Top 10 Best Living Room Side Tables in 2022

Let’s make your office and room creative by having living room side tables. The most common design type might be traditional and luxurious styles. Thus, there are various types of interior furniture such as chairs, beds, tables, carpets, desks, sofas, and so on to make an excellent choice for you to add the atmosphere and color of your space. After considering the style and cost of your furniture design, the Element that your furniture is made of is also an important thing. Asking yourself that are you an Eco-Friendly so-called environmentalist, craftsman, or whatever-person? Some people would prefer wooden, fabric or rubber, rubber or plastic, and somehow metal. These things I have mentioned will be found in different store locations and online shops but the thing is that we have no idea what to choose to fit our perfect demand.

The above may not be completed enough to define your office or house design criteria. That’s why we are here to give you the best reviews to buy the right one and place it at the perfect place within your house regardless of your money and time. Hoping that these top 10 best living room side table reviews will recommend you at its finest.

List of Top 10 Best Living Room Side Table in 2022

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10. GOOD & GRACIOUS Side Table – Ideal for Small Spaces

GOOD & GRACIOUS Side Table for Living Room

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Despite being stylish, GOOD & GRACIOUS Manufacture brings you the most convenient Vintage Bed-Side Table to your office space and Living room. Imagine that you want to enjoy your cup of coffee on your couch or your sweet bed but you are afraid that it will split all over the floor and on your bed sheet. These living room side tables will be a good choice for you to put your laptop and snack during your working or Netflix times. You don’t need to wake up and move around because this product keeps you connected.

Vintage Bed-Side Table is made of rustic brown practical board and a sturdy metal frame to ensure its stability. It comes with two options and two shapes. Consumers can choose the C-Shape or H-shape with storage holders to place their books and magazine. Also, the adjustable holding frame of this table includes options with caster and non-caster so that consumers can move around the table to anywhere they want to place. This furniture is made to be scratch-resistant and wear-resistant for durable and reliable use. Within 15 minutes, this table will be set up completely following the simple instruction or professional support service with a friendly response.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Best Choice for putting a cup, beer, and snack.
  • High-Quality Material
  • Easy to set up
  • Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant

A Little to Perfection

  • Can store a smaller number of items on the table with a capacity of 9 KG

9. VECELO Modern Side Table with Shelf Storage for Bedroom, Living Room, and Office

VECELO Modern Night Stand

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With the brand of VECELO, these living room side tables are a mix with wooden and metal material design which fit the best to locate near your couch and bedside. Also, you can decorate your office space with a flower pot as well as the book and daily newspaper on this stability modern design table.

This modern table material is MDF with a metal frame. This material is made to ensure that it is easy to clean, anti-scratch, and durable. Also, it comes with many different colors such as Black, Oak, Brown, and White. Each color may vary design concepts. Talking about storage, the customer is given options with a cabinet and drawer. Detail instructions will be provided to users to set up this modern table in a short time.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Durable and finish furniture and floor protectors’ concept
  • Three-layer shelves to store pieces of stuff
  • Clear and concise instruction guide to assemble

A Little to Perfection

  • Small Capacity

8. VASAGLE DAINTREE Side Table with 2 Shelves – Perfect for Innovative Office or Living Room

VASAGLE DAINTREE Living Room Side Table

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VASAGLE DAINTREE side table is simple with authentic design things that provide a lot of functionality for users in terms of space storage. Its concept is made of large and small round shelves. The large upper shelf fits you best to locate your flower pot, memorial photo, and other souvenirs while the smaller lower shelf can be space to place your remote control and books.

 This fully furnished product is made of a black steel frame and round shape wooden material. With its standard dimension of 24×23.4×3 inches, this end table will fit best to your couch and an added-on shelf in the living room as well as a bedside table next to your bed. Not only it saves your space, but it also gives you the best support to assemble it in 15 minutes. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Great material and simple concepts
  • The size of the product fits almost every corner in the house and office
  • Easy to set up with professional care of customer service.

A Little to Perfection

  • This product supports indoor use and recommends using it in dry mode.

7. KingSo Round End Table 2-Tier Side Table for Storing Books

KingSo Living Table Living Room with Basket Storage

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This rustic brown coffee table will give you a more pleasant feeling for your living room. It fit next to your sofa, around the corner for your hallway and your office desk side. It is made up of round shape which enables the protection of your knee getting bruised. Moreover, it is an anti-scratch table with four adjustable pads that protect the floor from scuffs.

Significantly, this living room side table is designed with top and bottom shelves which are made of MDF board and anti-rust metal frame. With this element, this sturdy coffee table can hold up a considerable amount of weight. This product dimension is 20x20x22 inches. Its package comes with a simple installation guide and It can be set up in just 10 minutes. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • The best choice of furniture for the coffee lover
  • Simple and authentic design furniture concept
  • Portable and easy to move around

 A Little to Perfection

  • Weight capacity is limited

6. Mobile Moncot C Shaped Living Room Side Table with Wheels

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Home improvement never looks cool until you own this modern mobile end table. It is designed with a C-Shape and rectangular round-edge table which is made of high quality of Italian-designed tempered glass with a white and gray finish. Significantly it is weatherproofed which simply means that you can enjoy this mobile table with beer and wine in your bedroom, balcony, swimming pool, and patio.

