Top 10 Best Hidden Door Hinges in 2023

Sometimes, you have a very good-looking door on your door path. But, by the time you open it, it does not open or close well. The reason can be because it is built-in with a low-quality door hinge that cannot handle the weight of the door well. Thereby, creating unergonomic using. To avoid this problem, you can look for any high-quality hidden door hinges to use with your door. To save your time and effort in looking for the good ones, we have combined together the top 10 best hidden door hinges in 2023. All of them come with different designs and looks. Still, they are durable and can load heavyweight better.


List of the 10 Best Hidden Door Hinges in 2023

Best Seller # 1
TamBee Door Pivot Hinges Heavy Duty Hinges for Wood Doors 360 Degree Shaft Stainless Steel...
TamBee Door Pivot Hinges Heavy Duty Hinges for Wood Doors 360 Degree Shaft Stainless Steel...
PATENT No: D920075 - TamBee appearance patented product, please purchase with TamBee brand
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Best Seller # 2
Aglehome Pivot Hinge,Hidden Door Hinge for Wood Secret Door Heavy Duty Door Pivot Hinges...
Aglehome Pivot Hinge,Hidden Door Hinge for Wood Secret Door Heavy Duty Door Pivot Hinges...
【Package Included】1 set of Pivot Hinge, 10 pcs 16mm Screws, 10 pcs 30mm Screws.
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Product Reviews

10. TamBee Door Pivot Hinges

Heavy Duty Hinges for Wood Doors 360 Degree

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Whether you want to have your door placed in I shape or L shape, you can do it with this hidden door hinge from Tambee. If you use this hidden hinge, when the weight burdens the door frame, you will find it easier to open the door.

This hinge makes the movement of your opening the door smoother and quicker. It allows the door to open in the center rather than from the hinge that is attached to the door at the sides. The hinge is made of stainless steel painted in silver and can hold the door weight of up to 250 pounds. It can be equipped with a rotary door as well.

9. Alamic Concealed Door Hinges Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Invisible Hidden Hinges 3-D Adjustable

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Alamic Concealed Door Hinges is another heavy-duty product that can support most of the doors. It features a concealed design which helps to cover the assembling screws and eliminate a bad look resulting from the built-in installation.

In addition, it also comes with a 3D adjustability function which gives users the freedom to adjust both horizontal and vertical installation positions. At the same time, users can regulate the depth of the hinge as well. If you have a door that is as thick as 35mm to 850mm, this hinge suits perfectly.

8. InvisiDoor Hinge Hardware Kit

Hidden Hinge Hardware Kit

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Constructed with top-quality materials, this InvisiDoor Hinge Hardware Kit offers durability throughout the years. Like the previous products, this one features a hidden design that offers a clean look to the overall construction. That is to say, it will cover up all of the hardware screws.

Designed based on versatility, this door hinge enables both right and left side openings. Since the construction of this item utilizes powder-coated steel, it is highly resistant to corrosion and promotes longevity of usage.

7. CHHQ Hidden Door Pivot Hinges Stainless Steel Brushed Finish Hardware

Heavy Duty Hinges 360 Degree Shaft for Wood Doors

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CHHQ creates massive hidden hinges that can be used with a lot of types of door whether the door is made of wood, or the door is heavy. The door can be turned around for 360 degrees with this hinge. The stress is no longer on the door frame because this hinge is going to be on the top, or at the bottom of the door.

Unlike the old traditional door hinge that is often at the sides of the door, the modern hinge features the top and the bottom installation. For that reason, it is great as you do not need to put much effort into the door handle while opening the door. Being able to handle up to 250 pounds of door weight, it is extraordinary. That item is quite strong and sturdy. Plus, it comes in a silver color which looks really eye-catching.

6. Alise 2 Pcs 4-Inch Length 360 Degree Offset-Axes Rotation Hidden Door Pivot Hinge

JL5100P-2P Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel Hing

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This thick Alise hidden door hinge offers freedom of movement when you put it on the door. Coming with 2 pieces of hinges, It can be used for 2 door installations. Because of its stainless steel construction, the item extends its lifespan and highly resists corrosion and built-in rusting.

Additionally, it comes with a brushed finish making it look a lot sleeker and more durable. This door hinge set of 2 is ideal to use for installing the meeting or hall room doors, and the users can mount it on the top of the door.

