causal design dress is made of a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, a combination that feature ultra-lightweight, comfortable, soft, and stretchy traits. It will allow you to participate in the Christmas party and enjoy your food and drinks as long as you want without causing any uncomforted feeling due to the stiffness of the fabric.

 Moreover, the moderate length of this dress ensures that you can maintain your decency and look stunning at the same time. The sleeveless design will allow you to flex around without minding the extreme temperatures whereas the zippered closure back makes it easier for dressing. We are pretty sure that you will find your most favorite one from this brand.  There are 45 different fabric patterns and colors for you to choose from. Take your time and pick any as you wish!

What we like

  • Various color and pattern options
  • Multifunction detachable belt
  • Simple but classy look

What we don’t like

  • The sleeveless design may require additional outwear for the cold season

5. Mini honey Tutu Christmas Dress with Headband 

Mini honey Tutu Christmas Dress with Headband 

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Your baby will receive a lot of compliments due to the cuteness overload from wearing this Christmas dress. The package of this outfit includes a piece of Tutu dress and a matching stripe headband ensuring the adorable look for your kid. The Tutu dress is designed with long sleeves and crew neck in stripe pattern fabric on the upper whereas the lower part is the two layers bell-shaped skirt in plain red fabric.

Made from a combination of polyester and cotton, this tutu dress has a soft touch feeling that will bring no harm to your baby’s skin, it is also breathable, stretchy, and lightweight. Additionally, there is various size available from 1 year old to 6 years old. Consider taking this dress for your girl for this upcoming Christmas if you are looking for a comfy dress for a little girl while maintaining the Christmas festive vibe. Your kid will be the happiest girl to ever received such a gift.

What we like

  • Simplistic yet stylish design
  • Include with a matching headband

What we don’t like

  • Only one color available 

4. Hudson Baby Girls Complete Set Christmas Dress 

Hudson Baby Girls Complete Set Christmas Dress 

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This two-pieces set can be a great Christmas party dress option for the newborn and baby age below 2 years old. Huston offers a complete set of Christmas outfit featuring a cardigan, spaghetti strap dress, and a pair of classy shoes. The cardigan is in solid color stretchy fabric with a small pocket on the upper left side. It is a front button-up closure enables you to dress up your baby in two different styles. For the spaghetti strap dress, it is a freestyle type produced from cotton fabric with various printing patterns for you to choose from. 

Made from 100% cotton and simple but chic style, this dress can be worn throughout the four seasons of the year owing to the lightweight and breathable attribute. In terms of cleaning and caring, you can choose to hand or machine-wash this dress for the best maintenance. All in all, this gorgeous dress will be the best fit for your newborn’s first Christmas photo.

What we like

  • Can be worn in two styles
  • Wide range of colors and style to choose
  • Produced from lightweight and stretchy fabric 

What we don’t like

  • Look a bit too simple

3. Women Christmas Sweater Dress 

Women Christmas Sweater Dress 

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Unleash your S line curve for the best Christmas look by putting on this relaxing fit sweater dress. It is a round neck dress with long sleeves, and medium in length. The front side is emblazoned with a funny snowman and wrapped by a contrasting green and red sash around the waistline making it look even more fabulous for the Christmas party vibe. It is truly a smart choice for wearing this dressmaking look you chic without trading off the snuggle feeling during the cold winter day. 

Designed with only white color; however, all sizes ranging from XS to XL are available for every woman of all shapes; hence, what you need to do next is decided to grab a perfect size for yourself. In terms of material used to produce this stylish dress, they are high in quality which will not be shrink for machine wash and will not cause any itchiness to your skin. On top of that, the sewing technique is quite impressive as they use double-panel construction with reinforced seam for a build to last.

What we like

  • Good sewing technique 
  • Comfort and cozy fabric 

What we don’t like

  • Only the one-color option 

2. Bonnie Jean Baby Girl’s Holiday Christmas Dress 

Bonnie Jean

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Bonnie jean provides the finest classic style with a maroon red color dress allowing your baby to follow the family Christmas tradition for her first time. This Christmas dress only available for a newborn with the age of 6months and below; thus, in a package there will be a piece of dress and a matching diaper cover pant. Additionally, you will not experience any difficulty to put on this cute tiny outfit for your baby as it is sewed with zippered closure on the back.

The fact that this dress is made for shantung fabric and features a plaid sash in bow shape around the waist making it becomes an ideal dress for not only Christmas day but also a birthday party, tea party, or any other holiday as well. Your baby will receive a lot of compliments wherever she goes in this adorable piece. Additionally, there is no much effort is needed to take off this dress as you can simply put it in machine wash and the quality will remain good.

What we like

  • Best traditional Christmas style dress
  • Come with matching diaper cover panty

What we don’t like

  • Only the one-color option 
  • Limited size options 

1. Hudson Baby Girl’s Cotton Christmas Dresses

Hudson Baby Girl's Cotton Christmas Dresses

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You cannot underestimate the simple approach for your kid’s holiday fashion will be the smartest choice. Hudson baby dress makes it to our best list for various reasons. It is a one-piece dress with a relaxing loose fit and medium in length. The simplistic style yet appropriate fit for Christmas festive and offer a warm and cozy feeling for your kid is something we cannot miss to point out about this dress. 

Significantly, it is produced from 100% cotton which is the best clothing material that ensures softness and gentle touch on the baby’s skin. Therefore, cleaning and caring are quite simple for this dress as you can choose for a machine wash or hand wash, no harm done. What is more about this dress is that it available in more than 20 patterns and colors and their cuteness is hard to resist. We believe you pick more than one piece for your baby, and it is the right decision.

What we like

  • Good fabric quality 
  • Available in various designs

What we don’t like

  • May look a little simple for those who love fancy dress

Buying Guides to Choose Top 10 Best Christmas Dresses in 2022

We have reviewed a range of the best Christmas dress in 2022 for you, and we hope some of you have already found the best option to take home with. However, for those who are still in dilemma to make a decision, we have taken a step ahead by preparing a list of tips for you on how to choose the best Christmas dress that fits your preference.

Fabric Quality

Quality of fabric is the most important aspect of choosing any cloth with especially for your baby because their skin is quite sensitive. We recommend choosing fabric made from cotton which is compatible with most skin types and its lightweight and the breathable trait will give the best experience to wear.


The traditional Christmas color is red and green. If you love to keep this Christmas look simple, these two colors should be your choice. However, you may consider choosing another color if you want red, and green is not your cup of tea.


Fabric pattern can define 50% of whether the dress looks good on you or not but; thus, it is important to choose it wisely. The solid pattern goes well for everyone; however, for Christmas, don’t you think it is better to add like plaid, stripe or Christmas inspired print dress to wardrobe will give an extra dose of festive flair to you.       


The best time of year, Christmas, cannot be completed without having the best Christmas dress for girls and women. Dressing up is not only just to impress but also to improve your mood during the holiday season to be more mesmerizing.

Last but not least, we hope that our review has provided you sufficient and vital information to be able to choose the best Christmas dress and let it do the magic to make look extra glam look on the Christmas festive.

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