Top 10 Best Laptop Backpacks for Men in 2024

We are now living in an era when work needs to be flexible. And, it is also when work becomes very online-based, requiring entrepreneurs, the self-employed as well as the company-employed to bring their laptop along to places.

In this article, we are not going to talk about the top ten best laptops, nonetheless. We are going to talk about quality and highly quality laptop backpacks because we believe heavy-duty, stylish and flexible laptop backpacks make your work easier. You could bring around your computer laptops and work instantly anywhere you go.

Let us introduce to you the top 10 best laptop backpacks for men. Laptop backpack for women will get featured later in the near future. Now, without further delay, here’s a grace the top leading laptop backpacks for men in 2024:


List of the 10 Best Laptop Backpacks for Men in 2024

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10. MATEIN Store Travel Laptop Backpack for men

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This is a simplistic laptop backpack with many rooms and pockets for storing not only a laptop but also other working and/or studying accessories. While there are many choices of colors to choose from, The laptop backpack’s users could store single laptops from 13 to 15 inches inside the PC backpack. Users will feel comfortable carrying the backpack because of the product design. It offers great airflow at the back while there is soft padding as well.

It has a luggage to attach the backpack with your luggage for traveling. There is a hidden pocket that you can use to protect your laptop and other important accessories from thieves. Because of the product’s many pockets, we recommend the laptop backpack for well-organized users so as for them to store their different items and accessories.

9. Volher Business Travel Backpack

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This man’s laptop backpack is not just for business. Users could use the laptop backpack for studying as well considering students in the modern days need to carry around a laptop to study and probably work part-time. The product has fair enough space so as for you to store personal computers between 13 and 15 inches. Moreover, there is an upright handle which users could carry BUSINESS laptop backpack as well. While the product is anti-theft by design, the laptop backpack offers customers superb comfort too.

It features a USB port which you could charge your phones. You could still use your phone while a power bank connected with built-in cable is charging your smartphones. The laptop backpack has solid zippers, on one hand. On the other hand, the product itself is water-resistant.

8. NUBILY Waterproof Backpack for Men

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This is a laptop backpack for men with a waterproof laptop backpack. The manufacturer has crafted three different choices of styles and colors for laptop backpack lovers, on one hand. On the other hand, it could be compatible with a personal computer of 17.3 inches the largest screen size. WATERPROOF laptop backpack has so many pockets. It has no fewer than 15 pockets both large and small which customers could not only store your personal computers but also other accessories and personal belongings as well.

You can use the product as a travel backpack. In the modern days, some people work and travel simultaneously. The product has a construction of durable materials such as metal zippers coming in two. The material is a good quality polyester.

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7. Tzowla Travel Water Resistant Anti-Theft Bag Laptop Backpack

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This backpack has a lifetime warranty with the laptop backpack. Moreover, it has a USB interface. The users could connect and charge your smartphones with power banks because of the featured cable design inside the laptop backpack. Furthermore, there is a password lock. Thieves thus could not check your personal belongings. The password lock has a special design to avoid people whom, in fact, you know steal your possessions while you are not aware.

Metal zippers come included in the laptop backpack for men for more reinforced and solid quality of the product itself. The product has polyester as the chosen fabric, like the above laptop backpack as well. A laptop of 15.6 inches could fit into this laptop backpack with ease.

6. OREPEK College Extra Large Laptop Backpacks for Men

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This men’s laptop backpack is one for college students. With the plenty choices of colors, the laptop backpack’s manufacturer has designed and crafted around 20 pockets both small and large pockets. Those pockets are especially for students who need to carry around not only their personal computers but also coursebooks and other studying materials.

The product has a USB port externally, like some previously mentioned laptop backpack. Students, as a result, could charge their smartphones providing that they have power banks inside the student laptop backpack. Laptops as small as 13 inches and as large as 17 inches of screen sizes could fit into the personal computer backpack. Heat elimination and air convection are possible because of the product U-shaped back layers.

5. HotStyle 936Plus School Backpack

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936 laptop backpack is a basic laptop backpack for men. The product, nonetheless, stands as the fifth-best laptop backpack because the company which produces the laptop backpack has designed and crafted it into varied choices & styles. Those choices & styles could be compatible with men of almost all ages such as teenagers, college students, early-career as well as mid-career professionals. The product has a zipper closure for reinforced security, on one hand.

On the other hand, there are only 9 pockets for you to store your accessories and personal computers. The only 9 pockets make the product a simplistic laptop backpack. Moreover, the product is water-resistant, which makes the product a great personal computer backpack for everyone.

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4. WENIG Anti Theft Laptop Bag

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This ANTITHEFT laptop backpack has reinforced security so as to prevent your backpack from being torn down and your possessions being taken. There is a passcode lock. Furthermore, the metal zippers come in two.

The backpack for men has 12 pockets with 3 big pockets and 9 small pockets. There are back pockets as well as twin side pockets. We recommend the laptop backpack for men who have professions in photography, vlogging and more. These professions demand various accessories which you need to bring along.

3. Samsonite Kombi Business Backpack with Smart Sleeve

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SAMSONITE laptop backpack is a sleek and well-refined laptop backpack for men. There are various choices of sizes and two colors to choose from, first. The product is well-refined because of nylon lining, second. SAMSONITE is a compact laptop backpack. The product could store single personal computers of 14 inches in a screen size and fewer, third. We recommend the laptop backpack for mid-career male professionals, fourth. Lastly, there are multiple pockets which you could store important accessories.

2. The North Face Vault Laptop Backpack for Men

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This world-renowned NORTHFACE laptop backpack has polyester as its chosen fabric. There is a zipper closure so as to avoid theft. For this laptop backpack’s basic part, the backpack could store personal computers with a maximum screen size of 15 inches. You could put water bottles in this laptop backpack too. The company has designed multiple choices of colors/styles all gentlemen could choose from. It has an approximate weight of 3 pounds.

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1. Laptop Backpack with USB

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This laptop backpack for men is a backpack, which specializes in USB features. The bag lets you charge your smartphones with power banks. There is a built-in USB cable with the product. This laptop backpack for men has a fair number of pockets which buyers could store your important possessions.

What to consider when buying the men’s backpack for laptop

The product’s shoulder strap comes in a S shape which distributes pressures throughout your back rather than on a particular spot. The product’s manufacturer has offered all men full-satisfaction policies. There are two different choices of colors & styles with a USB laptop backpack for men. Besides, the fabric chosen is Oxford fabric which makes the backpack durable as well.

Fabric: Buyers should shop for good quality fabric. Quality materials could be polyester as well as Oxford fabric. There are other more which we recommend you to search on the Internet. Good materials determine durability, quality, long-term use, water-resistance, breathability, and more.

Size and compartments: Indeed, you need to get a backpack of your preferred size with the number, size of type of compartments you’ll need. The laptop compartment should be spacious and padded for your laptop’s added protection.

Reinforced Safety from Theft: The product should have its own reinforced safety from thefts. First, the laptop backpack for men should have a passcode lock which avoids theft from people whom you personally know yet take an opportunity while you are not near your backpacks.


From students to mid-career professionals as well as working at homes to working at offices, everyone needs a laptop backpack. While each laptop backpack could be for women, we recommend laptop backpack more for men because it does make greater fashions with men. While there are plenty of laptop backpacks available on the market, we encourage you to take into consideration features such as fabric, reinforced safety from theft, waterproof as well as sizes of your preferred laptop backpack to differentiate between quality products and lower quality ones.

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