10 Best Portable Projector Screens in 2024

A portable projector screen is screening surface supported by strong structure. It is used for displaying and screening image, video or presentation to the audiences. If you are an event organizer who always organize a business meeting, movie gathering and film festival or so, the portable projector screen will be of great help to you to make your event more successful. If you think you are in need of one now, then we have compiled the best selections for you. Check out our list of the best portable projector screens below.


Here are the 10 Best Portable Projector Screens in 2024

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10. MUDEREK Foldable Anti-Crease portable projector screen for Home Theater

Home Theater portable projector screen

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MUDEREK is a large projector screen that has a great portability. It comes with a folding construction that allows users to fold it up and down and carry it to any place. It is best for displaying movies, showing lectures, or doing a presentation at work. Made of polyester fibre materials, the projector screen is very smooth and can display more precise viewing. It is also durable which is resistant to tearing and wearing. On top of this, the screen also has a wide angle that comes in 160° degree. This makes it easy for users to view the footage and documentation from any angle possible. MUDEREK arrives with a good layer construction that contributes to greater and clearer contrasts.

9. isopeen 60 Inch 4:3 HD Projector Screen Portable

portable projector screen amazon

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When there is a need for wide angle viewing, this large portable projector screen from Iso Peen is what you can rely on. The screen comes with a 160° wide angle screen that can display footage in a 180° large. It also comes with a simple installation which you can hang it on any poles or place. Once you no longer need to use it, you can simply fold it down and pack it up. The product is highly resistant to wrinkles and remains with its original shape for years. The screen’s fabric is made of polyester materials which tends to last longer. This portable projector screen also comes with side hoops that makes hanging become a lot easier for users.

8. Elite Screens Manual B Projector Portable Screen

diy portable projector screen

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Elite Projector Screen is a pure white pulling portable projector screen that allows you to adjust the size and the length of screen that you need. This is an extraordinary projector screen because it offers a 4K ultra high definition picture to your videos, documentation, and images. Moreover, it comes with a handy active 3D function which is best for movie chilling night.

Since the screen is large, it offers a 180° viewing angle for its users. Thus, it is wide and users can watch it from any angle. Elite Screens is entirely backed in black color to ensure the display can be clearer. It is also highly proof against mildew which is very easy to take care of.

7. Projector Screen with Stand, TaoTronics Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen

best portable projector screen

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If you are looking for a wrinkle-free portable projector screen, you can look at this one from TaoTronics first. Being made of top quality PVC matte materials, the screen can be folded down and folded back up without leaving any wrinkle stains at all. There is no complex setting up for this product. All you need to do is to find a flat ground and hang it securing with strong and sturdy rope. TaoTronics projector screen comes in a wide viewing angle of 160° and also comes with a less reflective feature that is great for both indoor and outdoor screening.

6. Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen 16:9 HD Foldable Anti-crease Portable Projector Movies Screen

portable outdoor projector screen

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The next portable outdoor projector screen is coming from Mdbebbron. This projector screen is an anti crease product that never leaves any wrinkles behind when you fold and unfold it. It is also very lightweight which can be carried from place to place. Being built with high absorbance materials of natural polyester, the screen remains smooth and provides good image throughout time. It will never hold any yellow stains either. Mdbebbron projector screen is very convenient and quick to set up because it has side heaps which you can hang it on the wall with rope.

5. PERLESMITH 100 Inch Projector Screen with Stand Portable for Outdoor Indoor

projector screen portable

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If size does matter to you, you can also check this out. PERLESMITH projector screen portable comes with a very large size which is good for wide application including movie, presentation, and party sliding. It also comes with a durable and stable stand that can hold the screen in place. Being designed in a rolling construction, users only need to set it up once and it is ready to use forever. Just roll it back up once you no longer need to use it. The stand of this PERLESMITH screen also allows users to adjust the height and there is an auto locking system to keep the height stable as well.

