Here are the 10 Best Pedestal Sinks You Should Consider for Your Bathroom in 2024

If you are looking for buying the best pedestal sink for your bathroom, you come to the right place. Our team has just spent a lot of time to research and assess various bathroom sinks on the market and compile a list of the best quality sinks for our reviews. We have evaluated various sinks for bathroom which includes bathroom pedestal sink, corner sink and console sinks. You may check those types of bathroom sinks later, as here we will put our more focus on the pedestal sinks for your consideration.

Bathroom pedestal sink has a statue base or support which allows the sink to stand firmly in your bathroom either small or large. It provides you a convenient space for washing your hand, cleaning your teeth and washing your face every day and night. The sink also add more decorative environment to your bathroom and make it look appealing. If you are ready to grab one, let us take you through our list of the best bathroom sinks as follows:


List of the  10 Best Pedestal Sinks for Bathroom in 2024


10. KOHLER Memoirs Pedestal Bathroom Sink with Stately Design and 4″ Centers, White

The first product we would like to introduce is Kohler pedestal sink. This bathroom sink is a refined free-standing sink that is made out of fireclay. Inspired by architectural elements, this sink harmonizes well in the bathroom and could blend in very well with other accessories in the space. Kohler sink comes in eight different colors such as white, black, almond, cashmere, dune, ice gray, thunder gray, and Mexican sand. Although the sink does not come with the faucet, customers really like this since it is very simple and easy to install. Moreover, this is also a one-year warranty offered. You can also get this best faucet for pedestal sink along if you are in need of them at the same time.

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9. Fine Fixtures Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink – 18 Inch Vitreous China Ceramic Material

As the name suggests, this is a fine sink that could last in your bathroom for an eternity. The sink will never rust since it is made out of porcelain. It also comes with two different colors which are white and biscuit. Shaped in rectangular, this is the best small sink designed as an ideal space-saving one since it will not take up too much space in your bathroom. From now on, you and your guests will always be impressed with the simple but great-looking appearance of it.

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8. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever St. Tropez One Piece Pedestal Sink, Glossy White

Coming up next is the elegant sink from Swiss Madison. Having this sink will enhance the look as well as the interior design in your bathroom. The product is painted in a high gloss finish, making the sink look shiny and smooth. The gloss is also beneficial as it does not only help prevent scratches but also helps you clean a lot easier.

This sink only comes with one color which is glossy white; however, it is well-designed to fit in any size of the bathroom. Whether your bathroom is big or small, this will always be stylish. It is easy to install this one and customers will be offered a twelve-month warranty once they purchase this one.

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7. Fine Fixtures, Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink – 22 Inch Vitreous China Ceramic Material

This is another pedestal ceramic sink from Fine Fixtures with a slight difference from the previous one. Similar to the one we introduced earlier, this one is also made out of china and is also durable. However, this is taller than the previous one. Its height is 22 inches and the faucet spread hole is 8 inches, compared to the previous one which is 4 inches. The color options are still the same. Customers could choose between biscuits and white. It is a very nice sink in which everyone should have one in their home.


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6. Small Bathroom Pedestal Sink 16 Inch White With Overflow Center

Here is another excellent sink we want to introduce. Made from high-quality porcelain, this small free-standing sink is ideal for bathrooms that have limited space. With the shiny white color, it does not only have an elegant look on the outside, but the quality is beyond expectation. It resists scratches and stains. This sink is specially designed to perfectly match with other accessories in the bathrooms such as toilets. Now, you can wash your face and brush your teeth and even put some supplies in spite of the limited space in your bathroom.

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5. Chipley 300 Vitreous China Pedestal Sink for Small and Large Bathroom

Ranking fifth is the product from M Magnus. Inspired by traditional aspects, this sink will bring you a nostalgic memory to the older time period. Like many other sinks, this one is also constructed by using high-quality china. The depth of the basin is 6 inches. Both faucet holes and overflow holes are drilled beforehand. It is an affordable sink; however, the package of this product does not include faucet and drain. Instead, it includes some mounting hardware that helps you feel more secure when using this and ensure a longer lifespan.

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4. M Magnus Home Products Alma Vitreous China Pedestal Sink

Now let’s take a look at another great product from M Magnus. Similar to the previous one, this is also made out of vitreous china, in which both holes of the faucet and the overflow are pre-drilled. The basin depth; however; is slightly shorter which is 5 ¾ inches. Another difference is the design of the sink. As you can see, this one has lots of small round-shaped yet shallow valleys around the sink, making it look like some kinds of flowers. The surface of this one is still smooth and shiny like the previous one.

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3. Signature Hardware Farnham Porcelain Pedestal Bathroom Sink with 3 Faucet Holes

One of the top three on this list is from Signature Hardware, which offers a high-quality porcelain sink supported by a durable pedestal. The sink comes with pre-drilled overflow holes and another three holes of a faucet. This sink looks brilliant in any bathroom, especially small ones. It is designed to be used for many years and undoubtedly, a lifetime warranty is given by the manufacturer once you make your purchase. Moreover, you will be satisfied with the customer service provided.

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2. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Pedestal Bathroom Sink Single Faucet Hole

This premium bathroom sink is manufactured by Swiss Madison. Its attractiveness and durability are what customers appreciate the most. There is a single faucet hole and an overflow drain is also included in the product. It is just a piece of cake to install this one in your bathroom. The surface of the sink is smooth, making it easier to clean and polish. In addition to this, it also protects from scratches since it is covered by the non-porous finish.

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1. PROFLO PF1011WH Bathroom Sink Pedestal Only for PF1410

The last awesome product that we want to introduce you is ProFlom which is a fine sink made out of fine porcelain. It comes with a pedestal which helps support the sink and conceal all the plumbing behind. The package of the product includes mounting brackets and a guideline book that helps instruct us about how to install. The sink also comes in two different lengths which are 4 inches and 8 inches. Grab one, and get a beautiful package in front of your door.

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Buying guide

As promised at the beginning of the article, this part is a little bit special especially for those who have not decided or are having trouble choosing the right one. This is a buying guide in which could help you learn more about what you should look for. Buying a sink could be stressful, but after you read this guide, we hope you would not have more concern anymore.

A fine pedestal sink is defined by its input materials as well as its durability. The best material used to make a sink is porcelain or what most people know as china, which is basically a type of ceramic. The durability of the sink should be taken into consideration as well before buying a sink. The surface of most sinks is painted with a finish that helps make it smooth and resists scratches.

You may also need to check whether the sink has a good length of overflow drain or not since it can prevent your sink from overflowing in some circumstances such as when it is clogged. Moreover, you should buy a sink based on the holes of faucet you want. But most people prefer two holes in which they could install two faucets onto a single sink.

Size is another important factor to consider. You do not wish to buy an oversized sink that could not fit in your bathroom or take up too much space. However, if you have a grand bathroom, it is not a big deal to install a grand pedestal sink. So you’d better know how much space your bathroom could afford a sink before buying one.


After reviewing these ten bathroom pedestal sinks that our team has selected beforehand, we hope that you have found an ideal one for your bathroom. Besides being sold at a reasonable or affordable price, the quality of these sinks are fully guaranteed, so rest assured while choosing your own sink from the list. Although these sinks are made by different manufacturers, they all serve similar purposes which are to provide you a proper place to wash your face, clean your hands, and brush your teeth.

Not to mention their unique designs, most of these sinks are practically made to fit in small bathrooms. Therefore, those who have a small apartment with small bathrooms do not have to worry about not having a sink any more. With one of these, now your bathroom is complete.

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