Top 10 Best Granite Cleaners in 2022 Reviews

Granite needs exceptional cleaning with the use of a decent quality solution. In the market, there are granite cleaners available but many of them are not up to the mark when it comes to the cleanliness and maintenance of granite surface. This is due to the fact that granite surface requires special cleaning and so, it is advisable to invest in decent quality granite cleaner. A decent quality granite cleaner usually comes with powerful cleaning power, the simplicity of use, multipurpose functionality, non-toxic materials and so on. Cleaning granite surface with regular cleaner will not suffice. After careful research, you need to come up with the special granite cleaners. Today, many top brands manufacture decent quality granite cleaners to serve the need. You can make a wise buying decision when you look at the best granite cleaners described below:

List of Top 10 Best Granite Cleaners in 2022 Reviews on Amazon.Com

10. Stone Care International Granite Cleaner – 32 Fluid Ounces:

 Stone Care International Granite Cleaner

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For everyday cleaning, this 32 fluid ounces granite cleaner is safe to use. For your granite countertops or any granite surfaces, this cleaner would safely eliminate grime, grease, and watermarks. In addition to granite, it also protects marble, limestone, slate, travertine, quartz or several other natural stone surfaces. There would be no streak makes left behind. The PH balanced formula from Stone Care would make sure your stone seal does not deteriorate.

  • The cleaner product is presented in a dark brown bottle. Besides, the sprayer on the bottle is strong and focused.
  • Its bottle is simple to hold and would not drop the liquid when sealed.
  • This 32 fluid ounce is capable to clean and degrease sealed granite, marble, quartz, and other natural stones.
  • Its functioning discards dirt, spills, dust, stains and grease from the surface of granite.

9. Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment (8 fl oz):

 Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment

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This granite treatment product is referred to as an all-inclusive stone care product which is easy to use. Its formulation is done using ioSeal. Now you can clean, polish and protect every natural stone, composite granite sink, quartz surface and more. Similar to a magnet, ioSeal creates a powerful ionically charged defensive barrier; this barrier would not wash off. In every treatment, ioSeal gradually seals and simultaneously leaves a smooth feel, reflective surface and ultimately, dynamic colors. When you have finished cleaning using this product, you will find that the surface becomes resistant to certain components. These include stains, dirt, hard water spots, soap scum, and mineral deposits. So, they would be simple to remove in less time.

  • The Supreme Surface treatment comes with ioSeal Protectants. It polishes, cleans and defends the granite.
  • For daily use, it is completely safe to use; it is free from streak and assures unique shine to granite surface.
  • The pack also includes a microfiber

 8. Hope’s Perfect Granite & Marble Cleaner, 22-Ounce:

Hope's Perfect Granite & Marble Cleaner

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A safe granite & marble cleaner for home the 22-ounce cleaner is uniquely formulated to be safe for daily use. Generally, it is a recommended cleaner for household use with kids and pets creating the mess. The reason behind the wide popularity of this perfect granite and marble cleaner is it is non-harmful. It would not damage the surfaces of marble and granite. A simple approach is implemented to attain perfect results. You could protect the surfaces of marble and granite by sealing and resealing as per the requirement.

With less effort, it quickly cleans the surfaces. Besides, its exceptional no-residue formula employs glowing beauty in less time. It is found that this cleaning spray is superb for use on multiple surfaces like countertops, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, marble surfaces, bar tops, and stone surfaces.

  • During its use, it would employ a 100% streak-free glow in order to let the surface glow.
  • In its formula, there is the absence of acid, ammonia or alcohol.
  • It could be used multiple times a day since this granite cleaner spray is specially formulated to be safe for such surfaces.

7. TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish for Daily Use:

 TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish for Daily Use

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Specially designed for use on stone, the TriNova granite cleaner is also useful for use on several other surfaces. Its working mechanism effectively cleans the surface without creating any damage. Contrasting to other general purpose cleaners which may create dulling, this cleaner product would present glowing shine.  In many of the generic household cleaners, their formula comprises of alkalis, acids, and other chemicals which would damage the sealant of your stone. So, this may include staining effects on the granite countertops or stone countertops. Basically, the TriNova Granite Cleaner’s working is based on a non-acidic pH neutral formula; this formula is found safe for natural stone.

It is commonly observed that this cleaner from the TriNova is extremely safe for use on different types of premium stones. These include marble, granite, quartz, slate, onyx, laminate, travertine, and more. On the other hand, it could be applied on any stone surface like tables, floors, and countertops.

  • In addition to employing elegant shine on a stone surface, this cleaner also deals with typical messes and spills.
  • This professional strength revitalizer is competent to clean laminate, slate, travertine, corian, silestone, formica, and more.
  • Since its formula is devoid of chemical odor, your surrounding will be packed with enchanting smell due to the pleasant scent. The formula is non-toxic and PH neutral safe to apply on every stone surface.
  • In any time of day or night, your stone would emit a bright mirror-like glow. In the end, streak-free finish is guaranteed.

 6. Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish – Daily Use:

 Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish

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Implied by the name, the Weiman granite cleaner is recommended for daily use. Its specialized formula is intended to accomplish daily cleaning and it successfully polishes natural stone surfaces. You will now get rid of suffering from the time-consuming process of choosing the ideal stone surface to fit inside your home. The brand Weiman assist you to protect it by making sure your stone is free from damage. It is possible that your brand new granite or marble surface accumulates dirt and grime. Now you could present a new look to this surface with the use of this cleaner that eliminates dirt.

