Top 10 Best Ceramic Lighted Christmas Trees in 2024

A ceramic lighted Christmas tree is compact, so you can place it anywhere inside your houses for festive decoration purposes including the living room, bedroom and more. A lighted Christmas tree could add up an eye-catching decoration to the Christmas season or just a decoration for an ordinary day. If you’re on a quest for a good quality one of your individual needs, here are the 10 leading models on today’s market.


List of the Best Ceramic Lighted Christmas Trees in 2024

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10. Best Choice Products Hand-Painted Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree Holiday Decoration

vintage ceramic christmas tree

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The PRE-LIT ceramic lighted Christmas tree is a small Christmas tree. This ceramic Christmas tree has a hand-painting alongside a glossy finish. The ceramic Christmas tree comes with multiple colors of bulbs as well as seven-pointed star at the top of the tree.

The product’s manufacturer has attached a five-foot power cord with the lighted Christmas tree while there is only a single on/off button which is not complicated for users. The product is very compact which could fit on fireplace mantel, desk, table and more. The product itself has a total weight of three pounds.

9. Joiedomi Tabletop Prelit Ceramic Christmas Tree with 70 Multicolor Bulbs

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JOIEDOMI ceramic lighted Christmas tree has a glossy finishing. While there is a variety of colors for the light bulbs, there is a star on the topper of tree. The product itself has ceramic as the tree’s construction material. The manufacturer has offered his/her customers a 56-inch cord a long the side.

While the manufacturer includes in the package a refund policy, the Christmas tree has a sum weight of 3.95 pounds. We recommend you use the product as a decoration on the table top or desk. You could also present the lighted Christmas tree as a gift for your friend or family member as well.

8. Battery Operated Tabletop Artificial Christmas Decoration Tree

pre lit ceramic tabletop christmas tree

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ARITIFICIAL ceramic Christmas tree, like the aforementioned, has 50 bulbs of multiple colors while there is a seven-pointed star at the top of the lighted Christmas tree. The product itself applies three pieces of AA batteries. Therefore, there is no electric cord required. You could just replace the pieces of batteries when ARTIFICIAL ceramic lighted this Christmas tree runs out of power. The product is fairly compact to take place on the top of fireplace mantel, countertop, desk, etc.

The product’s manufacturer has designed the product to be safe for users as well. You could touch the light bulbs without worrying about electric shock because of the product’s built-in safety piece of technology. While the ceramic lighted Christmas has a ceramic construction as expected, the product has a sum weight of 5.05 pounds.

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7. Mr. Christmas Nostalgic Christmas Tree

ceramic christmas tree with snow

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The NOSTALGIC’s manufacturer has made ceramic Christmas trees as multi-colored bulbs ceramic Christmas trees. Unlike ARTIFICIAL, the ceramic Christmas tree does not have its power from any pieces of batteries beside electricity through an AC adapter. While the ceramic lighted tree has an illuminating star at the top of the Christmas tree, the product’s LED lights have their own glowing through the bulbs.

We recommend customers to place the ceramic lighted tree on top of a bookshelf, side table, mantle as well as inside your bedroom. The product itself has a total weight of 10.5 pounds.

6. Melunar Ceramic Christmas Tree

Lighted Vintage Ceramic Tree with Multicolored Lights

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MELUNA lighted Christmas tree’s manufacturer has made the Christmas tree with a gloss finish. As a result, your decoration for holiday is popping up and gains attention from visitors. While the ceramic Christmas tree comes in a green color, the product itself has lightbulbs of multiple colors, like the aforementioned ceramic trees. The Christmas tree has a hand painting, on one hand. On the other hand, the ceramic Christmas tree has a seven-pointed star on the top of the tree.

The lighted Christmas tree could stand in the living rooms, bedrooms, schools and workplaces somewhere on the tables, bookshelves or desks. The ceramic Christmas tree itself has a total weight of 3.45 pounds. The product could be a gift for your friends and/or family members.

5. Tabletop Christmas Tree with Lights


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TABLETOP ceramic Christmas tree has six different designs for customers to choose from. This ceramic tree is fairly huge for a ceramic Christmas tree. As a result, customers could place the tree itself on fireplaces, tabletops, mantels as well as in bedrooms, living rooms, etc. The size will make the ceramic Christmas tree itself appear and attract fair enough attention.

