Top 10 Best Hidden Spy Cameras in 2022

By any chance, have you ever felt that your house, your room, or your office is insecure? What would you do to give you a peace of mind when it comes to security? There are several means to feel more secure. Some people would hire security guards. On the other hand, those who have trust issues or those who own businesses tend to install surveillance cameras instead since they could improve safeguards as well as protect against fraud and burglary. However, in some cases those security cameras are ineffective to use due to its visibility. Therefore, nowadays most people prefer hidden spy cameras instead since they do not draw any attention.

This article will offer you a list of the ten best hidden spy cameras that you can use for various recording purpose. These spy cameras have been narrowly chosen by our team based on their quality and customers’ feedbacks. At the end of the article, you will also find a useful buying guide that will tell you what to look for when buying an ideal hidden spy camera.

List of the 10 Best Hidden Spy Cameras in 2022

10. Surveillance Camera Full HD by DIVINEEAGLE

Surveillance spy Camera Full HD by DIVINEEAGLE

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The first hidden spy camera we would like to introduce is from DIVINEEAGLE brand. With its advanced technology, this small security camera can provide a 1080P Full HD video from any angle of the room. This mini camera is useful for you to keep an eye on your property, your children’s caretakers, roommates or partners. It is a type of camera that does not need Wi-Fi and can be used as a charger.

This basically means the camera is hidden on the charger. To record a video, all you need to do is just insert an SD card up to 32GB and plug the camera into any electric outlet or power bank. This hidden camera comes with a one-year warranty.

Video: USB Wall Charger Hidden 1080p Spy Camera Review

9. Mini Spy Hidden Camera | WiFi Wireless Camera HD Remotely Monitor by Beraspot

Mini Spy Hidden Camera with WiFi Wireless & Remotely Monitor

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The second spy camera we would like to recommend is Beraspot which can either work with Wi-FI or work remotely without using Wi-Fi. This mini hidden spy camera allows you to livestream the video via your Wi-Fi or 4G network. You only need to have an app for that. If there is no Wi-Fi, the camera still records the video; however, you need to pre-insert a memory card first. The video quality is incredibly great as it provides a Full HD 1080P video.

Even at nighttime or in a dark environment, you can still view a clear video that has 120 degrees of viewing angle. The full package of Beraspot also includes a magnetic bracket, a flexible rigid cable and USB charging cable, and a user manual. You can make a refund within one month after the purchasing date.

8. HOSUKU Hidden Spy Camera Wireless | WiFi Hidden Clock Cameras

hidden cameras for house

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Next, let’s take a look at HOSUKU’s spy camera which is hidden in a digital clock. This hidden cameras for house does not draw any attention and more importantly, it could capture a high-quality video at your place. HOSUKU is a wireless camera which is connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can stream the video via a mobile app. Moreover, the hidden camera also has 12-night vision IR, allowing it to capture in any dark environments.

Plus, it can detect motion and give notification to your phone. You will find a USB charger and cable along with an instruction manual in the package.

7. Spy Camera Wireless Hidden by Enji Prime

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Another good spy camera is from Enji Prime. This one can record detailed video footage in a high resolution. It also has a night vision that is featured by its six invisible LED lights, built in order to enhance the video in dark areas.

Besides this, this wireless camera is your mini eye that can be used for any settings and situations. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can also attach it on a drone. With this camera, you will not miss anything happening behind your back.

6. MHDYT Full HD Portable Small Covert Home Nanny Cam with Motion Detection and Night Vision

high quality hidden security cameras

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Moving on, we have another mini spy camera from MHDYT. This high quality hidden security cameras is probably the smallest one since it has the approximate size of your thumb. The camera comes with some removable magnets installed in the back of the camera and mirrors that are placed above the lens. This helps the camera hide easily without any notice. This camera can record video in 1920X1080 HD quality at 30FPS (frame per second).

For better vision at night, it is integrated with four IR LED lights. With its 240mAh-battery, it can record video for 24/7 while charging. However, without charging, you will get a 50-minute recording. This can be used on a vehicle or a drone too.

