12 Best Mini Projectors for Home Cinema, Business and Outdoor in 2024

Conventional projecting devices have a lot of comparative advantages for home entertainment and classroom screening. On the other hand, exceptionally mini projector is more helpful for business people and instructors in emergency cases when the typically-employed projecting devices do not function. The small projector could also serve for a single person as his/her bedroom entertainments, too. Therefore, if you are looking for one, here we have listed the top 12 best mini projectors for home cinemas, businesses and outdoors for you.


List of the 12 Best Mini Projectors You Should Have in 2024

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12. AAXA P7 Mini Projector with Battery | Native 1080P Full HD Resolution

AAXA P7 Mini Projector with Battery Full HD Resolution

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AAKA P7 mini projector is a compact projector with size smaller than a palm. The design is semi-modern considering the product has a squared shape like the conventional projectors. Nevertheless, AAKA P7 projector comes with a Black chrome-like painting along with lens circled by a chrome-like painted ring. Despite the compact size of the product’s, AAKA P7 mini-projector is able to screen with image quality belonged to 1080 pixels.

This mini HD projector is powered by single 38W Lithium-Ion battery. For a single charge, the projecting device could project images for 90 minutes as a maximum running time. More specially, a single 2W speaker is built inside the projector as well. It is most suitable for business travel, outdoor show and home cinema.

11. Nebula Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector by Anker

Nebula Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector by Anker

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Nebula capsule smart mini projector possesses a shape belonged to its name ‘Capsule.’ This projecting device is capsule like with proportionately long diameter to its width. Nebula Capsule bears a resemblance of a traditional compact speaker with lens on top of the mini-projector. Head of the projector is a control panel while the bottom is a built-in speaker. Nebula Capsule could screen at platform as large as 100-inch diameter.

The quality of the speaker is 360-degree while almost the whole Nebula Capsule’s physique is made of aluminum for durability purpose. With a total weight of 15 oz, users are able to stream anything ranging from Netflix to multimedia entertainment.

10. APEMAN Mini DLP Video Projector, Built-in Battery with Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

apeman projector with Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

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Apeman mini movie projector comes with built-in speakers at both side ends of design. Contrast ratio rate belonged to APEMAN projector is 1000 to 1. While the rate is not high for a conventional projectors’ standard, it is nevertheless acceptable for a pocketed projector. The product’s speakers are able to serve as Bluetooth speakers with their 3W-acoustic output.

APEMAN small projector comes with a cooling system, too. The system functions as a noise breaker to promise the compact projector’s operation in a quiet noise. Like Nebula Capsule, the product could screen on a screening platform of 100 inches and fewer.

9. XGIMI MoGo Smart Mini Movie Projector with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Android TV

XGIMI MoGo Smart mini led projector

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XGIMI MoGo offers a different vibe of impressions because the overall design is rather similar to a 1990s’ pocketed radio with a full size one and a half of the adult’s palm size. More prestigious than even the traditional large-sized projectors is the fact XGIMI MoGo was able to screen image qualities ranging from 1080 pixels to 4K.

Furthermore, XGIMI MoGo’s autofocus function is 10000+ points which make even every small and detailed image sharp and clear. The keystone correction, additionally, is 40_ degrees which makes XGIMI MoGo possible to project images even on the ceiling. The maximum screen size is 100 inches.

8. GooDee Mini LED Projector, mini projector for iPhone

GooDee mini led projector

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Subjectively, GooDee’s mini led projector looks unique and adorable like a robot. Along with its own tripod, the compact projecting device has an alien-like design. This mini-projector could be communicated with your PCs and Smartphones through USB, HDMI, SD and AV. Moreover, the product could screen with image quality up to 1080 pixels. While the manufacturer is able to offer a 1.38-lb weight of GooDee’s, the tripod included in the package allows the compact projecting device to rotate in 360 degrees.

With lesser qualities than the aforementioned mini-projecting devices, GooDee could project on screens between 40 and 60-inch diameters. And as a basic, the projecting distance is between 4.92 feet and 8.20 feet. It is best for using in your bedroom and small room activities.

7. VANKYO Burger 101 Pico Projector | Rechargeable DLP Wireless Mini Projector

VANKYO Burger 101 Pico Projector, Rechargeable DLP Wireless Mini Projector

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VANKYO Burger’s most special feature is the fact the mini projector’s whole size is only one-third of the adult’s palm size. The product is able to screen with image quality 1080 pixels. On a side note, the product’s contrast ratio is 1000 to 1. As mentioned, while the rate is not large, it is acceptable for compact and pocketed projectors. There are two methods users are able to connect their devices with VANKYO Burger.

The first one is the HDMI cable while the second one is the WiFi connectivity. A remarkable feature is the fact that users were able to watch 3D multimedia entertainment with 3D glasses through projections by VANKYO Burger.

6. Nebula Mars II 300 ANSI Lumen Home Theater Mini-Projector by Anker

nebula capsule smart mini projector

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This is another Nebula capsule smart mini projector called “Mars II”. It is another version of XGIMI MoGo’s because of Mars II’s walking-radio-like physical design. The mini-projector could offer projections with 720-pixel image quality. Speakers come in two as the built-in speakers with 10W power. 40-degree keystone correction could allow Mars II to project on the ceilings. On the other hand, the product supports only the Android operating systems from 7.1 and above.

