Get one of these 10 Best Inflatable Projector Screens for Outdoor Movie, Film Festival and Other Events in 2022 Below!

We sure you’ve ever heard of a portable outdoor projector screen. But have you ever known about an inflatable projector screen? It is just like an inflatable toy to use outdoor or inside the pool, expect this one if for screening. In a modern living, most people often prefer to have an inflatable projector screen since it is unique, easy to inflate and deflate, perfect for pool, beach and other outdoor wide application.

The inflatable projector screen is an inflatable framework with the projection screen attached. It is built for using outdoor movie, film fest, drive-in theaters, fundraising events and other community gathering. If you are the organizer of such event, here we have the collection of the best inflatable projector screens for you. Go and grab one that can transform your party or gathering into something happier and more unforgettable.

List of the 10 Best Inflatable Projector Screens in 2022

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10. Jumbo 20 Feet Inflatable Outdoor and Indoor Theater Projector Screen

inflatable outdoor projector screen

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KHOMO GEAR inflatable projector screen makes your pool party become even happier than expected. This is a projection screen that allows you to screen on both front and rear sides. It comes with a quiet air blower that helps you inflate the screen quickly and conveniently. It only takes about 5 minutes to set it up. Since it is made of top quality materials, it is very durable, and can withstand with outside weather and temperature greatly. It is also waterproof too.

The package also comes with 6 tough ropes, and 6 solid plastic stake to keep the inflatable outdoor projector screen stable. Users also receive a storage bag to keep the screen organized as well.

9. EasyGoProducts, 14′ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

inflatable movie screen with projector

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EasyGoProducts provides a large display screen which is best for both on and off water party. It features a wide white detachable screen of 14 ft which can be removed once you are done using it. It can be attached and detached conveniently and fast as it comes with a clip and click style. The screen is also anti-crease which does not leave any wrinkles after you unfold the folded. Surrounded by inflatable frame, the whole screen looks totally impressive.

What is more, this inflatable movie screen with projector comes with an air blower that is very quiet during operation. Because it blow the air from behind and bottom, it makes the whole construction of the projector screen remains very stable.

8. EasyGo Products 17′ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

inflatable movie screen with projector and speakers

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EasyGoProducts inflatable outdoor projector screen can turn your movie night into something incredible. It has a 17 inches large surface that provides a large screening. The product also comes with a white matte screen that is detachable. It is very easy to attach to the entire inflatable surface as it comes with clipping buckles that only requires you to click and go. The construction features 2 stable standing pegs that makes it look like a real projector screen without air.

It stays stable throughout the time thanks to its continuous air blower that works with high performance to keep the item inflated. The item weighs only 21 pounds which is lightweight. It also comes with a folding design that makes it a travel friendly outdoor product to own. If these inflatable screens are not right for you, you may consider one of these Dropdown Portable Projector Screens instead.

7. Laika Factory​16′ Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen

inflatable movie screen and projector

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When there is a need for large screen, you should never skip this inflatable movie screen and projector from Laika Factory. It has a larger and more durable construction compared to ordinary product. Coupled with that, it also has a larger screening area that is perfect for outdoor movie night or party night at the beach. Being built with two-color projecting materials of black and white, the screen greatly distributes equal brightness and greater contrast to the displaying.

Apart from this, the product is convenient and quick to inflate. It arrives with an air pump system that quickly pump the air in and inflate the whole construction less than 3 minutes.

6. VIVOHOME 14ft Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Blow up Mega Movie Projector Screen with Carry Bag

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Who does not know about VIVO when it comes to screening equipment? Here, VIVOHOME also brings to you a reliable inflatable tv screen and projector for outdoor use. The item is ideal for pool party, beach movie, and other outdoor wide application. Since it is the product of premium 210D Oxford cloth, it is very long lasting, resistant to tearing and outdoor weather. Beside that, the screening surface is smooth which is best for delivering high quality picture during film showing.

It also features a plug and blow mechanism that makes it easy for users to inflate the product. By simply plug the air blower to the inflating area of the screen, it will automatically and constantly blow out air to inflate.

5. VIVOHOME 16ft Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Blow up

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The next item is also the product of VIVOHOME inflatable screen and projector. Therefore, you can trust the quality. This projector screen offers a 16 ft wide angle screening area that allows users to easily watch the movie from most of the angle. It features a triangular base design which helps to make the entire construction remain stable throughout time. Coming with durable rope system, it can withstand high pressure while allowing the air pumper to continually pump the air to support the screen.

