Top 10 Best Microwave Trim Kits in 2020

For those who are dissatisfied with their current kitchen look or are looking for a way to make their kitchen look more modern and organized despite their out-of-place microwave, you can always use a microwave trim kit to create a built-in microwave look. A microwave trim kit helps organize and make your kitchen look upgraded. However, it is no easy task to get the best and suitable microwave trim kit out there.

Therefore, we have below a list of some of the best microwave trim kits for interested buyers to consider as an option.

List of the 10 Best Microwave Trim Kits in 2020:

10. Panasonic NN-TK932SS 30 TRIM KIT

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The microwave model trim kit from this brand is perfect and most suitable for microwaves that are designed with the NN-SE9PPS, the NN-SD9**s, the NN-SN9**S and the NN-ST9**s as well. This trim kit has an inner side or 24 5 /8”width and a 13 11 /16”height. As for its outer size, it has a width of 30” or 760mm with the height of 18 9 /16” or of 472mm and a 20mm or 3 /4” depth. It’s cabinet opens to a 724mm – 8mm width, while it’s height is 442m- 2mm and a minimum of 553mm deep. It also has a minimum of 920mm between the floor and the cabinet.

This Panasonic microwave trim kit helps you design your microwave into a built-in model for a stylish and modern feel in the kitchen.

9. Frigidaire MWTK30FK MWTK30KF Microwave Trim Kit

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Trying to change your countertop microwave into a built-in microwave is no longer a hard task with this trim kit. It is suitable for many kinds of countertop microwave or microwave ovens. Apart from utilizing your microwave into something new, it also functions as a ventilator inorder to help the air circulate. This microwave trim kit weighs 11.4 pounds and has a size of 1x18x30 inches. The material of the trim kit is stainless steel and plastic.

What more, this trim kit is very easy to install and sits pretty on its own while gives off a fashionable, classy look for the exterior of your kitchen.

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8. GE JX827SFSS 27″ Stainless Steel Deluxe Microwave Trim Kit

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The microwave trim kit from GE is designed to be simple but functional. The dimensions of the product is 1x1x1 inches with a weight of just 7.05 pounds. The trim kit will cover up the gap between the cabinet in your kitchen and the microwave itself, this allows it to provide you a built-in look of the microwave. Although made from plastic, this trim kit is coated stainless steel and is surely durable for quite a long period.

This GE microwave trim kit is fairly to install and helps to finish the look of the microwave by covering the extra space left between the cabinet and the microwave.

7. Frigidaire MWTK27KF, 27-Inch, Black/Stainless Microwave Trim Kit

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For a fitting look for your 27-inch microwave, the Frigidaire’s design for this trim kit will help ensure the completeness and a built-in look microwave. The trim kit is specifically designed and built to fit with the microwave from this brand which are the Frigidaire over counter microwaves. Made from plastic, it is available in two colors: black and stainless. As for the specific details of the trim kit, it features a weight of 12 pounds with a 27×18.1×1.2 inches dimensions. The package of this microwave trim kit consists of the kit itself, instructions to aid the followers in in guidelines for using and installation process as well as warranty of the product for 90 days.

Another bonus from this kit is that it also includes a vent kit for using to ensure the cleanliness and safety from under the microwave.

6. Panasonic 27” Microwave Trim Kit for Panasonic 1.6 cu ft Microwave Ovens

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Built with an outer size of 684mm width and 419mm height, it allows the kit to be 20mm deep. This microwave trim kit has an inner size of 22 5 /8 width and a 11 3 /8 height while the outer size is 648mm plus 8mm width with the height 389mm height. It has a total of 221”deep and a minimum of 920mm away from the surface of the floor. As for the compatibility of the trim kit, it will be able to fit with only the microwave with the NN-SE7**S, the NN-SD7**S, the NN-SN7**S and the NN-St7**s.

Once the installation of the microwave over the microwave is ready, you will surely see the beautiful effect of the microwave trim kit as a complete version.

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5. LG 30″ Built-In Trim Kit

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LG has designed a trim kit suitable for microwaves to be presented as a built-in design. This trim kit weighs 2.2 pounds with the dimension of 31.8x21x6 inches. It comes with a mounting unit to be used inside the microwave, a complete ducting, bracketing and installed hardware as well as templates to complete the look as a built-in microwave. And as for the set up process is very easy and quick, buyers of this brand will be able to complete the set up with some simple basic skill.

The good reviews from this trim kit shows how much of a convenient and stylish the trim kit made to the liveliness of your kitchen.

4. Universal Stainless Steel Over the Range L Shaped Microwave Fill Filler Kit

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This microwave filler kit is constructed to withstand and hold a lot of capacity, it is made from 22 gauge stainless steel. It ensures no sights of uneven or unsightly gaps of the microwave and the cabinet. The product has a weight of 2.5 pounds and the dimensions of the trim kit is 3×15.8×10.9 inches. It is ensured to match with the microwave to give an exact built-in look for those who purchase an over the counter microwave and wish to have the microwave in a cabinet.

Moreover, this Imperial microwave filler trim wave provides a one year warranty over the material and the workmanship of the microwave trim kit.

3. Samsung MATK8020TG 30 Black Stainless Built-in Microwave Trim Kit

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Samsung has created a trim kit for making over the counter microwave into a built-in microwave model. This trim kit weighs 12.83 pounds with the dimensions of 30x20x2 inches. The trim kit has been tested and perfected into perfection before being put on the market. It was tested for its functionality, cleaning process, inspection and then goes through a repacking procedure. Tools needed for the installation of the product are included in the package.

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2. Panasonic 27″ Trim Kit 1.2cu ft Microwave Oven

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Another Panasonic design of a microwave trim kit weighs 6.25 pounds. It’s dimensions are 27×0.8×16.5 inches. The size of its outer appearance is 648mm width and 419mm height and a depth of 20mm. This trim kit opens to 648mm plus 8mm width and a height of 389mm with a minimum of 553mm deep. It’s distance between the trim kit to the surface of the floor is 920mm. This design as well is compatible with microwaves with the NN-SN6**1S, the NN-SD6**1S, the NN-SA6**1S and lastly the NN-ST6**1S design of the Panasonic microwave ovens. The installation process of this trim kit is nice and easy. This Panasonic 27” trim kit will help you design a fashionable and luxurious kitchen while making the kitcehn an organized space.

1. Samsung MA-TK3080CT 30″ Trim Kit

convection microwave with trim kit

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This trim kit is specifically constructed for the Samsung microwave model MC12J8035CT, which is a counter top typed microwave. This design has a very high quality stainless steel feature, enhancing the modern lifestyle purchase go for. The trim kit weighs 4.2 pounds and has a 0.9×29.8z20.1 inches dimensions. The voltage usage for the trim kit is 120 volts and it also offers a small area for ventilation. The installation of this product could be done by a professional or the purchaser themselves, making it convenient, easy and fashionable.

Buying Guide:

No matter what products you are seeking for, it is important that the product will guarantee good quality and deserving of the money spent on it. Therefore, in order to help you through the buying process, we have compiled some certain factors to consider when choosing a trim kit for your microwave:

Measurements: It is important to check the correct measurement and model of the trim kit whether it will be suitable for your microwave or not. This ensures that you won’t purchase a product that can’t be used.

Material and Quality: In order to avoid disappointment, always make sure that the product is made from the materials you are looking for and of good quality and durable.

Set up process: The installation process is very important. An easy-to-install unit helps to cut down your time and will also ensure that that product can be set up properly.


As listed above, these are some of the best microwave trim kits with quality, durability, good measurements and materials, we hope that you are able to get the best suitable trim kit for your microwave.

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