Top 10 Best Outdoor Storage Benches in 2020

No matter what, we still have connections with the outside world, and we definitely have some items to store in the outdoor environment. It is the reason why we do need an outdoor storage bench to help us with the storage.  If you are also looking forward to buying one, you have come to the right place. Fortunately, our team has conducted an in-depth research on the subject to help you narrow down the selection. Therefore, this article will provide the reviews for the top ten best outdoor storage benches on the market. At the end of this article, you will also find out about a little buying guide section which will guide you through the main features of the best outdoor storage bench.

Here are the 10 Best Outdoor Storage Benches to Pick in 2020

10. Keten Eden 70 Gal

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This outdoor storage bench comes with 2 same packs in the package. It appears in the classic yet elegant brown color and vintage design. While the lower part is designed perfectly for great storage, the upper part serves as a seat for adults as well as children to enjoy. The storage capacity of the bench is known to be 70 gallons, with a weight capacity up to 771 pounds. The materials are all high quality, and they are resistant to weather, water and UV-ray.

9. Suncast 99-Gallon Large Deck Box

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This beautiful deck box design is made of high quality plastic with the maximum loading capacity up to 99 gallons. It is a great box for storage in the outdoor settings, such as garage and backyard. The box is made to be resistant to water, and it does not fade easily, making it look like the new one for many years. Users can also use it for indoor purposes to store necessities, such as gardening tools and sports equipment. The design includes lid flips allowing the users to easily access to their necessities. Even in the heavy rain, it provides great protection and makes the items stay dry. The size is large, but it is designed ideally for the living space.

8. Ghy 4ft Storage Bench

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The box is constructed of rattan resin wicker which is known to be both durable and sturdy. It comes in the classic brown color, which provides a vintage look. It features a handle for the purpose of easier transportation. Moreover, the container is perfectly waterproof, and therefore, users can store it in the outdoor settings with peace of mind. The box is as high as 4 feet, and its maximum storage is measured at 73 gallons. Therefore, it can store a lot of items, including pillows and pool toys. It is designed to be perfectly fit for any decoration, both indoors and outdoors.

7. Keter Factor 6×3

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The storage shed is designed to large in its capacity to store more items than the user’s expectations. The inner dimensions of this shed is up to 64 x 39 x 78 inches. Overall, the maximum storage capacity is up to 113 cubic feet. It is made of polypropylene plastic and steel combined together for better quality and durability. It appears in wood color, which is neutral and suitable for any indoor or outdoor decorations. Its outer layer is durable without any peel or rust. Also, no additional painting is needed for this furniture. It works well with the light of the sky to provide natural air and light for the items tolast even longer than it should.

6. Suncast 6’ x 4’ Storage Shed

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This storage shed from Suncast appears in the glide top design. It appears in the classic yet beautiful brown color to provide an attractive appearance. This works great for outdoor storage to store any items, including gardening tools and bicycles. It is made of polypropylene resin which is both durable and sturdy. The floor has been upgraded and reinforced to support a larger capacity, especially for heavy items. It comes with lid technology to provide seamless, with easy access to all the items inside. The door is lockable to provide more security to enjoy with peace of mind. Last but not least, less time, effort and energy is needed for the maintenance because it is designed to be easy to clean.

5. Victoria Young Resin

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The storage bench is made of aluminum for the frame with powder coating. It is finished with the hand-woven PE rattan wrapping. The material is to be weather resistant, which means the items inside are able to stay dry regardless of the harsh elements of the environment. The exterior is in  classic mocha brown color, and it comes with a handle for convenient transportation. It is designed for both adults and children to store the necessary items for both indoor and outdoor settings. The box can support up to 400 pounds of heavy items. When fully assembled, its height is up to 17 inches.

4. Home Styles Montego Bay

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The storage bench is made to be in vintage brown color. It is made of shorea wood finished with natural teak. It is suitable especially for the beach or island settings. It comes with large capacity for storage, allowing users to store more than they expect while going outdoors. It is designed to be durable and sturdy while also being resistant to water and weather. It also includes a leg in the center to provide additional support for the bench to stay strong even the weight inside is not distributed evenly. Last but not least, the assembly process is easy because all the items are labeled to provide clear directions.

3. Patio Seat bench Pool Deck


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It is available in 2 similar color choices: brown and espresso brown. While the lower part comes with a compartment to store the items, the upper part serves as the seat for up to 2 adults. It appears in large capacity, with the interior capacity up to 120 gallons. The top can be opened easily with dual pistons provided. Moreover, the materials are designed to be resistant to UV rays, and therefore, no matter how long it has been put outdoors, the outlook remains new. The bench measures at 23.7 inches for its height, which enables users to store many large items conveniently.

2. HomVent Wood Patio Storage Bench

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This storage bench is made in the USA, and it can be shipped to your door within only 3-7 days. The ben is constructed of premium fir wood to provide a concrete and sturdy structure. The new design enables user to use it in 2 choices: either garden bench or deck box. The upper part is the seat which can be turned over to open or close the seat base. The base storage is designed to accommodate the maximum capacity up to 70 gallons, which is large enough for the users to store many necessities and tools.

1. Linon Home Decore Premium Storage Bench

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Being the best storage bench among the top ten list, this storage bench is highly recommended by the consumers for its premium design and high quality. It is constructed from high quality rubber wood and finished with walnut coating. The storage bench makes the seat to split in two, and therefore, users do not have to open the whole big board to access the items inside. It has a slat design with the low sides and back, which provides a classic yet attractive look. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings with the storage for many items to be stored inside with peace of mind.

Buying Guide

It is essential to choose the right outdoor storage bench with both quality and durability because it will serve as a helpful assistance to take good care of your stuff. Therefore, before purchasing, buyers should look for the following criteria:


While it is made of high quality and durable wood, aluminum or metal, it should be also resistant to water and to weather to ensure its shape to maintain for years. Also, it makes sure that the items inside stay dry regardless of the weather outside.


The more things you need to store, the bigger storage bench you should consider. If your items are all heavy, consider the one with the most weight capacity, up to hundreds of pounds.


If you prefer more security, you should look for this feature.


In conclusion, the article has demonstrated the main features for the top ten best outdoor storage benches on the market. With such a great storage bench, users can store many items inside to get good organization as well as less space consumption. It also serves as a seat sometimes for you to enjoy the outdoor view. Therefore, if you have found your desired outdoor storage bench, hesitate no further.

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