5. Murphy Door Pivot Hinge System with New Ball Lock Pin

Pivot Hinge System with New Ball Lock Pin

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Murphy Door also offers a set of hidden door hinge that comes with a hardware kit. You will receive a pair of door hinge for 2-door installation, or you can also use it for a single door setting up too. Furthermore, it is also designed to be compatible with the bookshelf door as well.

Featuring an inswing design, users can ultimately open it from both the right and left sides. To clarify, it can rotate up to a 360-degree angle. Because it is durable, it can handle up to 540 lbs. Thus, it serves almost all kinds of doors, be it glass, wooden, or metal.

4. Ranbo Hidden gate Hinge Stainless Steel

Invisible Door Hinges Concealed Barrel Wooden Box Silver

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In order to make the hinge invisible, Ranbo decided to create the concealed door hinge instead. This is a pair of Ranbo hidden door hinges. The hinges are made of stainless steel which is really beneficial and super sturdy. The hinges can be swiveled by 180 degrees. It fits with the door that has a thickness of up to 35 millimeters.

This product supports a lot of kinds of doors, such as aluminum alloy door, wooden door, and steel door, etc. This pair of hinges also come in 4 different variants as well. Those hinges can only hold the door with the weight of up to 44 pounds or 20 kilograms.

3. SOSS Mortise Mount Invisible Hinge with 8 Holes

Leaf Thickness invisible hings

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SOSS Mortise Mount Door Hinge features an invisible design that helps to cover up messy hardware installation. It features an 8 hole design which allows users to use more screws to maximize durability. Besides, it is manufactured with 2-inch thick metal. Therefore, it is able to support any heavy door weighing up to 250 lbs of weight.

Designed with versatility, users can use it for most types of door including solid wooden doors, and also a metal door. With the product installed, users can now enjoy swinging the door in one direction up to 180-degree opening.

2. SOSS Mortise Mount Invisible Hinge with 4 Holes

Satin Chrome Finish hinge

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SOSS also showcases its product again in the second-ranking of the list. You cannot really see it equipped to the door because it is hidden perfectly. The hinge can be able to rotate by 180 degrees in a direction. The hinge pin is already fastened, so it will be very secure. More than using it with the door, you can also use this with the bookshelf, the closet door.

The SOSS door hinge can be used with the door with a thickness of up to 41 millimeters. After the installation, it is highly recommended that you do not adjust the setting of the hinge to avoid loosing up the hardware. This might be its only drawback to consider.

1. Sydien Stainless Steel 360 Rotation Hidden Door Pivot Hinges

360 Rotation Hidden Door hinges

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Coming to the last product of the list, we have the Sydien hidden door hinge as the first ranking. This hidden door hinge is made of stainless steel which is really solid and durable. Also, there is a pretty helpful feature, up and down assembly, which allows you to use the hinge with your door to create a massive 360 degrees revolving opening.

It is compatible very well with the wooden door, cabinet door, and the other kinds of doors. The hinge will be completely concealed, and that makes a very aesthetic look to your door path.

Buying Guides

Build Quality

Firstly, it is to look at the build quality of any hidden door hinges you want to purchase. As there are a number of door hinges available on the markets, it can be a bit confusing when it comes to looking for a good one. Those types include aluminum build, normal metal builds, and stainless steel build. If you want to choose a door hinge with an aluminum build, the chance is it is lightweight and can support heavyweight too. However, it can be expensive. Then, the most common one is a stainless steel hidden door hinge. This is because it can handle most types of doors and is very durable.

Loading Weight Capacity

If you get a hidden door hinge that comes with low-quality, it might not be able to support heavy doors greatly. As a result, it can make it difficult for you to open or close the door. That is the reason why you should check in advance about the loading weight capacity that each door hinge can handle. Most of the products we have showcased above are capable of supporting heavyweight up to 250 lbs or above. Thus, it means they are most likely compatible with both wooden and metal doors.

Opening/Closing Support

This point is actually an additional point to consider. However, it would be good if you can choose different opening or closing support that any door hinge can offer. Some door hinges can support only for 180-degree opening or closing. That is to say, it enables swinging the door in a single direction. Still, there are some door hinges that feature 360-degree swirling that allows users to open/close it from either side.


Forget about having to handle a heavy door all the time when you need to open and close the door. You can now change the low-quality door hinge and start using a top-quality one to change your difficult experience. With all of the best-hidden door hinges we have reviewed above, there would definitely be no more complaint about opening or closing your door at all.

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