Here is Why You Should Choose Console Sinks with Metal Legs for Your Bathroom in 2024

Bathroom console sink with metal legs is one of the main components of a great bathroom. It provides a place for you to wash your face, brush your teeth and do other stuff that are related to your washing need. Therefore, a good sink is very important because its quality is directly associated with your overall quality of life. More importantly, the one with metal legs is even better because it is guaranteed to be sturdy and durable in terms of its structure.

If you are planning to obtain one yet not sure about how to make the decision, let us introduce you to this kind of Bathroom Console Sink with Metal Legs. Our team has looked deeply into the products and believe it is the best choice for your bathroom. Thus, we have listed the top picked bathroom console sinks with metal legs along with a handy buying guide section at the end of the article for you. Ready to grab one?


List of the 7 Best Bathroom Console Sinks with Metal Legs in 2024


7. American Standard Edgemere 4″ Centers Sink Top with Metal Legs

american standard console sink

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American Standard is always a leading brand in the bathroom industries which provides all the best bathroom products for your needs. This bathroom console sing with metal legs comes with an elegant white design that suits most types of bathroom decorations. The holes on the faucet measure its length at 4 inches, and they are concentrated at the center. There is a ledge on the shelf area to hold the soap and other accessories. More importantly, it features a rear in case the water overflows.

Even with the metal legs, this sink only weighs 43 pounds. For the installation process, the instructions are provided on a sheet with descriptions and pictures. Last but not least, a mounting kit is provided for you to mount to the wall. The quality of the product is guaranteed with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

6. Kingston Brass console sinks for bathrooms

console sinks for small bathrooms

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This is another outstanding bathroom console sink with metal legs from Kingston Brass. It comes with 3 color designs which are all neutral color and fit with most types of home decorations. The legs of the sink are constructed of heavy duty stainless steel with its diameter at 1.5 inch, and therefore, they are guaranteed to be durable and last long. It has its height at approximately 34 inches which is suitable for users standing in front of it to use. There are 3 holes for drilling, and each measures at 8 inches.

Moreover, it fits most standard sizes drain holes. This sink is designed to be compact in size; thus, it provides a larger space in the bathroom for use. Also, horizontal bars are provided for users to hang the towels there. Under it, the sink is made of ceramic which is also resistant to stain to offer a solid and durable structure. Last but not least, the weight of this sink is 85 pounds, and it requires the installation method of wall mounting.

5. Renovators Supply Manufacturing console sink

White Console Sink Deluxe Belle Epoque China With Satin Nickel Bistro Legs

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This is also a great bathroom console sink with metal legs which is manufactured by Renovators Supply Manufacturing. It is equipped with époque from China with the leg frame from Nickel Bistro. It is not only constructed of durable materials, such as Nickel, but also finished Reno-gloss which is resistant to both scratches and stains.

The sink is able to work well with an 8 inches faucet; however, the faucet is not included in the package. It is only 67.3 pounds, which makes the installation process easy and finished with little effort. Last but not least, it measures its height at 30 inches, which is just the right height for any person to do the washing easily and conveniently.

4. Whitehaus Collection console sinks for small bathrooms

console sinks for small bathrooms

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This bathroom console sink from Whitehaus Collection is a great choice for your bathroom because it offers an elegant white design along with the sturdy metal legs. There are holes in the faucet which allows the water to run through quickly and easily. The holes are designed to be wide to accommodate your demand fast and efficiently. Moreover, there are bars on the side which users can hang their towels there when they take shower. Thus, there is no need to purchase extra bar and mount it to the wall.

In addition, the legs are polished with brass to offer additional support in the sturdy structure. The bowl is designed to have a rectangular structure which can hold a lot of water and ensure that the water will not spill easily. There are ledges on both sides for you to hold the soap for easy access while needing to wash hands.

3. Signature Hardware Porcelain Console Sink Metal Legs

Signature Hardware Porcelain Console Sink | chrome bathroom vanity legs

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This is also a premium bathroom sink along with the metal legs to ensure a daily convenience and sturdy construction. The sink is built of porcelain which is not only beautiful but also durable and sturdy in terms of its structure and functions. Below is a console base which aims to hold the sink on top in a stable and sturdy position. The stand features brass for it to last longer and more efficient.

In terms of the faucet holes, there are 3 at the centers, and each one measures its size at 8 inches. The length is wide enough to let the water flow fastly without staying in the sink for days and nights. The location of the drain is designed for a more effective draining capability.

2. Duravit Height Adjustable Console Sink for Small Bathroom

Duravit Metal Console Height Adjustable Console Sink for Small Bathroom

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This is a high quality bathroom console sink with metal legs from Duravit. As the customer of Duravit, you can customize your own settings because this sink comes with adjustable legs for you to make your own height suiting your own preferences. The adjustable height brings much more advantages than you expect; especially if your height is much different from the standard ones.

With the chrome color design, it works well with your warm and lovely bathroom settings. The weight of this sink is only 7.3 pounds, and therefore, the assembly process can be finished within a breath. More importantly, users can mount it to the wall for extra durability and stability. Last but not least, it is about 20 inches high, which is suitable for most standard heights to have a comfortable position.

1. Templeton Carrara Marble Bathroom Console Vanity Sink

Fauceture KVPB30MB7 Templeton Carrara Marble Bathroom Console VanityFauceture KVPB30MB7 Templeton Carrara Marble Bathroom Console Vanity

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Topping the list, this bathroom console sink with metal legs from Fauceture is highly recommended by the customers. It has a strong base which is made from brass tubes. The joints also comes with extra fittings to hold it in place and provide the best stability. The top of it comes with a marble design which looks great with any kinds of bathroom decorations. The top works with all types of 8 inches faucet sets which is the standard sizes that most of our bathrooms have.

The supply kit and drain can also be used to cooperate with it, but they are not included in the package. For this product, professional installation is highly recommended to ensure the best quality, durability and functions of the product. Last but not least, the design of this sink is not only directed at its function but also the durability which aims to last for many years.

Buying Guide

If you are still puzzled when it comes to picking one option for your needs, below are some criteria that determines the best bathroom console sink with metal legs.

Base: just as the product name mentions, its legs are made of metal which is not only durable but also sturdy. Some might also have adjustable legs, so that users can adjust it according to their demands.

Side bars: this is to provide extra space for you to hold your towel. With such a feature, you do not have to buy an extra bar to mount onto the walls just for holding the towel.

Faucet holes: most have its length at longer than 8 inches, which is able to let the water flow faster and more efficient.

Ledges: many of the sinks might want to feature a ledge because users demand to have a place to hold the soap and other necessities in case they need to clean their hands or face.


Above are the reviews of the top seven best bathroom console sinks with metal legs. If you are planning to purchase one, you can consider from the list above to obtain the best product with the best quality. After the purchase, you will get a great sink to fit right away in the bathroom to offer you a great experience with face washing and teeth brushing. Also, with a good quality sink, you no longer have to frequently replace it because it will last for many years.

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