Top 10 Best Wooden Jewelry Boxes in 2022

Jewelry seems to be one of the most important accessories for women; however, it is also so valuable, which means it requires a lot of caring and maintenance efforts. Thus, every woman should have a jewelry organizer to best protect them. Among all of the choices, a wooden box may be the best box to protect with the best design.

Now, we have compiled a list of the top ten best wooden jewelry boxes for you. Read more to learn about the products.

List of the 10 Best Wooden Jewelry Boxes in 2022:

10. SONGMICS Large Jewelry Organizer Wooden Storage Box 6 Layers Case

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First of all, we have this wooden jewelry organizer from SONGMICS. It comes with 6 tiers in total, and it features 5 drawers to offer enough space for jewelry storage. Users can organize different types of jewelry, including rings, necklaces and earrings, in different compartments. It has a glass lid on the top for transparent visibility.

It is made of high quality MDF with velvet lining and stylish finish. At the bottom, it also has a rubber pad that can secure your table against any possible scratches and damages. Hence, it is a great gift for all the female friends.

9. Saganizer Cherry Jewelry Box Organizer

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Next, this wooden jewelry from Saganizer has a cherry wood finish on the surface. It features multiple doors for easy access from different angles. It comes with hooks for both sides with sueded fabric to offer a great shelter for your earrings. It is large enough to keep a lot of jewelry inside. It is constructed of strong and durable MDF that can be used for many years ahead. There are almost no possibilities that the box will crack or warp.

It fits greatly into any tabletops, and the design adds more luxury sense to your beautiful home decoration. Last but not least, it is only 5 pounds, which is convenient for moving and carrying.

8. RR ROUND RICH DESIGN Solid Wooden Jewelry Box Makeup and Organizer Women Ring Storage

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RR ROUND RICH DESIGN offers another outstanding wooden jewelry organizer for users to get their jewelries organized to be easy to find. It is built from natural wood which provides a solid construction. It has a unique design with wavy style, and it comes with 4 drawers for plenty of storage. The glass door makes it transparent for users to see the situation inside. It features multiple compartments for different purposes, including the storage for necklaces, rings and earrings.

On the right side of the box, it comes with stereo lenses that enable users to choose the jewelry. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, users can get the refund back without any reasons demanded.

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7. Kendal Real Natural Hardwood Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer

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Now, let’s take a look at this wooden jewelry cabinet from Kendal. It is available in both brown and oak colors, which are both suitable for all home decorations. It is made of natural hardwood, and it provides the best structure to withstand all the jewelries. It comes with a retro design with clean lined decoration. There are 7 ring slots in total, and there are additional 8 hooks. Moreover, two drawers are provided for more storage.

If you place your jewelry inside, you are guaranteed with the best peace of mind because it provides the best protection to the jewelry to prevent any scratches and damages.

6. ITOS365 Handmade Wooden Jewelry Box for Women | Jewel Organizer Hand Carved Gift Items

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If you prefer a square box design for your jewelry, you should consider this jewelry organizer from ITOS365. The height is about 2.5 inches, and it can store quite a lot of jewelry. It is built from hardwood which is very durable for long term use. However, the weight is only about 0.5 lbs. It serves as a great box for the storage of the jewelry while it also offers the best protection.

The box comes with velvet lining to prevent any possible scratches and damages. For all of these reasons, this is a nice gift for your beloved friends and family who are deeply in love with jewelry.

5. Caffny Large Women Wooden Jewelry Box

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Then, we also have this wooden jewelry cabinet from Caffny which has many drawers and compartments to organize all the jewelry. It comes with brown and white color to make your home decoration more elegant. It is made of high quality natural wood that makes it an ideal gift for any special occasions, including Valentines, Mother’s day and other anniversaries. It also has a makeup mirror for users to decorate themselves. The top of the box has beautiful patterned carvings, and there are 2 doors for easy access.

In addition, there are up to 4 drawers in total to store many pieces of jewelry. If the quality of the product does not match your expectation, you can always claim your money back with confidence.

4. Store Indya Wooden Keepsake Jewelry Trinket Box Storage Organizer

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Moving onto the next jewelry box from storeindya, it offers 2 beautiful designs. Its height is measured at 2.5 inches, and its dimensions are 8 x 5 inches. It is crafted with the most beautiful and durable rosewood with multiple floral carvings on the top. The box is also lined with velvet to make sure that it prevents scratches.

It is suitable for not only storing jewelry but also other precious stones, pears as well as feng shui items. This box is provided by the largest hub in India that is handmade by professional artisans. Last but not least, it has a lightweight body at only 1.1 pound.

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3. Caffny Large Wooden Jewelry Box

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Here comes another model of jewelry box from Caffny. This is a great gift for women during special occasions, including anniversaries and birthdays. It is equipped with a great latch to deter children from opening the box and accidentally damaging the inside. It comes with multiple compartments for the storage of multiple jewelries, including bracelets and rings. It features about 5 layers, and it has 4 drawers in total.

With the best craftsmanship, the box has a large capacity to hold many things inside. Lastly, it is guaranteed with the warranty from the manufacturer because users can claim for refunds if they are not satisfied.

2. Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box | Jewel Case Cabinet Armoire Ring Necklacel

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If you have a lot of jewelry and prefer to have an extra-large box for storage, we recommend this wooden jewelry box from Rowling for you. It has a large capacity to organize all of your jewelry with the best protection. It comes with 3 drawers, and they are removable if you need more space. It comes with a locking key for added security and deter others from access.

The 4 compartments are designed ideally for different types of jewelry. Users can store their necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets all inside. The materials for this box is wood and velvet which offers a durable structure for many years to use.

1. Mele & Co. Heloise Wooden Jewelry Box

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Last but not least, this great wooden jewelry box is highly recommended by the customers. The brand has been famous since 1912, and it continues to provide the best quality box for more than a hundred years. It has an elegant yet fancy design which is suitable for all types of home decoration. It has 4 small sections for loose jewelry.

On both sides, there are 2 doors opened for the storage of the necklace. It keeps your jewelry, watches and other valuable items secure. For these reasons, this serves as a great gift that you may consider giving to your loved ones, including mothers, sisters and female friends.

Buying Guide:

We are working hard from day to day just to achieve the quality of life. This is also the reason why we buy a lot of jewelry to accessorize ourselves. So, there is no reason not to have a great wooden box to keep all pieces of jewelry secure in place.

Drawers: it should come with multiple drawers to keep things organized. Each drawer may be suitable for each type of jewelry. Most of the boxes feature 4-5 drawers to serve as a great organizer.

Materials: just as its name mentions, all of them are made of wood. However, there are many different kinds of woods, and some are better than the others. So, a great design might use natural hardwood or rosewood for decoration.

Hooks: inside the compartment, the box should also contain hooks for the storage of earrings and necklaces. This allows the jewelries to hang there, and it enables an easy choosing process when users need to decide which one to wear.

Key lock: for users who wish to have more security, you might look for the one that has the key lock.

Mirror: although it is just a jewelry box, an outstanding design might also include a mirror for users to see.


Last but not least, to give your jewelry a home and shelter, consider one of our wooden jewelry boxes to let it serve as the best security guard for your precious assets.

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