  • This Weiman stone cleaner and sealer is streak-free, so it could safely discard grime, grease, stains and watermarks.
  • Names of different surfaces on which this cleaner is applicable are marble, granite, quartz, soapstone, slate, limestone, quartzite, Corian, concrete and laminate tile.
  • The H balanced formula from Weiman would protect the stone’s seal against discoloration or deterioration.

 5. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray And Refill Value Pack:

 Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray And Refill Value Pack - Streak-Free Stone Cleaning Formula

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There are lots of granite cleaners in the market but only a few of them are versatile; this product is one among them. The users could utilize granite gold to effortlessly clean and defend the natural stone surfaces. They include marble, granite, and travertine. Moreover, this cleaner is capable to clean some quartz surfaces, ceramic surfaces, and porcelain tile surfaces. At the output, you would always find a beautiful, streak-free result. Also, this cleaning solution would never leave ugly streaks or smudges after its application.  In order to use this cleaner spray, just spray on and wipe down using a paper towel. Alternatively, you may also use a lint-free cloth.  Unlike the typical household cleaning products, it is certain that this granite cleaner guarantees a shiny surface in less time.

There are some homeowners who worry about the safety of their kitchen counters before purchasing granite cleaner. However, this cleaner spray is completely safe to use. In the kitchen, you could use this everyday cleaner to maintain cleanliness of the countertop’s natural stone. In each of this pack, there is the inclusion of a 24-ounce spray bottle and a 64-ounce refill container.

  • Its proprietary formula is found safe to use on food surfaces; the formula is free from acid, toxic materials, ammonia and phosphates.
  • The stone surface cleaner is actually PH balanced, biodegradable, and completely safe to use.
  • After the application, a pleasant citrus scent is delivered.

 4. Sprayway SW702R Aerosol Granite & Marble Spray, 19 oz:

Sprayway SW702R Aerosol Granite & Marble Spray

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For offering a polished look to all the sealed granite surfaces in an easy way, Sprayway cleaner is a suitable choice. Its penetrating foam action safely discards dirt, oil, grease, smudges, fingerprints, and any other mess present on shiny stone surfaces. Basically, this 19 oz granite and marble cleaner from Sprayway is non-abrasive. Besides, it is uniquely formulated to clean and uphold the elegance of your countertops.

  • This SW702R cleaner is an all-in-one product that features cleaner and polish in a single unit.
  • It is extremely simple to apply since the content is packed s in a spray aerosol bottle.
  • It presents enchanting smell after its application.

 3. Howard GM5012 Natural Granite and Marble Cleaner:

 Howard GM5012 Natural Granite and Marble Cleaner, 16-Ounce

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A safe to use granite cleaner will prove how judgmentally you made the investment in the purchase. The Howard granite & marble cleaner is essentially a non-abrasive, non-acidic formula which is found safer than any other chemical-based cleaning products. There would be no troubles to clean marble, sealed granite, marble, and several other natural stone surfaces. In addition to these mentioned surfaces, the GM5012 cleaner also works well on porcelain, quartz, ceramic, engineered stone, and limestone. Through a simple approach, you can now create a healthy living environment in your home. The tiresome chore of cleaning any granite or marble surface will now be transformed into a revitalizing job. Finally, you could renew your countertop’s appearance.

  • In absence of harsh chemicals, its formula effortlessly cleans different types of sealed stone countertops.
  • The vegetable-derived cleaning power makes sure safe cleaning approach is facilitated.
  • Its formula comprises of plant-based, natural ingredients which are safe and free from toxic. So, for food preparation in the kitchen, this cleaner would not create any harm.

 2. ULTIMATE GROUT CLEANER: Best Grout Cleaner For Tile and Grout Cleaning:


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The ultimate grout cleaner is one of the finest grout cleaners for effective cleaning of tiles and grouts. Its deep cleaner’s formula is free from toxic materials and acid. It also works as a stain remover to remove even the tidiest grout. When you are confused about how to clean grout in marble or ceramic, this 32oz cleaner is a suitable option to try. For colored and white grout both, this acid-free cleaner works excellently. Moreover, it is powerful enough for commercial use. In addition to cleaning grout, the cleaner also cleans dirt, food spills, and soap scum. Those looking for a quick and time-saving effective grout cleaning mechanism, this ultimate grout cleaner product are a preferred choice.

  • In addition to grout cleaning, it could also work as a soap scum remover.
  • Its formula i innovative, labor saving for removing the mess created by dirt, oil, grease, and soap scum.
  • Since its formula is acid-free, it offers the finest approach o clean marble, ceramic, grout and porcelain surfaces.

1. Therapy – Granite Cleaner and Polish Kit, 16 fl. oz.:

Granite Cleaner and Polish Kit with Large Microfiber Cloth-Granite Cleaners

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The present granite cleaner and polish kit work smoothly and easily wipes off mess on the granite surfaces. There is no need of buffing for attaining an exquisite shine on your granite countertops. With a view to present effective cleaning, the kit comes with a soft cloth. You can use the cloth to thoroughly and effectively clean granite or marble surfaces. Within a few seconds, it could instantly remove oil, grease, and grime. Its corresponding neutral pH safe formula is recommended for use on all marble, granite, onyx and quartz surfaces.

  • The working mechanism powerfully dissolves dirt, oil, grease, and grime on any high-end surfaces within a few seconds.
  • The output consists of shiny and protected finish without haze or streaks.
  • All the ingredients used are non-toxic and safe.


Concluding Note:

Any granite or marble surface tends to get messy through regular use. For them, effective granite cleaners like those discussed above help a lot. You will find noticeable enhancement in the lifespan of these surfaces and they would attain bright shine.

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