Moreover, the manufacturer has constructed the ceramic lighted tree with gloss finishing. Thus, the Christmas tree itself is polishing. The Christmas tree has multiple colors of light bulbs, like all the previously mentioned lighted Christmas trees. The product itself has a weight of 4.6 pounds.

4. ReLive Christmas is Forever Lighted Tabletop Ceramic Tree

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RELIEVE ceramic Christmas tree features three different choices of colors & styles. RELIEVE ceramic lighted trees are going to give a festive vibe to you and your family members because of the Christmas tree’s light bulbs. While the product’s lightbulbs are multi-colored, there is a shiny star at the top of the tree. We recommend you consider the product as a gift for your children or young siblings.

This lighted Christmas tree is amazingly bright with multiple colors which could serve as a decorative item inside their bedrooms. RELIEVE ceramic Christmas tree has a total weight of 4.2 ounces.

3. Joiedomi Ceramic Christmas Tree with Gift Box


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EXTRA ceramic lighted Christmas tree could be a mini Christmas tree and replace your conventional huge-sized and tall Christmas tree. EXTRA lighted trees are excellent for people who like minimalism. The lighted Christmas tree has a star at the top of the Christmas tree. Moreover, the product’s manufacturer has made the Christmas tree with glossy ceramic. There are also multi-colored light bulbs. The manufacturer has included in the package another yellow star to exchange with a transparent star at the Christmas tree’s top. As a result, the ceramic Christmas tree is not going to be boring to your eyes.

The power of the ceramic Christmas tree is from batteries which are not part of the product’s package. The product’s manufacturer has designed the ceramic tree with a weight of 1.35 pounds. He/She has also included a full-refund policy along the Christmas tree’s package too.

2. Sunlit Cordless Lighted Ceramic Christmas Tree Vintage Tabletop Christmas Decoration

vintage ceramic christmas tree

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SUNLIT ceramic lighted tree is cordless. Three pieces of AA batteries power the ceramic Christmas tree. Because of the cordless construction, customers could place SUNLIT lighted Christmas trees anywhere on your wills without concerns on the available electric outlet. The product comes with LED lights which have a safer and brighter design than the conventional light bulbs. While the ceramic lighted tree comes in a green color, the product itself has a total weight of 2.3 pounds.

We recommend you to place the small ceramic Christmas tree at a tabletop near your conventional Christmas tree to make amazing decorations for the season. You could also place it in the living room or on bookshelf for ordinary seasons as well.

1.  Hand-Painted Ceramic Vintage Tabletop Artificial Tree Decor


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This MULTICOLOR ceramic lighted tree comes hand-painted. Moreover, the product’s lightbulbs are multi-colored along with a seven-pointed star at the Christmas tree’s top. MULTICOLOR ceramic lighted tree has a power cord of five feet which is just enough for you to place on any tables or bookshelves near the electric outlets. The product itself has a total weight of 1.45 pounds. The product’s manufacturer has offered his/her customers a full-refund policy as well.

Buying Guide

Multi-colored Lightbulbs

There are two different types of ceramic lighted trees. The first type is a single-colored lighted Christmas tree. The second type is a multi-colored lighted Christmas tree. We recommend Christmas trees with multi-colored light bulbs. Nevertheless, we also encourage you to get along a ceramic lighted tree with single-colored light bulbs so as to make contrasting decorations.


All the ceramic trees we mention here come with hand-painting. Hand-painted ceramic trees are excellent because the workers have painted each ceramic Christmas tree with care. While the ceramic Christmas trees with industrial paintings could also be excellent, some of the ceramic trees with industrial paintings are not because machines could not always reach out to details of each ceramic Christmas tree.

Cord or Cordless

We recommend you consider the ceramic Christmas tree powered by batteries because it is convenient for you to locate the ceramic tree anywhere in your houses. If you prefer a particular tree with cord, kindly check the length of cord along with your preferred ceramic tree so as to measure distance between where you want to place the product and the available electric outlet in your houses.


You could already have a traditional Christmas tree with lightbulbs and some decorations. For some people, decorating a traditional Christmas tree might not be your thing. Whether you have or don’t have the traditional Christmas trees, we encourage you to consider a ceramic lighted Christmas tree to decorate along or stand alone.

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