Top 10 Best Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinets in 2024

Utilizing the spaces in our homes properly is important. For doing that, the proper organization of your furniture is required. With an Over-the-toilet bathroom storage cabinet, you can easily utilize the unused space in your bathroom. A good over the toilet storage cabinet holds all of your bathroom accessories like toilet paper, towels, cosmetics, and other essentials. It transforms the generally wasted space into an attractive and convenient storage space. To help you buy an ideal over-the-toilet storage cabinet, here is a list of the top 10 over-the-toilet bathroom storage cabinets with modern integration to flexibly suit various requirements.


List of the 10 Best Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinets in 2024

1. Best Overall – Sauder 414111 Caraway Etagere finis

Sauder Caraway Etagere, Soft White

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  • Brand: SAUDER
  • Measurement: 23.3 x 7.4 x 68.1 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood

This space-saving over the top storage cabinet from Caraway Collection of Sauder is one of the finest selection. It offers a convenient addition to your bathroom fittings. The soft whitish color of the product looks brilliant with any bathroom décor. Matching with it is a faux slate finished shelf. The cabinet provides ample amount of storage for your daily bathroom needs with its adjustable shelves and closed cubbyhole.

There are a total of six shelves of mixed lengths. Two of these are inside a covered cabinet. The shelves have easy height adjustment options. Its beadboard panel on the back provides good support and looks great. The structure is quite reliable and durable. There is a good amount of space for any standard size toilet to fit in. Overall, this product from Sauder is spacious, looks good, and is great for keeping your bathroom necessities.


  • Space-saving storage cabinet that fits well over most standard-sized toilets
  • Adjustable shelves behind and panel door
  • Includes a cubbyhole storage space with height-adjustable shelf
  • A back panel of beadboard.
  • Soft White finish coupled with a Slate finish accent
  • 5 year limited warranty

2. Best Runner up – BestComfort-Toilet-Bathroom-Organizer-Adjustable

Over-The-Toilet Space Saver, BestComfort Bathroom Cabinet Organizer Over Toilet,Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf for Bathroom

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  • Brand: BestComfort
  • Measurement: 27.5 x 9.5 x 68.5 inches
  • Material: Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and Pine

This space-saver over the toilet storage cabinet from BestComfort is a very fitting alternative to the previous selection on the list. It comes with three shelves, one of which is open for easy and quick access. The other two shelves are inside a closed cabinet. You can keep the things which are not used regularly inside the closed space. The shelves come with easy 3 level height adjustments.

Its white finish looks very premium, and that matches with it’s sturdy and durable nature. The paint used on the frame makes it easy to clean and corrosion resistant as well as moisture-proof. Its high-quality pine wood finishing and the MDF panel construction ensure stability and toughness. The user manual coming with the product makes it’s assembling quite easy.


  • Pure White space-saving cabinet
  • Adjustable three-level height
  • Good quality and sturdy frame
  • One open shelf and two covered shelves in double door cabinet
  • Bottom bar at the height of 35.5” for the fitting of most standard toilets.

3. Best Under $100 – UTEX 3 Shelf Bathroom Organizer Spacesaver

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet, Bathroom Spacesaver

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  • Brand: UTEX
  • Measurement: 25.1 x 10 x 61.5 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood

The UTEX over the top bathroom space-saver offers good value for money. Available at a reasonable price under 100 USD, this bathroom organizer has a very simple appearance. It’s three shelves offer ample storage space, and are open-access shelves. The storage takes up much of the floor space though. Made from engineered wood, the structure is impressively strong and sturdy. It has a comparatively extended width to provide extra space.

This over-the-toilet is perfect for decluttering your bathroom space and organizing all the essentials. The gap between the floor and the bottom shelf is adequate for fitting in most standard-sized toilets. Setting it up maybe a bit difficult, especially if the instruction manual is not properly referred to. But, once it is assembled, it supplements your bathroom décor by its simple yet useful design.


  • Three open shelves
  • Wide shelf
  • Multipurpose design
  • Space-saving cabinet fits over most toilets
  • Soft whitish finish
  • Quality wood product
  • Ideal for short space

4. Best Value for money – Zenna Home 9819WWBB Bathroom Spacesaver

Zenna Home Over The Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver,

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  • Brand: ZENNA HOME
  • Measurement: 23.2 x 8.2 x 66.5 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood

This over-the-toilet storage cabinet from Zanna Home brings a valuable bathroom storage option. With three spacious height-adjustable shelves, it provides great value for money. Two of the shelves are covered by a closed cabinet for safekeeping of possession. A single bottom shelf has open access for convenient storage and display.