VIVOHOME can be screened on both the front and rear thanks to its smooth and equal coloring screen design. With a high aspect ratio of 16:9, it screens high definition footage which offers a theatre like experience.

4. U-MAX 14ft Inflatable Movie Screen

U-MAX 14ft Inflatable Movie Screen

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This one from U-MAX provides the best form of outdoor entertainment. Whether you have an outdoor party, movie, or soccer night with your friends or family, you can always trust the screening quality of this product. It provides a wide screen experience since it has a large screening surface. It has a white screen that can be simply attached to and detached from the black screen by clicking on its clipping buckles.

As the white screening is made of Canvas fabric, it is very easy to clean up and take care of. It is also stain free and anti-crease which never affects the quality of footage screening at all. By reading the included user’s manual, you can finish the set up fast and effortlessly.

3. HOLIDAY STYLING​​ Outdoor Movie Projector Screen

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HOLIDAY STYLING is a quality inflatable outdoor projector screen that reminiscing the good old time night drive in movie. It has a lot larger surface compared to the previous product. This means that it can also deliver a wide angle displaying experience too. Made of 600D thick fabric, it is very durable, tough, and perfectly resistance to wearing, weather, and water. Together with good down roping system, the whole construction can be maintained in its original position since the first set up. Like the assembling, Disassembling the item can be easy and quick. Simply unplug the air blower and let the time deflate the inflated.

2. Laika Factory 20′ Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen

20' Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen

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Then, let’s meet another product from Laika Factory. This one comes in an even larger screen compared to the last one. This Laika provides a 20ft large screening surface that makes it feel like you are actually inside the movie theater. It delivers an aspect ratio of 16:9 which is wide and eye cold. With a two-coloring system, this Laika Factory inflatable projector screen offers good brightening and contrasting to the footage. This makes it more precise to watch with bare eyes.

1. Star Paraselene 22′ Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen – Huge Air-Blown Cinema Projection Screen

22' Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen - Huge Air-Blown Cinema Projection Screen

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Star Paraselene is the last, the top best, and the largest inflatable outdoor projector screen on our review list. It comes with a 22 ft large screening surface that is best for every wide application. Whether you have a pool or beach party, this one offers high definition footage screening that is precise. Although it is large, it is very stable when set on the ground.

This is because it has a good, durable, and stable roping system to help withstand with outside air and weather. Similarly, this product also adopts a new technology of two-coloring which helps to provide a good balance of brightness and contrast to enhance the quality of footage.

Buying Guide of Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screen

Screening Size

The first thing that you should consider before buying a certain inflatable outdoor projector screen, you should consider the size of the screening surface. If you want to experience a theatre feel, you are highly recommended to get a screen that is as large as possible. The size that you may want to consider is 19 ft, 20 ft, and 22 ft.


The second factor to consider is the process of installation. Choosing the one with easy installation can save a lot of your time. All of them products we highlighted above feature quick and simple setting up process that can be done within a few minutes only. They come with powerful air pump motor that constantly pumps the air to the screen in a plug and go mechanism.

Good Features

You should never forget to consider other good features as well. Those good features include coming with option of screening, high quality used materials, durable supporting system, being a lightweight product, and easy storage. Most of the products we suggested on the list can be screened on both front and rear sides. All of them also comes with good supporting system that have a durable rope system to keep the item straight and stable. The products are foldable, packable, and travel friendly.


Where to buy inflatable projector screen?

You can buy the the inflatable screen from many online store such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and E-bay. These online stores sell various projecting screens from different companies. However, if you want to be easy and time saving, you can just go through our list of our best selection above and grab the one that fits your need best.

How to fold inflatable projector screen?

To fold an inflatable projector screen, you first need to inflate it first. Make sure you force all the air from it and lay it down on the ground floor. You can walk around on it as a platform to press the air to get outside. After getting all the air out, then you can fold it like folding the mat. Then pack it into the back. That’s it. You can also watch the video wrap up below as well.



If you are planning to organize the outdoor movies, film festival or community gathering, you can consider one of the inflatable projector screens above to make your event more thrilling and fun. They are a new way of outdoor screening or pool party. By having them with you, your gathering can be something even more incredible and enjoyable.

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