Communication between Mars II and your devices is through a mobile application. Additionally, it takes Mars II only one second to focus automatically, so the compact projector could screen immediately once you switch on the lens. Lastly, Mars II has a carrying handle on top.

5. Mini Artlii DLP Projector with Built-in Battery for Travel and Outdoor

mini projector for phone

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Artlii mini movie projector bears a resemblance of a conventional large-sized projector. The size itself is two-third of the adult’s palm size. The product is powered by 5200-mAh battery. Artlii mini is covered by a heavy-duty metal case too. A maximum screening platform of the product’s is 120-inch. On the other hand, 3D multimedia experience could be offered by Artlii mini as well. Nevertheless, 3D glasses do not come inside the package.

4. Pico Projector New Pocket Projector | Mini Projector Compatible with Laptop & Smartphones

mini projector for smartphone

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Pico Projector had been designed like a pocketed power bank with two different colors of choices such as Yellow and Black. The featured colors occupy half of the power-bank-like mini-projector while the other more than half comes with White color. Total size of Pico Projector is equal to fairly larger than a palm size.

This mini projector for phone could be charged with a power bank while Pico Projector’s manufacturer has offered data-transmission ports such as AV, Micro-SD Card, USB, HDMI, etc. With such ports, Pico Projector could be connected with various types of multimedia devices ranging from Blu-ray players to your Smartphone. A 3-month refund policy is promised for the product.

3. Mini LED Projector Vamvo Video Projector

Vamvo L4200 Portable Video Projector

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Despite the very compact size, Vamvo mini LED projector comes as a whole package with the product’s own carrying bag. The projecting device could offer image quality up to 720 pixels. The contrast ratio rate is 2000 to 1 which is still small yet larger than some previously mentioned mini-projectors. However, the LED lamp lifetime is up to 50,000 hours. Connectivity ports equipped by the manufacturer are such as AV, USB, HDMI, etc.

Vamvo is able to project at a distance range of 4.9-15 feet while the projection size is between 49 and 200-inches diameters. While some aforementioned mini-projection devices are not offered with warranties, Vamvo comes with a two-year warranty.

2. LED Mini Projector WOWOTO A5 Pro | Small DLP Video Projector

Mini Projector WOWOTO A5 Pro | Portable DLP Video Projector

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WOWOTO’s contrast ratio is 2000 to 1 like Vamvo. Lifetime of the LED lamps’ is 45,000 hours while WOWOTO is able to deliver 1080-pixel image quality. The maximum projection screen of the product’s is 150 inches in diameter. On the other hand, the projection distance is between 0.98 feet and 6.56 feet. With WOWOTO’s total weight of 0.55 lbs, the product could only be connected with computing devices employing Android operations system 7.1 and above.

Potential users shall be made aware nevertheless WOWOTO had not received licenses from streaming services such as Netflix, so Netflix’s content could not be screen via the mini-projecting device.

1. AUCARY Mini 4k Projector | AUCARY 3D Pico Projector for Home Theater

AUCARY Mini Portable Projector | AUCARY 3D Pico Projector for Home Theater

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AUCARY’s contrast ratio is 2000 to 1 while the product is able to support images qualities ranging from 1080 pixels to 4K. Unlike WOWOTO, AUCARY mini-projector is able to screen content from Netflix. Furthermore, both computing devices with operating systems by Google and iOS could be connected wirelessly with AUCARY projector.

While the keystone correction allows the compact projecting device to screen on various types of platforms including the ceilings, the product is able to work continuously between 120 and 130 minutes considering it is powered by a 8400-MaH battery. Connection ports built-in are such as HDMI, USB 2.0, Micro-SD card; which are a lot.

What to consider when buying a mini projector

Size: Size does matter; even though, all of the reviewed and stated products are compact in design. Some products are much larger than a palm while some other products are only one-third of a palm size.

Image Quality: Tiny size shall not comprise the quality of the images’. As a result, qualities 720 pixels shall be a minimum standard.


What is the best mini projector?

Well, there are various projectors available in the market, ranging from the smallest one to the largest one. Before, the projector is make in large size. But with the advancement of technology, people make possible the mini-size projector which is portable and is able to produce high quality visual just like the large one. Thus, if you are looking for the best mini size projector, I would recommend you to pick up the HD and 4K one. This kind of compact projector can give you a clear multimedia screening, regardless of movie time or business presentation.

What is the best cheap mini projector?

If you are looking for the best but cheap mini projector, we would recommend you to check out the following projectors such as Pico, GooDee Mini, & Fosa Mini Projector. These projectors cost under 100 dollars only while the quality is acceptable among its peers. Their designs are also compact and easy to store and bring along on your trip. The weight of the device is also light. For the use, you can just connect it to your smartphone, and you can use it straight away. However, if you want a more high quality one, you might consider the higher price one as well.

How to use mini-projector?

The mini-project is easy to use and setup. Normally, you just connect it to your iPhone or Android phone vis bluetooth or connector, turn it on and play it straight away. It is built for ease to use. So, you don’t need to worry about much about it. You may read the manual or instruction before using it. All of these devices come with a proper instruction for use.


Having one of these compact mini projectors is the best solution to your small family home cinema, business travel and other outdoor fun activities. This pocketed projector is really advanced and helpful to have. In case you now feel convinced and thinking of setting up a cinema for your home now, you can check the ultimate guide for home movie theater setup here. Cheers!

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