Apart from the rolling wheels, the height of the table can be changed by its adjustable feet feature. This table is fit on both carpet and wooden floors. It’s anti-scratch and easy to set up with clear instructions.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Italian design tempered glass
  • Heat and water resistance
  • Anti-Scratch and easy to set up

A Little to Perfection

  • Support only stores some amount of items on the table

5. Walker Edison Metal Side Table for Living Room – Space Saver 

Walker Edison Side Table with Wheels

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This is not a simple coffee table. Under the brand of Walker Edison Furniture, this product will be your living room sets. Its material design is unique which is made of wood plus metal. It comes with many styles for you such as Tier side, Tier coffee, Round C, Rectangle C Table, and Tier Square side table. 

In addition to this, this table is engineered-wood which is made of sturdy laminate with a strong metal frame to hold the top and bottom layer of the tempered glass table. You can use it to allocate at the center of your sofa and left or right at your couch-side.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Inspired and beautiful coffee table 
  • Round sturdy chrome leg which holds up the shelf in a unique style
  • 2 top and bottom tables to organize the order of items of your choice.

A Little to Perfection

  • Indoor use only

4. Rivet Meeks Wooden Round Side Table with Fabric Storage

Rivet Meeks Round Side Table with Fabric

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This is Amazon Brand! The great table to put your phone and car key for the moment. This simply designed table is made of wood and fabric. It provides you the best-looking decor to your room with a modern feel while the fabric basket is functioned to store your book and magazine as extra storage. 

This product dimension is 16.7×23.6×16.7 inches with 12.5 pounds weight. The package delivery will attach with a clear guide of the user manual to set up. This simple round side table will fit other of your furniture at best and its extra storage will give you a handy sort of things.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Authentic and simple design
  • Focal product usage

A Little to Perfection

  • Suggested for indoor use only because it is made with fabric material

3. Aojezor Metal Side Table for Living Room, Office Space, or Bedroom 

Round Side Table

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At first glance, you will see this is just a simple table with no storage, no drawer, no cabinet. But true it is such a great value table which looks modern and fit to every corner of your room. It goes along with other furniture in your house with its three sturdy metal legs and an attractive brushed gold finish. 

This table is eco-friendly because all of its material is made up of metal. This mid-century modern table is very durable and sturdy and multi-function. You can use it to display your plant pot, keep your phone and remote control. It is a great design with its size for your home décor. This table not only is economical but also good to use. 

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Easy to set up
  • Fit best to every corner of your house

A Little to Perfection

  • Not big enough to display all the object

2. HOMECHO 2-Tier Living Room Side Tables

HOMECHO side table for living room

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With the top material of engineered-wood, this modern end side table with its unique storage will give you a handy in terms of multi-function. This product is made of premium wooden MDF which is extremely eco-friendly for the nature lover. This table is greatly designed with the concepts of a hidden drawer to privately keep your wallet, key, and files.

 This product is durable and stable. It comes with two layers of extra storage shelves. The top layer will give you a handy of storing your photo frame and flower pot. Clear and concise instructions will be given to install for users.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Large hidden storage space with two extra shelves.
  • Best eco-friendly and premium MDF Board Material

A Little to Perfection

  • Please consider space when you want to apply this table at your edge of the corner

1. Oxford Metal Side Tables – Cozy Living Room, or Bedroom Decor

Oxford End Table - Living Room Side Table

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This Oxford end table is a simple and transitional side table. If you are feeling concerned about space in your house. This product will give you a handy of space storage as its best function. It comes with top, middle, and bottom shelf storages. Each layer you can display your vase filled with your favorite sort of plant and flowers, also for your remote control, books, and magazine. 

 This product dimension is 15.75×15.75×24 inches with 18-pound weight. It is the best-sell product because of its long-lasting quality and authentic design concepts. Instruction and user manual will be given in PDF format files for users to assemble.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Simple design with engineered wood
  • Storage helper

A Little to Perfection

  • No drawer and hidden storage

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Buying Guides to Choosing the Top 10 Best Living Room Side Table in 2022 

Material Design

Knowing what the furniture is made of is really important due to all of this furniture is made of wood, fabric, metal, and somehow rubber. Thus, the elements of the product material are mostly MDF, laminate, raw metal, rustic wood, and tempered plastic glass are reviewed to fit your right preferences.

Storage and Space

These 2 factors are crucial because it might be difficult in some circumstances that living room side tables don’t fit your space in your house. Also, storage is important for consumers to store or display their favorite sorts of things.

Guidelines and User Manuals

They are also the factors for buyers to consider because each of the products doesn’t come with a full set up. It comes with pieces in the package. Somehow it might be fun like building a Lego.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Top 10 Best Living Room Side Table 

Do living room side tables require assembly? How long does it take to assemble?

Yes, it requires assembly, but it was very simple to do and only took 5-10 minutes. Super easy!! Yes, it took less than 10 minutes to put it together and it was very easy and smooth to do

How will the round end table sit on the carpet? Seems like they might be too heavy and not be stable on the plush carpet

We are very honored to answer your questions. You can rest assured that you can place the coffee table on the blanket. There are adjustable table feet on the bottom of the coffee table, which can keep the table stable on an uneven blanket.

Some say it smells. Does it continue to smell a day – two later you put it together?

Smelling like new wood for maybe a day. Certainly, it didn’t have an offensive smell. I can’t say I noticed any smell at all other than the cardboard smell from the packaging it came in


In summary, choosing the perfect side table for your living room and space is important. You may focus on appearance, design concepts, color, material design, and focal space storage. For this reason, we tried our best to give you more ideas of these 10 best side tables which you can use as tips to narrow down your preference. Hoping that you will be content and satisfied with your needs with our helpful and informative review.

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