Top 10 Best Exercise Slide Boards in 2022

Exercise slide boards are primarily useful for those who skate and play ice hockey. Yet, they are also beneficial for those who want to build muscle, balance and strengths. When searching a slide board, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. Those may include durable material, non-curling material, non-slip bottom, and more.

With these in mind, our team will aid your selection by presenting to you the top 10 best exercise slide boards of 2022. And, we will review their features herein.

Most Popular Exercise Slide Boards on Amazon

List of the 10 Best Exercise Slide Board in 2022

10. SPRI Slide Board with End Stops | Sliding Booties with Mesh Carrying Bag & Exercise Guide for Low Impact Balance Training

We know that you are looking for the nice sliding board that you can workout on with ease. First off, we have a product from the SPRI brand. First of all, this nice slide board is designed to minimize impact. This way, it is even suitable for those who love high intensity exercise. More than this, such a product is perfect for toning the upper and lower body. You can also choose this product if you need to improve both your balance and stability.

If you take a look at the surface of this, you’ll see that it is well designed from a high-quality PVC board. You should choose this for a safe and fun exercise time. Lastly, the package of this product comes with a carrying bag for easing the handling and transporting process, too.

Sliding Booties with Mesh Carrying Bag & Exercise Guide for Low Impact Balance Training

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9. Obsidian Exercise Slide Board – 6′ and 5′ Foot Slide Board for High Intensity and Low Impact Exercise

For a good time doing exercise, you need to make the purchase on the right equipment. Here is a highly-rated Obsidian Slide Board, and it is a useful slide board for athletes and workout lovers. You can choose this product if you are looking for the best board for both low and high impact training. It is the time to burn calories in a fast and easy way.

This product is perfect for burning fat and toning the body. This product is a suitable option to choose if you need to get abs and firm butt. Moreover, we highly recommend this product if you want to pratice HIIT and weight loss training.

Fitness Slide Board for Weight Loss and HIIT

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8. ProsourceFit Slide Board and Slide Board Pro for Exercise 6’ with End Stops

Another premium quality slide board you should take a look at is from ProsourceFit. For easing the carrying and storing process, this product is designed to have a mesh bag. It is highly recommended if you need to carry it around from place to place. This board is known to be the perfect option for core and leg training.

Another great point of this type of board is, it allows you to jump without putting much pressure on your joints too. We bet that it is the perfect option for beginners as well as professional athletes. The non-slip base of the board works best on all types of floor and surface.

Slide Board Booties & Carrying Bag for Low-Impact Indoor Home Workouts and Sports Training

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7. American Lifetime Slide Board – Workout Board for Fitness Training and Therapy

American Lifetime, a popular brand for slide boards, is also here in the list today. First off, this product is well known to be the perfect workout board for both low and high impact training. The special feature of it is, it can minimize the impact while ensuring that you have high performance. It is the right product to choose if you need the right training tool for your skating and hockey game.

Besides using it for your sports training, this board is perfect for many other exercises such as core, leg, squats, pushup and more. Please be noted that it is also smartly designed to come in many sizes for you to choose too. The good news is, the company’s money-back warranty lasts for 30 days too.

Workout Board for Fitness Training and Therapy with Shoe Booties and Carrying Bag Included

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6. Balance 1 Slide Board E

Balance 1 slide board is another ultimate pick. This one is the perfect option to choose if you look for the perfect gym slide for using at home. For the great and best working out result, the surface of the board is designed to be very smooth. The material used for designing this product is known to be high in quality as well.

The material chosen is PP known for enhanced durability. You should choose this product if you need a board for hockey training, skating and more. Don’t worry, you can use it on all types of surface since it is attached with a non-slip base.

Balance 1 Slide Board for Home exercise and gyme

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5. 3G Ultimate Slide Board with Nano Buffed Surface USA

We know that you need the nice and smooth surface for your training time. This one is indeed the product that you need, and it is known as 3G BLACK slide board. This product is manufactured in the USA, so the quality of it matches the standard well. The materials used for constructing it are great in quality. For instance, it is made from pine wood instead of plastic.

With this board, you can workout and train anywhere you like without any concern. The side and design of it allows you to place it anywhere you want in the house.

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4. G-Dreamer Slide Board -72 Inch-with Reinforced End Stops for High Intensity and Low Impact Exercise

Another premium quality board you should get is no other than this G-Dreamer slide board. This slide board is designed to minimize impact. At the same time, it is known to be a great tool for high intensity workout too. Don’t worry, you can consider this product if you have problems with the knees and joints.

More than this, it is a nice product for improving your stability. It is a smart choice to train on this product since it is very safe and effective. Next, it is well known for the user-friendly features of it. You can roll it up for convenient carrying as well.

american lifetime slide board | Slideboard Skiing Practice Yoga Mat

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3. Better Hockey Extreme Slide Board Pro – Helps You Win The Race to The Puck

If you want to have a tool to workout at home, then another product you should consider is from Better Hockey. This brand is a nice product for both beginners and professional players. It is a great slide board you can get for practicing hockey games and more. For more options, the package of this product comes with 3 different pairs of booties. Each of them is S, M and L size.

The board allows you to make the adjustment of the length with ease too. With this, we guarantee that you can train both short and long strides easily. Don’t worry, with all the high-quality rubber that it uses, this board is built to last.

Adjustable Length Slide Board Comes with 3 Pairs of Booties in Size S, M and L - Used by The Pros

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2. Powerslide 10ft Slide Board Lateral Exercise Trainer – Large Booties

Another nice piece of the training gear goes to slide board from the famous brand, Powerslide. First of all, this one is perfect for all types of training. The size and design of it are even better for the athletes who wish to train on strength and stability. More awesome than this, it is highly suitable for core training as well.

For long-term use, the materials used are great in quality. The sliding surface of it will make sure that you can slide without any restriction. If you need to carry it around, feel free to roll it up and carry it with ease.

best slide board for speed skating

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1. Obsidian Exercise Slide Board – 6′ and 5′ Foot Slide Board for High Intensity and Low Impact Exercise

This Obsidian Slide Board tops the list for many reasons. This one is a perfect board for the low impact training. It can help you burn calories in an easy and entertaining way. As the package of this product comes with DVDs, you can follow the instructions and train anywhere you want. Please be noted that there are up to 30 exercise videos you can get from these 3 DVDs

What makes this product better than the rest is the care that it provides. The slide board is known to help you avoid injuries since it will not produce any impact at all. If you make an order today, you can get up to a 30-day warranty for free too.

Fitness Board for Weight Loss and HIIT

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What to consider before buying an exercise slide board


Since exercise slide boards are used for high intensity training, it is a wise choice if you choose the product that is of good quality. Indeed, a high-quality product is indeed the one that is made from durable materials, too. Since the board is made from various materials, you can decide to get one made of pine wood, high-grade polyethylene or PVC plastic.

Easy Storage

Since you will need to train very often, it is good to get a slide board that allows you to take it around with ease. Plus, you may notice that some boards can be rolled and carried with ease. This type of product is indeed what you should get. Lastly, do choose a product that comes with a carrying bag if you need to transport it often.


The board should feature a smooth surface and a non-slip bottom for enhanced stability and an added safety of the user.

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