Top 10 Best Night Lights for Babies | Put Them to a Good Night’s Sleep

In general, kids will not sleep easily if the parents do not have anything to entertain them. Most of the time, adults like to play music and sometimes even play out loud. Relating to this, there are a lot of products that are made specifically for kids to fall asleep. Those can sometimes be used to replace playing out loud music. One of them is night lights for babies.

As parents, you should be aware of a good way to put your baby to sleep. In order to achieve that and lessen the burden of parents, we would like to introduce the top pick products for the babies. So, check out the top 10 best night lights for babies down below. They are not just a light but something that you can trust and get one for your baby.

List of Top 10 Best Night Lights for Babies

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10. Zonpor Baby Night Light

Infant night light

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Zonpor has a shape like a mini UFO with incredible sound. Having this night light for the babies, you will be ensured that they will peacefully sleep without nervousness. Hence, it has 28 High Fidelity Non-Looping Sounds and other sounds that you can select to play. Those are including white, pink, and brown noise as well as relaxing nature sounds. Moreover, with relaxing nature sounds, you will enjoy various natural sounds more than 20 sounds. Thus, it’s good for your sleep and your baby.

On top of that, this machine built-in superpower speaker that will deliver each sound clearly and make it more healing. Like this, it will improve your sleeping and get to sleep faster with its calming and great sound therapy. Besides having its greatest sound, this white night machine also features RGB light where you can light the room more beautiful. Plus, you can alongside play the sounds and light at the same time or just a single light. For supplies, you can either use an AC adapter for charging or USB cable or Battery (18650).

9. LittleHippo Toddler Night Light

Night light for toddler

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LittleHippo sounds as cute as its name. This light machine is made with a round shape like the character in the Angry Birds movie and has two legs. Having this machine, you can use it as a sleep trainer to raise children’s sleep, as the alarm clock, night light, and sleep sound machine. On top of that, this little machine can change its expression based on the time to sleep, 30 mins before wake up, and smile for wake up. Thus, your kid will definitely want to sleep and wake up on time to see these cute expressions.

What is more, this night light machine is featuring three soothing sounds so that it can be a therapy to your sleep too. Aside, it includes five-night lights alongside with the sounds. Therefore, you can have this little cutie for yourself and beloved babies for their healthy sleep. Additionally, this machine also features three alarm sounds, five-volume levels, and audible or silent countdown timer. More precisely, LittleHippo is made with child safe ABS and silicone as well as approved from health standards.

8. GRDE Night Lights for Babies, Colorful Lamp Projector


Toddler night light

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GRDE is the ocean wave night light projector that you can control with touch sensor keys and remote controller. Besides, the rotation of the projector is a controllable plus, volume, brightness, and other functions are easily controlled. Furthermore, this light projector allows you to change the light modes to 8 differently. Like this, within its 12 LEDs will be shining the ceiling, wall, and smooth space with the fancy lights. Plus, you can also plug into your phone, tablet, or laptop for music.  

This night light projector is a built-in mini speaker that offers the clarity of the sounds. Additionally, it comes with 6 natural sounds that offer you peaceful sleep with nature. Asides, within its adjustable angle, this night light allows you to turn it from 0-45 degrees. Thus, it is pretty comfortable to use at a home, party, and personal room for the best night. More precisely, it also features auto turn off ranging from 1H-4H. Feel free to set the turn off function as your need.

7. ROYFACC Kid Night Light

Nursery Night Light

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ROYFACC, the smart night light is featured with touch-activated and remote control. Having these two features, ROYFACC allows you to touch for about 3 seconds for turn on/off and light mode changing. Besides, you can also use the remote control or tap the control panel on the top to perform the function as a touch-activated. Thus, it’s pretty comfortable and convenient to use for relaxation.

On top of that, this night light also comes with customized light where you can pick one among its randomly running. In this way, the night light will randomly cycle its color until you pick one that suits the atmosphere in your room or mood. Moreover, the level of brightness is included for you so that you can adjust the light accordingly. It’s using USB port charge; therefore, you don’t have to waste money on battery, plus once fully charged you can continue to use it for 5H with brightness and 10H for min brightness.

6. Mubarek Baby Night Light

Night light for baby

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This little rabbit from Mubarek is suitable for all ages to use. This is because this night light comes with the cute rabbit look and it offers the light that is full of calming and gentle to them. Thus, within its light, your kid will never be scared to sleep alone. Most importantly, this night light is built with 100% safety by using BPA-free material and soft skin. Therefore, your baby is safe to have this cute bunny around.

Over and above that, this night light machine can easily control by having an ON/OFF button and color-changing by touching. So, you can change to any colors from its standard warm night light or 7 rotating modes. Plus, you can stop at any colors that you like which is very convenient. More precisely, the light doesn’t affect your baby eyes suitable for night reading and it is made with superb durable ensure of overtime use.

5. SecurityMan Nursery Night Lights for Babies

Nursery Night Light

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For the homes with toddlers, you have known that it is pretty busy at night and sometimes you need to sleep with the light on. However, when the light is on, the toddler just wants to play so that we will be up with them too. Don’t worry about this problem while you can have the SecurityMan night light. As its name, this nightlight for toddlers can be used as the lamp on the table. Plus, within its smart function, it will automatically wake up with the power outage (when plugged in power).