The closed cabinet doors have decorative wainscoting styles and fostered glass windows. Its back panel is also quality material with wainscoting. With a clearance of around 30.75 inches, this unit can fit with most standard toilets. For taller toilets, you can increase the gap up to 3 more inches with the Zenna Home Leg Extension, which is very convenient.


  • Good value for money
  • A mix of covered and open shelves
  • Covered shelves with doors having tempered glass windows
  • Brushed nickel door handles and decorative doors
  • A bottom shelf placed at 30.75 inches from the ground
  • Clearance can be increased to fit taller toilets

5. Cheapest Amongst All – Zenna Home 9819WWBB Bathroom Spacesaver

Zenna Home Drop Door Over The Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver

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  • Brand: ZENNA HOME
  • Measurement: 23 x 7.4 x 64.5 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood

If your budget is a bit constrained, you can opt for the Drop Door Over-the-toilet space-saver from Zenna Home. It is one of the most affordable in the segment and offers good value. It has a good spacious storage option, perfect for keeping all your bathroom essentials in an organized way. Strong engineered wood makes it a sturdy and stable product. It is made suitable for bathroom conditions and is water-resistant.

The drop-door storage space is quite innovative and offers additional storage space. Apart from that, this product comes with two more shelves. At the top is a spacious storage area behind a two-door cabinet. The closed doors look premium with the fine detailing. Another open shelf in the middle allows easy access to your essentials or the display of decorative bathroom accessories.


  • New ‘drop door’ bottom shelf for added storage
  • Three shelves – one open, one drop-door, one cabinet
  • 31.75 inches of toilet clearance
  • Available Leg extensions, adding 3 more inches in height
  • Durable and suitable for a bathroom environment
  • Attractive and useful

6. Most Easy to Assemble – Storage Cabinet Bathroom Toilet Toiletry

Wooden Storage Cabinet, Bathroom Over-The-Toilet Space Saver

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  • Measurement: 22.6 x 7.3 x 67 inches
  • Material: MDF and Glass

All the over-the-toilet space-saver cabinets need some assembling. The ones with many small parts and unclear instruction manuals make them difficult to be assembled. But that is not an issue with this one. With clearly set out a step-by-step guide, you can put this up in place quite easily. This space-saver cabinet is designed to make use of the leftover bathroom space for storing all your essential gears. It provides excellent options for bathrooms with limited spare space.

The high-quality MDF construction makes the cabinet strong and long-lasting. It has an easy to clean surface and can be cleaned with just a wipe — 32.3 inches of clearance between floor and bottom shelf to fit with most standard toilets. The frosted glass two-door cabinet provides covered storage space in addition to a single open shelf. An elegant and sleek design ensures that there is a good balance between practicality and sophistication.


  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality MDF for durability
  • One two-door cabinet has two shelves and one open shelf
  • Bright white finish accents any décor
  • Simplified Assembly

7. Most Sturdy – BestComfort Cabinet Storage Bathroom Organizer

Wooden Over The Toilet Cabinet Storage

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  • Brand: BestComfort
  • Measurement: 22.6 x 7.5 x 61.3 inches
  • Material: MDF and Glass

This bathroom storage cabinet by BestComfort is pretty stable and sturdy. It is crafted from good quality MDF and is built to last long. The solid white color makes it easy to clean and gives it a nice finish. With the top of the cabinet, the two covered shelves, and an open bottom shelf, this over-the-top cabinet provides adequate space for storing all your bathroom needs.

It need not be fixed to the wall and is a free-standing structure. It and can be conveniently moved and placed behind your toilet. A 32.3 inches clearance makes it ideal for most of the standard toilets. Good customer care service with prompt actions in case of any issue with the product or its assembling.


  • A solid white color offers a premium look
  • High-quality MDF construction ensures stability and durability
  • Strong and sturdy frame
  • One Two-door cabinet with two shelves, and one open access shelf for convenient storage
  • Easily fits over most standard-sized toilets.

8. Best Finishing – Yaheetech Over Toilet Cabinet Space Saving

Yaheetech Over The Toilet Cabinet Space-Saving

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  • Brand: YAHEETECH
  • Measurement: 23.2 x 7.4 x 68.9 inches
  • Material: P2 MDF and Solid Pine Wood

The fineness of a product is realized when it is created with great attention to even the minutest details. This piece of over-the-toilet cabinet space-saver from Yaheetech is a great example of that. For extra space-saving and storage, this cabinet provides six shelves for different sizes. Two of the shelves are behind a closed cabinet door that is fitted strong and pinstripe etched tempered glass. The large and spacious bottom shelf comes in a faux marble finish that shows it’s elegance. It is also moisture resistant, which is much useful for bathroom furniture. All the shelves come with 5 position height adjustment to suit your exact purpose.

