Top 10 Best Fire Safe Blankets in 2022

Having knowledge about fire safety is very crucial and useful for everyone since it could not only prevent our properties, but it also saves lives. Therefore, students and workers often receive fire safety training at schools and at their workplaces respectively. There are many approaches we could use to prevent or eliminate fire hazards and one of which is to use fire safe blanket. A fire safe blanket is a type of flame-resistant blanket which is often used to put out small fires.

It is an important material we use at the early stage to prevent the fire from growing bigger and bigger. This article will review ten fire blankets that have been recommended by many households. We will go through the features of each fire safe blanket and there will also be a buying guide at the end of the article that will tell you what to consider when you want to purchase a fire blanket.

Most Popular Fire Safe Blankets on Amazon

List of the 10 Best Fire Safe Blankets in 2022


10. AKSIPO Fire Blanket | Fiberglass for Fire Emergency

AKSIPO Fire Blanket for Emergency

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Made of fiberglass, Aksipo’s fire safe blanket is capable of extinguishes liquid and grease fire. The product comes with two packs. Its working temperature is up to 550 degree Celsius. This blanket’s size is 39.3 square inches, which is suitable to eliminate fire from the stove in a short period of time. Moreover, you can just use this blanket as a shield by just wrapping around your body.

Aksipo is an ideal anti fire blanket that offers a peace of mind to your office, kitchen, fireplace, or even during camping nights in which you may have a grill or something. It is important to note that some people’s skin might be allergic to the cloth, so we recommend you to wear gloves before using or checking this fire blanket.

Customer’s feedback and recommendation on this AKSIPO Fiberglass Fire Blanket

“I’ve wanted one of these for a long time, and now I have 2! One is in my kitchen, and the other one is in my garage, for use while soldering or welding. The build quality is decent enough. There are a few loose strings, but that’s mostly a cosmetic issue. The bags they come in are nice, and include directions for several types of situations.” – Byron J.

9. Tonyko Fiberglass Fire Blanket for Emergency Survival | anti fire blanket

Tonyko Fiberglass Fire Blanket for Emergency Surival

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Tonyko offers a classic design of fire blanket that is used for emergency survival. This fire safe blanket is made of fiberglass which is resistant to heat and can extinguish both grease and liquid fire. It is simple to use and doesn’t require any training at all. You just pull the blanket and suffocate the fire! The fire will then be put out.

You can use this to wrap around your body to protect from heat and fire as well. Unlike fire extinguishers, this blanket can be used again after extinguishing the fire. Tonyko comes in various sizes; however, each blanket can tolerate high temperature up to 580 degree Celsius.

8. JJ CARE Fire Suppression Blanket with Fire Protective Gloves (Pack of 2)

fire safe blanket inventor

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Coming up next is JJ CARE’s fire safe blanket which is a perfect survival emergency blanket for your home. It comes in a pack of two and you will also find fire-resistant gloves when you order this item. On the package, you will also find two hooks in which you can use to hang the blanket on the wall. Not only being sold at a reasonable price, the quality of this blanket is guaranteed as it is made of 100-percent flame-resistant material.

The blanket consists of two layers of fiberglass fabric and the inner layer is fire retardant film. It has been tested for flammability and has met the standards. Capable of isolating temperatures up to 580 degree Celsius, this fire suppression is recommended to keep near a fireplace, kitchen, and office.

7. Deke 2 Pack fire Blanket | Fiberglass Emergency Blanket

Deke 2 Pack fire Suppression Blanket

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Deke Home offers a two-pack fire blanket that will help secure your place and give you a peace of mind. It can stop small liquid and grease fires from eradicating rapidly. The size of each blanket is 39×39 inches, big enough to make you use it easily. Deke Home’s emergency blanket can isolate temperatures that are up to 580 degree Celsius.

This blanket is an ideal material for survival and is recommended to have at least one in your home. We also recommend you use this as a car survival kit too. Different from fire extinguisher, this blanket will never expire so it adds another value on to your existing fire extinguisher.