5. Spy Camera Hidden WiFi Photo Frame 1080P by FUVISION

hidden camera with audio recorder

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FUVISION is a hidden security camera on a photo frame, so it blends in very well as it goes unnoticed. It is a wireless spy camera in which you can livestream the video on your smart phones by just installing YIEYE mobile app. With its night vision feature, you can still view the video up to eight meters in a dark area. It does not have any wired cords.

Moreover, you will be alerted with notifications of a 10-60-second clip of unusual events since this mini security cameras with night vision has motion detection settings. The clip will also be saved in the SD card automatically. With its 10000mAh battery, it can standby up to one year in motion detection. Therefore, it is not necessary to charge it frequently.

4. PIKOOO Mini Spy Camera – Hidden Nanny Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection

mini security cameras with night vision

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Coming up next is Pikooo’s hidden camera for home and business. Unlike many others, this mini security cameras with night vision does not work wirelessly. Instead, it simply works with an SD/TF card that is up to 32GB. It can automatically overwrite old videos when the memory card is full. It can record 24/7 while charging. Alternatively, without charging you can have a one-hour-video. It can also work in motion detection mode. Plus, it has 6 IR lights that enhance visibility at nighttime.

Please refer to the user manual and instructional video before using the camera. Inside the package, you will also find a reset pin, a clip, a multifunctional base, a mounting device, and a 6.5-feet USB cable. A one-year warranty will be offered after you purchase this one.

3. Spy Camera Charger and Hidden Mini Spy Camera

hidden outdoor security cameras

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Pretty offers a wireless hidden camera on a digital clock. Besides providing a high-definition recording, it is also advanced with motion detection mode that will send you alert notifications automatically to your mobile app.

The lens of the camera can capture 140 degrees of wide angle. Furthermore, similar to other hidden spy cameras, this one also has a useful night vision feature that allows you to still view the recordings in any low-light environments. One USB cable and a guidebook will be included in the package along with the spy camera.

2. Mini Spy Camera WiFi & Wireless Hidden Video Camera 1080P HD by Alihomy

hidden camera with audio recorder

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Alihomy supports both 1080P and 720P resolutions. This small spy camera can record footage at 30 frames per second with a 150-degree wide angle view. It has six IR lights that are not visible at night. These lights are used for better vision in dark environments. Further, it can work both wirelessly with Wi-Fi and non-wirelessly with any 32GB SD card.

With its 250mAh rechargeable battery, it can last around one hour after fully charged. It also has an advanced motion detection feature that sends you notifications to your mobile app so that you will not miss anything.

1. Spy Camera Wireless – Hidden WiFi Camera with Remote View by ALPHA TECH

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera with Remote View

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Our last spy camera is from Alpha Tech. It is hidden on a charger, so others cannot notice it easily. This camera will capture all details and save them to your 128GB SD card. The videos can last up to around two weeks without backing up. It can also be connected to Wi-Fi networks and mobile devices – both Android and IOS.

Alpha Tech provides a one-year warranty and a lifetime customer support. After purchasing, if you are not satisfied, you can request for refund within 30 days.

Buying guide

Here are several factors that you should take into consideration when looking for a good spy camera.

Resolution is everything, actually. The main purpose of having a spy camera is to capture a high-quality video. Thus, an ideal camera should provide HD footage, ranging from at least 720P to 1080P.

Motion Detection Option is also important since it could help save you lots of time when you want to review the footage.

Night Vision or IR capabilities: You shall find the camera that also works in low-light environments. Please find cameras that have non-visible IR lights that are used for better vision at nighttime.

Wireless or Non-wireless: This actually depends on you. A wireless camera allows you to livestream via your mobile phone. On the other hand, if you prefer not to use any mobile applications, you probably want to go with a non-wireless one which is basically just inserting the memory card.


In conclusion, these ten hidden spy cameras are guaranteed with its quality and price. They all give high-resolution recordings both in daytime and nighttime. Moreover, they are small and do not draw any unwanted attention. We hope you enjoy our review and have your favorite one in mind now. However, if you still have concern about how to buy an ideal spy camera, please take some time to read the buying guide below.

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