Top 9 Best White Ceramic Christmas Trees in 2024

White is a symbol of elegance. And, there is no doubt why many people decor living room with a White Ceramic Christmas tree whenever this joyful occasion comes. Yet, when it comes to buying ceramic Christmas trees, there are not that many options available. Plus, it can be a confusing task to differentiate between low quality and good quality ones. Hence, we searched far and wide for the best-selling models on the market. Here are our findings on the top 10 best White Ceramic Christmas Trees in 2024 for your pick.


List of the 9 Best White Ceramic Christmas Trees in 2024

Best Seller # 4
Blank Ceramic Christmas Tree - Table Top Christmas Tree - Lighted Christmas Tree - Vintage...
Blank Ceramic Christmas Tree - Table Top Christmas Tree - Lighted Christmas Tree - Vintage...
This tree does not come with the bulbs for the side of the tree.
SaleBest Seller # 6
Lenox 867360 Treasured Traditions Ivory Lighted Tree Figurine
Lenox 867360 Treasured Traditions Ivory Lighted Tree Figurine
What's Included: One Figurine; Height: 11 inch; Material: Ivory Porcelain. Porcelain is more lightweight, but still chip-resistant
$79.95 −$20.12
Best Seller # 7
HGTV Home Collection, Ceramic Winter White Trees, Set of 3 and Glossy Finish, Christmas...
HGTV Home Collection, Ceramic Winter White Trees, Set of 3 and Glossy Finish, Christmas...
Includes three ceramic trees painted in a glossy white, measuring 15", 11.5" and 10.5"; These fantastically festive tree statues are uniquely sculpted with a smooth finish
Amazon Prime

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9. BESTCHOICE Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree

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BESTCHOICE white ceramic Christmas tree as a compact and small-sized ceramic Christmas tree with a number of good features. BESTCHOICE ceramic Christmas tree features hand-painting as well as glossy finishing. Moreover, there are 64 built-in multi-colored light bulbs of a small size. At the top of the Christmas tree, there is a seven-pointed star in a transparent color. The product does not generate power from batteries yet electricity. While the power cord comes in a five-feet length, there is a simple switch which you could turn on and off.

We recommend you use the Ceramic Christmas tree to decorate your offices and homes. The compact-sized Christmas tree could stand on your desks or TV stands. You could also gift your young siblings and/or children with the product. The ceramic Christmas tree could be for their bedrooms.

8. RELIVE Christmas Tabletop Ceramic Tree

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THis RELIVE white ceramic Christmas tree sure can brighten your living spaces. RELIEVE Christmas tree has equipped & very-mini light bulbs which are fairly bright to give off a Christmas vibe to you and your family. Even when it is not a Christmas season, having the product being displayed in your living room makes interesting decorations for your environment.

Moreover, those mini light bulbs are multi-colored. The product’s manufacturer has hand-painted the ceramic Christmas tree, like the previously mentioned BESTCHOICE white ceramic Christmas tree. It has a total weight of 4.2 pounds which is fairly heavy to stand stably on your desks or bookshelves.

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7. MILLTOWN Merchants Ceramic Christmas Tree

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MILLTOWN ceramic Christmas tree is a classic white Christmas tree. The Christmas tree, by the design, offers customers a nostalgic vibe of ceramic Christmas decorations for the Christmas season. While there are three different sizes you could choose from, customers could consider MILLTOWN ceramic Christmas tree as a gift for special people. You could choose the particular sizes for people of particular ages, accordingly. The Christmas tree has a gloss finishing too. The product is, thus, shining whether with or without the mini lights.

Moreover, the lights feature with the Christmas tree are multi-colored. The product itself has a seven-pointed star at the top of the product. The star itself is transparent. The white ceramic Christmas tree has a five-pound weight. Lastly, the product does not rely on batteries to power the mini multi-colored light bulbs. It rather generates energy from electricity through a five-feet power cord. We recommend you consider the product as a gift for yourselves.

6. BROBERY Tabletop Ceramic Christmas Tree with Music Box

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BROBERY’s manufacturer has crafted the white ceramic Christmas tree even more compact than all the previously mentioned Christmas tree. Furthermore, the BROBERY white Christmas tree has four stars toppers as replacements for each other. Two star toppers have different colors while the other two seven-pointed stars are transparent. The product comes equipped with 63 small light bulbs of green color too. The white Christmas tree has a built-in music box which could play a maximum eight Christmas songs. As a result, the product’s manufacturer has made the white ceramic tree to a full and amazing Christmas vibe.

Besides, the product has its power from a pack of batteries. Nonetheless, the batteries are not parts of the collection. The tree comes as an exquisite and firm package. You could thus easily wrap the white Christmas tree as a gift for special people.