4. VIVO Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand

portable projector screen with stand

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VIVO portable projector screen is ideal for both indoor and outdoor movie and presentation. The screen is large and provide about 120° angle of viewing. Coming with a white matte screen, it is great at spreading out the light to the entire screen making the pictures come out in high definition. This VIVO projector screen features a premium black backing which offers a greater contrast to your viewing. It comes with a durable and stable stand to keep the entire screen in place. The stand itself features an auto locking system which makes height adjustment become a very simple task to complete.

3. PropVue Projector Screen with Stand 100 inch

portable projector and screen

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This incredible portable projector screen from PropVue has a wrinkle free matte construction which helps to deliver smooth and clear picture. The product is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage as it arrives with a tight straps that allow users to set it up in a very fast and simple way. This item also features a retractable and height adjustable designs which makes it convenient for users to choose the screen length and stand height to meet their needs and requirements.

Its tripod stand is very stable and secure as it is wide and has an auto locking mechanism. What is more, it also comes with a tough storage bag to keep the product organized and to assist your travel.

2. P-JING Projector Screen with Stand, portable projector screen lightweight

portable projector screen lightweight

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If you ever look for a high performance portable projector screen to suit both indoor and outdoor use, we highly recommend you to this, P-JING 100 Inch Screen. The product is perfect at offering a high resolution viewing of 16:9 4K HD. As it is large, it also delivers a 160° wide angle viewing to its users. It also has a built in light diffusing system to help distribute equal lighting to the entire screen.

Plus, the screen is the product of natural polyester fabric, it is durable to last for a very long time. Besides, it also hold no yellow stains either. P-JING is pretty simple and quick to mount on the wall. It comes with hollowed corner frame that allows users to hang it to the pole or other hanging materials.

1. EleTab Projector Screen Portable, Outdoor Indoor Projector Movies Screen Foldable

small portable projector screen

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This projector screen from EleTab carries out a very precise viewing that is totally good for your eyes. Besides it comes in a very large size, it delivers footage in a 160° wide angle that is convenient for users to watch it from different angle setting. It also has an anti-crease build which provides no wrinkles after you fold and unfold it.

It is a product of natural polyester materials which comes in a great thickness and durability. Because of that, it offers a sharper and greater contrast viewing of the videos and images. For the installation, it is a piece of cake. As the screen itself comes with side hoops, users can simply attach it with rope and hang it to a flat area to start playing your favorite movie.

What makes the best portable projector screen?

Consider Size

Normally, when you decide to get a projector screen, this means that you are looking for something wider than the TV or monitor screen for wide applications. Still, you need to know how wide you want it to be. Most portable projector screens start with 100 inch large. Some are even 120 inches and 150 inches. It depends on your decision to choose the one that matches your needs.

Viewing Angle

When you use a projector screen, of course, you want to experience a wide angle viewing. That is why, viewing angle matters. On our list, we have reviewed different kinds of wide angle projector screens. Some are 160° wide angle while others are 180° angle. There is also a smaller viewing angle for those who do not like to watch in a wide angle display. You can still choose a 120° angle.

Ease of Installation

Ease of installation might be the last thing you question since most people rarely notice about that when they purchase stuff. Actually installation mechanism is very important and you need to consider it before buying. When it comes to getting a portable projector screen, it has 2 installation options. Some comes with a simple hanging setup which means it already arrives with side hoops. Thus, you only need to attach the strap and hang it on the wall. Others may come with stand which you no longer need to install it at all. You can just roll it close and pull it open to start screening.


What is the best portable projector screen?

The best projector screen can be identified based on the size and usability of your need. If you need to screen the movie or presentation to a big group of people, then you can go for a large projector screen. But if you just want to organize a small gathering at home or in office, then a small-size portable one is enough for you. You can go through the list of the projector screens above and find the right one for yourself.

How to make a portable projector screen?

If you don’t want to buy a projector screen, you actually can utilize the white canvas or white wall to display your presentation and image from your projector. However, if you want a best quality one, you should buy the already-made screen. It is very affordable and available widely in the market.


All in all, getting a portable projector screen is not that complicated as there are many of them on the market. However, getting the ones with good features and good quality is what concerns. With all of the products we have suggested on the lists, you can choose any one of your favorites and it will satisfy you.

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