Within this night light, it won’t shine for all over the room yet offers the soft and calming light for the kids to sleep. Like this, you can press and hold to change the light between cool white and warm colors. On top of that, each color can be adjusted to the level of its brightness so that it will save power and ideally for kids to sleep. This night light is a rechargeable battery that you can use up to 28h after fully charging.

4. Luckkid Infant’s Night Light

Night Light for kid

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In the top 4, you will have the Luckkid which is a starry sky night light projector. Clearly, this night light is more than an ordinary light but it will fill your room with stars and mood. In this way, it is suitable to use with kids of all ages and adults as well. Having this projector night light, you will enjoy sleeping under the sky all by yourself.

What is more, this stunning night light is built with 8 light modes where you can choose one to fit with your mood and atmosphere in the room. On top of that, those eight modes are lit up by 4 LED beads that offer clarity to the light and make it more obvious. Hence, it also features 360-degree rotation so that you can fill your room with stars and moon all night. For supplies, you can either use a 4 x AAA battery (not included) or USB cable.

3. Lumipets Nursery Owl Night Lights for Babies

Night Light for baby

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Lumipets offer the best calming and gentle light to all ages and it is even suitable for infant night light. This is because the shape of an owl with eyes-close makes the night light look more attractive and its light is so good at staring till it drops. Thanks to its soft light that makes it suitable to use for various purposes. Furthermore, this night light is made with a soft and touchable appearance that allows the kid to keep it close to them all night with safety.

To change the light color, you can either use tap control or remote control. Like this, you can tap to change among 9 lights easily. Besides, using the remote control, you will allow the light color, sleep timer, and brightness. This night lamp uses a micro USB cord which is cordless yet powerful and rechargeable. More precisely, it designs with perfect shape and durable.

2. Skip Hop Owl Baby Night Light

Owl Night Light for kid

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Another owl look range in the top 2 from Skip Hop. This little night light is suitable to use with newborn babies. Skip Hop features four nature sounds and lullabies. In this way, your newborn baby will peacefully sleep by putting this sound on nearby their bed. Moreover, alongside with the sounds, this night light for newborn also featured moonlight and nightlight projection. Therefore, place it on the table or nearby the ceiling to see the beautiful projection.

Over and above that, this night lamp also allows you to choose any sounds and light as the combination. In this way, your baby will love and create the best atmosphere before sleeping. For the best consumption, you can set the auto-off timer from 15, 30, and 60 minutes or continuous play. The controlling button at the back with a picture so that you can easily recognize it. Plus, it required no battery just plug it into any standard outlet.

1. Yachance Night Lights for Babies

Night Light for infant

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Lachance wins all the products mentioned above and becomes the top number 1. This night light projector can be used with all ages and it gives the best projection to the ceiling or wall. This is because this night light is used with the high-power LED lamp bead that offers a clear, smooth, and high-resolution projection. Therefore, having this night light in your room you can enjoy watching starlight and moonlight until your eyes close. On top of that, the rotation can be rotated up to 360-degree with silence, plus, it mixes with 8 different color lighting effects that make every night a special night.

More precisely, this night light projection has 128M-memory so that it can load 9 natural sounds built-in. In this way, while enjoying the light effect, you can also listen to the natural sound and additional recording as your own sound on the memory card. What is more, it built-in non-strobe high-quality LED light beads which are safe to use around the kids? Use the remote control for sound changing, adjust brightness, volume, and customize color.

Buying Guide to Choosing the Night Lights for Babies

As the parents, you know how much affection the baby has, especially the light and sound. Babies tend to stare at something for quite long before they sleep, specifically the light. Meanwhile, when they can’t see, they tend to focus on hearing the sound. Therefore, buying the right night light product is important for them to grow up healthy to help you with this, please take a look at some important points as the tips to get the right product.


  •   There are so many styles that you can get from the night light for babies. Those are round, animal shape, lamp shape, and vehicle shape.
  •   The most popular styles are round shapes. The round shape night light, normally built-in with fit size where it is very portable and performs with 360-degree rotation pretty well.
  •   Animal shapes mostly look like a bunny and owl. These styles are eye-catching and attractive to the kids plus, they are made with soft and touchable.
  •   For vehicle shape, they are built mostly like a UFO with legs and round head. This style is great for a wide projection of the wall or ceiling.


  •   For color, the night lights for babies are commonly built-in white, black, and mixes between black & white, and blue & white.
  •   The most popular color of this product is white. Because it is so pure and is able to display the light clearer than other colors.
  •   The mixed color is also popular. They mostly come with head and legs. So, besides being able to display good resolution light, they also look good while standing.


  •   Since the night lights for babies are mostly small, therefore, you can get one that ranges between 3 x 2.5 x 6 inches to 5.1 x 5.1 x 4.7 inches.  


  •   For the feature, you can study the behavior of your kids before getting the night light. This is because some are featured with starlight and moonlight (projector), ocean light, and random color effects.
  •   If your kid won’t be scared of many effects, thus, you can get them the projector or ocean light one since it will spread across the room beautifully.
  •   The random light is also perfect since they can select the actual light to fit their mood and room atmosphere.


The night light is more than the normal lamp or light that you are using for the whole room. They are more likely the light that calms your kid and comforts them to sleep. Having a night light for your home, especially the parents with newborns, infants, and toddlers is a lot of help. To get it, we have the most top pick product we want to introduce for you. Check out our best top 10 products above with a buying guide. 

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