5. HOLIDAY PEAK Battery-Operated Vintage-Style Ceramic Christmas Tree

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HOLIDAY white ceramic tree is a vintage ceramic Christmas tree. There are two choices of sizes for customers to choose from. While HOLIDAY ceramic Christmas tree has an awesomely high glossing, the glossing makes a Winter-like vibe even when the Christmas season is not coming yet. Moreover, the ceramic Christmas tree is good for people who live in regions where there is no snow during the Christmas season. Besides, the manufacturer has designed the product to be cool and excellent decoration for your living rooms or bedrooms whether it is a Christmas season or not. The product’s very-tiny lights are multi-colored, on one hand.

On the other hand, two pieces of AA batteries power those small and multi-colored light bulbs. As expected in all the ceramic Christmas trees, there is a star topper with the product too. Nonetheless, the star topper points to only five different directions. The star is, as a result, different from the seven-pointed star toppers belonging to all the previously mentioned ceramic Christmas trees.

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4. GOPLUS Pre-Lit Hand-Painted Ceramic Christmas Tree

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The GOPLUS white ceramic Christmas tree is simple yet eye-catching, It has a seven-pointed topper star alongside 66 mini and multi-colored lights. GOPLUS ceramic Christmas tree has a hand-painting on the surface. There comes an excellent glossing too. More advantageous than all the previously mentioned white ceramic trees, the ceramic material to make the Christmas tree is of stable quality. The white Christmas tree is, therefore, heat-resistant and hard-wearing because of the top-graded ceramic construction piece.

There is no requirement for any assembly. All you need to do is have batteries to power the Christmas tree. You then could turn on the switch button for the Christmas tree to function. We recommend you consider the Christmas tree for a decoration in your classrooms or workplaces.

3. RELIVE Ceramic 8 Inch White Christmas Tree

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LIGHTS white ceramic Christmas tree could serve as a decoration for your living places, on one hand. On the other hand, this LIGHTS ceramic Christmas tree makes an awesome guiding light for you at night when you need to go to the restroom. The mini lights built with the ceramic Christmas tree are very bright. The product, by small and large, is a vintage ceramic Christmas tree. While the tree offers you nostalgic and/or Christmas vibes, it has a weight of 1.2 pounds.

2. LENOX 867360 Treasured Traditions Ivory Lighted Tree Figurine

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LENOX white Christmas tree is a tiny yet lovely white ceramic Christmas tree. Like the previously mentioned Christmas trees, the LENOX white ceramic tree has very-small light bulbs of multiple colors along with a star topper. The product has a general look of a Christmas tree, but it does not resemble a Christmas tree literally. The product is functional because of some pieces of AA batteries.

Furthermore, the ceramic Christmas tree does not have sole construction material as ceramic but also ivory porcelain. While the product’s manufacturer offers their customers a replacement in case of the product’s malfunctions and damages, we recommend the white ceramic tree as a gift for adults as well as children.

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1. White Pearlized Ceramic Christmas Tree Night Light

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This PEARLIZED white ceramic Christmas tree is even for children more than LENOX ceramic Christmas tree. As a basic, PEARLIZED ceramic Christmas tree has mini multi-colored lights. The topper of the Christmas tree, however, is not a star. The ceramic Christmas tree, by small and large, looks like a Christmas tree built from snow.

The Christmas tree has its power from electricity, on one hand. On the other hand, the Christmas tree is a seven-watt white ceramic tree. There are three choices of styles & designs for the product offered to you. Lastly, it has a weight of 8.8 ounces.

Buying Guide

Quality Ceramic: Customers should expect top-graded white ceramic trees to be constructed by quality ceramic. Customers thus could use the compact Christmas tree for decoration for many years to come.

Multi-colored or Single-colored Lights: Whether it is a multi-colored or single-colored lighted white ceramic tree, it is your personal preference. We recommend you get both types of Christmas trees, so they could compliment each other if standing next to one another.

General Outlook Design: This is clients’ common sense. You could ask a friend or family member to make a decision especially if you are planning to get a white ceramic tree as a gift for someone.

Batteries or Electricity: There is a pro and con between the batteries-powered and electric white ceramic trees. The batteries-powered product does not have a cord, so there is a flexible usage for you to place the white Christmas tree anywhere you like. On the other hand, you need to routinely replace drained batteries with new batteries.

Compactness: While all the white ceramic trees we have mentioned are compact. Different white Christmas trees are varied when it comes to their compactness. We suggest you check the weight of your preferred tree to make a right judgement over the right Christmas tree.


Having a white ceramic Christmas tree is beneficial. On one hand, you could decorate your living spaces with amazingly awesome white ceramic trees. On the other hand, it could serve as a guiding source of light at nighttime for you to go to the restroom or look for food in the freezer without bothering other family members with too much lighting. Thank you for your time.

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