Not only storage, but this space-saver cabinet also uplifts the décor of your bathroom. Made with P2 MDF material, this cabinet is impressively sturdy, stable, and durable. The glass door of the closed cabinet has been curated for a premium appearance. Attached to steel metal knobs, it is quite easy and comforting to open. The metal hinges are of superior quality to ensure durability. Magnetic door catches allow smooth opening and closing of the door.


  • Strong P2 MDF for greater stability
  • Easy to clean and water-resistant
  • 6 shelves of varying dimensions for more practicality
  • Cabinet with high-strength tempered glass
  • Innovative faux marble shelf
  • 5-position shelf height adjustments
  • Detailed finishing with sleek metal knobs, hinges and magnetic door catches

9. Most Lightweight And Portable – UTEX Bathroom Organizer Spacesaver Espresso

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet,

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  • Brand: UTEX
  • Measurement: 25.1 x 10 x 61.5 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood

UTEX’s white finish over-the-toilet bathroom organizer is one of the most lightweight storage cabinets. It has a very simple design but serves it’s purpose quite efficiently. Weighing merely 20 lbs, this space-saver is ideal for constrained spaces that offer good portability. The simple yet useful design ensures that all your bathroom essentials remain organized in a single place.

Made from wood, this structure is stable and tough. It has three open shelves for easy storage of items. It is quite easy to assemble. There is also an additional money-back guarantee from the manufacturer in case of any issue with the product. Ample space between the floor and bottom shelf enables most standard toilets to fit with it. It is trendy and useful and is a good choice at a reasonable price.


  • 3 Open shelves for easy storage
  • Spacious shelves
  • Lightweight and easily movable
  • Easily fits over toilets
  • Modern design
  • Soft white finish gives a classy appearance

10. Best Features – Zenna Home 9119W Collection Spacesaver

Zenna Home Cottage Collection Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Spacesave

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  • Brand: ZENNA HOME
  • Measurement: 23.2 x 7.5 x 66.5 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood

Zenna Home’s Cottage Collection over-the-toilet space-saver provides ample storage space for all your bathroom accessories. The items can be stored in four levels of shelves, including the top. In the middle is a closed-door cabinet for secure storing, while the other shelves are open to access.

The lowest shelf is around 30.5 inches above the floor. So, there is enough space for any standard sized toilet to fit in. In case you have a taller toilet, the cabinet can be further raised with the Zenna Home Leg Extension. The white finish and wood cabinet doors with decorative wainscoting add to the look of your bathroom. The engineered wood is sturdy enough to withstand the test of time. This product offers good features for storing your toiletries, linens or decorative accessories.


  • Innovative design for maximum space-saving
  • Increased storage space
  • Optional leg extension for fitting taller toilets
  • Closed cabinet offer greater storage area
  • Decorative wainscoting cabinet doors
  • Fits most standard toilet with 30.5 inches of clearance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1: What should be the ideal height of the bottom shelf for fitting any kind of toilet?

ANS: Most of the over-the-toilet storage cabinets come at a standard clearance that allows it to be fit overall ordinary-sized toilets. The average gap between the floor and the lowest shelf of the cabinet ranges between 30 inches to 35 inches. You should choose one that suits the size of your toilet. For good fitting, measure the height of your toilet from the floor to the top of the tank. A standard toilet comes at around 26 to 32 inches. So, choose a cabinet according to the measurement.

Ques 2: Are closed shelves better than open shelves?

ANS: Both types of shelves are important for specific purposes. A closed shelf keeps your belongings protected. It can be used to store items that you do not want to show. Open shelves are best for keeping the things that you use regularly. It provides easy access and also is used for displaying decorative items.

Ques 3: How many shelves are standard in an over-the-toilet storage cabinet?

ANS: Generally, most of the bathroom storage cabinets come with three shelves as standard. The shelves can be open or within a closed cabinet. However, some storage cabinets offer extra shelves for more storage. You can choose a cabinet as per your requirement.


Our bathroom is one place we expect the utmost comfort and convenience in. Over-the-toilet storage cabinets are really helpful for keeping our daily bathroom necessities in an organized way. It provides an easy storage option. There is a wide variety of these innovations available. Depending upon your need, you can get a closed-door cabinet or an open shelf one. These shelves make better use of the space, which is already occupied, thus giving your bathrooms an organized appearance. For every modern house, these are the indispensable installations for qualitative lifestyle.

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