Top 10 Best Bike Phone Mounts in 2024

While you are looking for phone mounts for your bikes and/or motorcycles, there are many manufactured phone mounts on the markets from heavy-duty to fit-in-all bike mounts. Because of so many choices, we are here to help you to simplify the hassle. Here are the top 10 best bike phone mounts in 2024. Please do not forget to view and review the product’s buying guide at the end as well.


List of the 10 Best Bike Phone Mounts in 2024

Bike Phone Mount Reviews

10. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

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ROAM phone holder for bike could be your type of bike phone mounts for some reasons. For those of you who have many toys such as bikes and motorbikes at your garages, ROAM is a one to fit all different wheels of your bikes/motorbikes. The product could fit different sizes of handlebars ranging from 0.9 inches to 1.25 inches. Moreover, the product could hold different types of phones. Let this sink in if you use only an iPhone or Android smartphone.

This product is compatible with different types of smartphones. For iPhone, the bike mount fits with from iPhone 6 to iPhone X. It also fits with OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy phones (S7, S7 Edges, S9) and more. The holder could fit with two contacting points so as to avoid the it from falling down. It has a construction of steady materials such as top-graded plastic. The product’s company offers its customers full-refund policies for any failures for the bike phone mount to accomplish its function.

9. BOVON Bike Phone Mount | 360°Rotation Silicone Bicycle Phone Holder

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BOVON phone mount makes itself a premium & top-graded silicone material. For the basic, BOVON frame bag makes compatibility with iPhones, Samsung phones as well as Google phones. In other words, it has a compatibility with any smartphones of screen sizes from 4.0 inches to 6.0 inches. You could install the product with ease and in seconds, on one hand. Customers could mount the bike phone mount with just any handlebars of motorcycles’ and bikes’. The product is even compatible with shopping carts and strollers too. By small and large, the product has many catching areas to ensure your phones are not going to drop.

8. Bike Phone Front Frame Bag

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The more we go, the higher bar of standards we are seeing from each of the following bike stand mounts. FRAME bike phone frame is a superb bike frame in its own way. The two aforementioned motorcycle phone mounts are competitive against each other. The eighth-best phone mount has just a little bit higher quality than ROAM’s. FRAME motorcycle phone mount, nonetheless, is much different from the two previously mentioned mounts. The product is a heavy-duty and very user-friendly bike phone mount.

It carries along a mini-bag which customers could store basically their phone accessories. Additionally, you could expect the product and its compatibility with your iPhones or Galaxy smartphones such as note 7 s7 and s8. It is a shake-proofed bike phone mount. We recommend the product with bikes rather than motorcycles. More often than not, you trail bike to remote areas where terrains could be hills and mountainous. The product has a sum weight of only 0.2 pound which is very lightweight.

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7. MOUNTAIN Phone Mount

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MOUNTAIN bike phone mount’s manufacturing company has designed and crafted the phone mount as a colorful mount for phones. Additionally, the product design allows you to listen to music while you are biking. The product could match with handlebars between 0.9 inches and 1.3 inches in diameters. It could handle phones of 3.7-inch in their maximum width. It is a durable product. MOUNTAIN bike phone holder combines both top-graded plastic and metal to construct the products. There are 3 silicone bands to ensure your smartphones were not going to drop down in shaking situations. The manufacturer offers a full refund for any cases that your smartphones are dropping down because of the bike phone mount’s failure to perform its very basic function.

6. TruActive – Premium Edition – Bike Mount

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TRUACTIVE bike phone mount comes as a durable product by no other components than top-graded component pieces which had been through rigorous process of testing. You could thus have a trust on TRUACTIVE motorcycle phone mount. The product is compatible with both Android and iOS phones, as a basic. In addition, customers could easily install the phone mount without any needed tools and accessories. Lastly, the product’s manufacturer offers all clients lifetime warranties for this.

5. OHUI Bike Phone Mount

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It is hard to say how easy OHUI bike phone mount’s installation process is through written words. OHUI phone mount is much easier to install than all the aforementioned bike/motorcycle phone mounts because it is lightweight. The product makes the fifth rank not because of the excellent quality other than compact and lightweight features. It is a very excellent phone holder for those of you who just want to have a bike exercise which could hold your phone and get mounted on the motorcycle/bikes’ handlebars. The product has a sum weight of 4 ounces.

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4. Bike Bicycle Phone Mount Bags – Waterproof

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TUBE bike phone mount makes a top-graded phone mount because the product does not only hold your smartphones while you are riding on the hill terrain with shaking situation. TUBE motorcycle/bike phone holder comes with a TPU screen. Clients could literally touch the TPU screen so as to control and check a map on your smartphones as if you are touching directly your phones.

The quality is not the only quality that makes it the fourth-best bike phone mount in 2024. The product’s sealed zipper makes it waterproofed too. It is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. There is a port which clients can use to store your phones accessories such as power banks, earphones, etc. The product has an approximate weight of only 2 ounces.

3. GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Holder

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GUB’s is an easy-going, well-secured and half heavy-duty bike phone mount. The product’s manufacturer has crafted GUB motorcycle/bicycle phone mount with three choices of colors & styles. The motorcycle phone mount, in fact, has a construction material as aluminum alloy. There is a wide range of compatible with different types of smartphones for the phone mount. The compatibility includes Huawei, Samsung as well as Apple smartphones. Clients could rotate the bicycle phone mount 360 degrees for flexible usages of your smartphones to control some settings and read a map. The product could get installation on varied handlebars including those of bikes’ and motorcycles’ too.

2. SYOSIN Bicycle Phone Mount

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Customers can rotate SYOSIN bike phone mount 360 degrees for flexible usages, like GUB motorcycle phone mount. SYOSIN motorcycle/bicycle phone mount’s company has designed the phone mount with a shock-absorbent quality. You could expect much from the product, on one hand. On the other hand, it is compatible with different wheels of your motorcycles’ and bikes’. We suggest you purchase this as a gift for your friends and/or family members who like trail biking or road-trip biking with their motorcycles.

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1. JOYROOM Phone Holder

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JOYROOM makes the first-best motorcycle/bike phone mount for only single reason. JOYROOM is a very heavy-duty motorcycle phone mount which could secure your smartphones in a stable balance; although, your motorcycles/bikes are shaking. It is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones for varied brands and models, as expected from the first-best phone mount, on one hand. On the other hand, the product is shock-absorbent because of the top-graded nylon material.

Buying Guide:

Customers could rotate the bike phone holder 360 degrees. The company that designs and manufactures the motorcycle phone mount gives their customers full-satisfaction policies as well. Any dissatisfaction, you can ask for your money back.

Excellent Catching: Your preferred bicycle phone mount should be able to strongly catch and hold your phones because that is what the bike phone mount has a basic design for.

Stability: Your preferred phone mount’s manufacturer should have expected his/her customers to use the the products they had designed in mountainous as well as hill terrains. Quality phone holder should be shock-absorbent and stable in that situation.


A good motorcycle phone mount should have an excellent mounting as well as offer your smartphone stability with the product’s shock-absorbent quality. However, please consider other features such as compatibility with your handlebars, additional pockets and more.

Since our team has been offering reviews on various products, please let us know shall you want us to review other types of products from just any brand. Thank you for your time here.

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