Top 10 Best Toddler Bike Helmets in 2023

In toddlerhood, children are encouraged to engage in a lot of activities to boost their intelligence and creativity. Among that, cycling is one of the most famous activities that are enjoyed by many children in the city. However, during the cycling trip, we want to guarantee that the toddlers are safe and secure with a helmet on to protect them from any kinds of unexpected accidents. To help you with the selection list, this article will introduce the top ten best toddler bike helmets for you to choose. Also, by the end of the article, there is also a little buying guide section to show you the main features of the best toddler bike helmet.


List of the Top 10 Best Toddler Bike Helmets in 2023

Best Seller # 1
Schwinn Classic Toddler Bike Helmet, Dial Fit Adjustment, Kids Age 3 - 5 Year Olds, Girls...
Schwinn Classic Toddler Bike Helmet, Dial Fit Adjustment, Kids Age 3 - 5 Year Olds, Girls...
Lower molded shell enhances durability and provides additional protection at the rear; Built-in sun brim providing protection against the elements, for toddlers aged 3 and above
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Best Seller # 2
Kids Bike Helmet, Adjustable and Multi-Sport, from Toddler to Youth, 3 Sizes (Orange)
Kids Bike Helmet, Adjustable and Multi-Sport, from Toddler to Youth, 3 Sizes (Orange)
3 sizes available.; 11 top and side vents keep user cool and comfortable.; Suitable for various outdoor sports such as cycling, skateboarding and so on.
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Best Seller # 3
Toddler Bike Helmet for Boys and Girls, Adjustable Kids Helmets from Infant/Baby to...
Toddler Bike Helmet for Boys and Girls, Adjustable Kids Helmets from Infant/Baby to...
Size XS - Suggest for infant/toddler 1-3 years old; Size S - Suggest for kids 4-8 years old
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Product Reviews

10. Joovy


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First of all, we have this toddler helmet from Joovy. It is available in many bright colors, and your children must love at least one of these choices. It is suitable for children between 1 and 4 years old. The size of the head should be between 18.5 and 20.5 inches. To maximize the breathability, there are up to 14 air vents to ensure a comfortable cycling experience for the toddlers to enjoy.

There are also straps to make it more fit, and there is an extended visor inside to offer more protection to the head. Last but not least, the safety standard of this helmet meets the requirements of CPSC.

9. Schwinn


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Next, it’s time to look at this toddler helmet from Schwinn. There are many cartoon designs to suit the preferences of both boys and girls. It has a classic design which works well to protect children about 3 years old. It is designed ideally for children who have a head circumference between 44 and 52cm. It is very lightweight, and it will never become a burden to the children while they are riding their bike.

It is also very comfortable because it fits the head well without any discomfort. Last but not least, with this helmet on, your children are guaranteed to get the best safety and security.

8. Licensed


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Here is another toddler helmet from Licensed. It offers the best protection especially for the head to stay secure. It fits perfectly for the head, and it can be adjusted to maximize the comfort. To make sure that the head is comfortable and cool, it comes with both front and back vents. This maximizes the ventilation for the children to breath well. Inside the helmet, it is padded to ensure the best comfort and fit for the head.

More importantly, the shell is lower molded to provide a great protection from drops and shocks. It can be used on a daily basis because it is very lightweight, and it does not require much effort in the maintenance.

7. OutdoorMaster


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For this kid helmet from OutdoorMaster, its safety standard is the most guaranteed because it is certified by CPSC. It comes with an ABS shell which is hard and durable enough to protect the head no matter how tough the shock is. The edges feature a padded interior, and therefore, it can offer the best comfort. There are adjustable straps to make sure that the helmet best fits the head.

More importantly, there are about 14 air vents in total to maximize the breathability. It also makes you feel cool and comfortable. There are a lot of cartoon designs on the helmet, including unicorns and spaceships. Thus, it is suitable for both boys and girls to wear when they ride a bike.