6. JJ CARE Fire Blanket, Fire Suppression Blanket Made from Fiberglass Cloth (Pack of 5)

best fire safe blanket

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This one is a pack of 5 JJ CARE’s fire suppression blanket which are made from fiberglass cloth. Five additional hooks are included for hanging purpose. This package is sold at a more affordable price than the previous JJ CARE’s product introduced in this list. Compared to fire extinguishers, this fire blanket does not leave any mess and more importantly, it does not harm our body since there is no secondary pollutant.

The blanket’s size is 40×40 inches. These blankets can isolate temperatures up to 650 degree Celsius. JJ CARE does not only guarantee the quality of its products, but also its customer satisfaction. Customer services are available 24/7.

5. Tonyko Emergency Survival Fire Blanket (4 pack)

Tonyko Emergency Surival Fire Blanket

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All of Tonyko’s fire blankets have been tested and verified that they have met the standard for fire suppression. This one here is a four-pack fire blanket, which can be used at various places such as kitchen, grill, camping, and car. It could also be used to suffocate various types of fire. The length and width of each blanket is both one meter. Having this one will put your mind at ease since you will feel better when there are warnings or accidents.

4. ABN Heavy-Duty Fire-Retardant Blanket

ABN Heavy-Duty emergency fire blanket reviews

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Next, we would like to introduce an ABN product that has two sizes for you to choose. A small one is 4×6 feet, while a bigger one is 6×8 feet. It is a heavy-duty fiberglass blanket that is designed for thermal or heat protection. This blanket could be used for both indoor and outdoor uses.

It can protect not only yourself from fire, but also your furniture, wood railings, and flooring. It resists flame that is up to 537 degree Celsius. After using it, you can fold this flexible blanket into a compact size quickly.

3. JJ CARE Fire Blanket & Fire Suppression Blanket with Fire Protective Gloves and Hooks (Pack of 3)

fire safe blanket on amazon

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JJ CARE is surely one of the leading manufacturers of fire safe blanket. This package includes a pack of 3 blankets that comes along with 3 additional hooks and 3 pairs of safety gloves. It is a complete kit package! The blanket has two layers of fiberglass fabric, which is capable of isolating high temperatures that are up to 580 degree Celsius. Like many other fire blankets, this is also convenient and easy to use as you do not need any special training.

2. TONYKO Emergency Surival Fire Blanket

TONYKO Emergency Surival Fire Blanket,

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What do you expect from Tonyko? Indeed, they are always beyond your expectation especially with the quality and their customer service. This one, however, is a golden anti fire blanket which is well-known for its thickness. It is about two times thicker than a normal white fire safe blanket.

This is a well-made fire blanket that could serve you for many countless years. Even though it is said to be easy to use, you can still find an instruction in the package. Therefore, you can finally rest assured once you purchase this one.

1. JJ CARE Pack of 3 Fire Blanket | Fire Suppression Blanket Made from Fiberglass Cloth

fibreglass fire blanket for emergency

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JJ CARE fibreglass fire blanket is undoubtedly a very economical product. Not to mention its supreme quality, it is simple to use as well. When there is an incident, you just need to find the blanket and spread it wide open before slowly throwing it on top of the fire to suffocate. Shortly after that, you can turn off the heat source – for example, the stove.

It resists temperature up to 650 degree Celsius since it composes of two layers of silica coated fiberglass fabric. The inner layer is a fire retardant film. You will get three free hooks in which you can hang at any place within your reach and sight.

What to consider before buying a fire safe blanket

Here, we will provide you a buying guide at the end so you should spend some time reading this to clear all of your doubts.

Size: There are various sizes of fire blankets available on the market. However, we recommend you look for those with a moderate (not too small and not too big) size that make you feel comfortable and easy to hold or cover your body.

Materials: Almost every fire blanket is made of fiberglass fabric. This fabric is the best type of fire-resistant cloth. Moreover, they are not toxic and do not leave huge mess after many uses.

Price: Sometimes expensive prices could not really guarantee the quality of the product. Likewise, you should always look at its features beforehand. Is it worth your money or not?


In conclusion, fire blankets are very important safety equipment that could prevent any fire incidents with devastating outcomes. They are very simple and easy to use, and it actually does not require a skill to use a fire safe blanket. It is also affordable and can be used many times.

Moreover, it does not take up too much space in your house or your office building. Everyone will have a peace of mind if they have one of these, so hesitate no more while stocks last.

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