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Let’s look at this toddler bike helmet from LERUJIFL. It is designed to provide the best protection for children in various activities, including cycling, skating and other outdoor activities. Both boys and girls can wear the helmet as long as they are between 3 and 8 years old. The helmet is made to be adjustable to fit heads at different sizes between 18.9 and 21.3 inches.

It is constructed of polycarbonate which is durable and hard enough to secure the head against any kinds of shocks and accidents. Therefore, it is not only protective but also reasonable in price. Last but not least, if the quality of the product does not meet your expectation, 100% money back is guaranteed for you.

5. Ouwoer


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Here comes another great toddler bike helmet from Ouwoer. It is designed for the best safety for kids, and its standards meet the safety requirement of CPSC. It is made of ABS shell which is strong and durable for use in the long term. It also features EPS foam inside to maximize the comfort for children.

Moreover, there are up to 11 vents in total which scatter across the top and side of the helmet. Therefore, users are guaranteed with the best breathability while putting on. The adjustment dial allows th4e fit for different size of heads ideally to maximize the comfort while wearing.

4. TeamObsidian


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For this helmet from TeamObsidian, it comes with 4 color options for you to choose from. It meets the standard of CPSC certification which is 100% shockproof. It is made of EPS, and it features the perfect design to protect the children when they are doing their outdoor activities. There are 14 vents in total which makes the experience comfortable and cool.

Users will never have to worry about the breathability with this ventilation. It can accommodate different sizes because it is adjustable to fit. The internal part is also padded to add more comfort. Last but not least, it is recommended for children between 3 and 8 years old.

3. Schwinn


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Next, we have this little cute helmet from Schwinn. It comes with 5 styles of cartoon which is just ideal for children. The cartoon characters are in 3D design. This helmet is designed to be adjustable which provides just the best fit for the head. It works well for both infants and toddlers.

Inside the helmet, it is padded to add more comfort to the head while protecting it from all kinds of accidents. In addition, there are also buckles to ensure that the joints are strengthened. The shell is also protective, and it is made of durable plastic which lasts for many years ahead.

2. Giro

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Moving onto the rank 2nd of the top ten list, this kid helmet from Giro provides many colors for choices. It is constructed of synthetic which is durable and comfortable for long term use. It comes with a polycarbonate shell which is hard enough to protect your head from all kinds of shock and accidents. It also has a built-in visor to protect your eyes as well.

In addition, it is suitable for girls who have their ponytail on every day because it has a portable hole which is compatible for ponytails. Moreover, there are up to 8 vents which maximize the breathability and comfort. Last but not least, it has the best fit system which offers just the right fit for the head.

1. Apusale


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Last but not least, we have this helmet from Apusale. It has up to 6 colors in total, and all of them are beautiful for everyday use. it is upgraded with more safety features to meet the standard of CPSC. There are 11 vents in total to ensure that users can always stay cool and breath well. It is made of ABS shell which is hard and durable, and it is also resistant to collision.

It is so lightweight that it will never add any burden to the head while doing the activities. It is just designed ideally for toddlers and kids when they have to engage in outdoor activities.

Buying Guide

Moving onto the buying guide section, here we provide the main features that determine the quality of a toddler bike helmet. So, below are the criteria you should take into consideration.

  • Safety standards: the helmet should meet the requirement of the CPSC certification to ensure the best safety.
  • Lightweight: it should be also lightweight to make sure that you will feel comfortable while having the helmet on.
  • Material: the shell should be made of ABS which is strong, durable and protective. Also, the inside should be padded to add more comfort.
  • Adjustable straps: this is to make sure that it fits with different sizes of head.
  • Compatibility: it should be suitable for children between 3 and 8 years old while they are doing outdoor activities, such as skating, cycling and other activities.


Now, you have gone through the descriptions of the top ten best toddler bike helmets. You should have made up your mind about choosing your favorite product. With a toddler bike helmet, the safety of your children is guaranteed up to 100%. It offers the best protection to your children no matter what activities they are engaging with. Therefore, purchase one now and let it be a great gift for your little children.

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