Top 10 Best Dog Water Fountains in 2024

Keeping your dog hydrated is one of the most important jobs for pet owners. Thus, having a great fountain for dogs is one of the best ways to ensure the quality of your pet’s life. In order to get the best dog water source for your dog to stay healthy always, check out our curated list of top ten best dog water Fountains which can automatically dispense water for your pets below.


List of the 10 Best Dog Water Fountains in 2024

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10. Veken Pet Fountain| Automatic Cat/Dog Fountain

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To start with, let us first look at this pet fountain from Veken. There are 2 colors for choices, which are blue and grey. The pump is designed to offer a very quiet process, and it is also long-lasting for about 2.5-4 years use. It comes with a large capacity of 2.5 liters in total, which is equivalent to 84 oz. The circulation guarantees that the final water is healthy for the pets to consume.

It composes of PP resin, and the bowl is tested to be BPA free. There are 3 different designs for the flow mode, which include (1) flower waterfall, (2) flower bubble and (3) gentle fountain. There are 3 filters provided for you for replacement.

9. Zeus Fresh & Clear Elevated Dog and Cat Water Dispenser

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Dogit also supplies us with fresh and healthy water for the pets to drink on a daily basis. it comes with a wide surface area for the dogs to consume from different angles and positions. The water comes in a fresher taste that attracts the pet to stay hydrated all day. The filtration system features multiple stages before the final step is secured for consumption. It is able to hold about 200 ounces of water in total, which is enough for up to several days. Thus, with all of these features, the water aims to help the pet to eliminate all the health problems, including muscle and joint issues.

8. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Water Dispenser | Automatic Drinking Fountain

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Moving onto the next dog drinking fountain from PetSafe, it comes in the platinum color with the capacity of 168 oz. The size is just ideal for all size pets. The water capacity that it can hold is about 1.3 gallon. Moreover, it comes with a carbon filtration system that ensures the elimination of all unpleasant odors and tastes for a safe drinking experience.

The flow is customizable, allowing users to set their own water flow for the dog to drink. Also, the fountain is ensured to be BPA free, and the top shelf can be washed with a dishwasher. Thus, users do not need to spend much effort in maintenance.

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7. PetSafe Drinkwell Indoor/Outdoor Dog Fountain

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Here comes another model of dog water fountain from PetSafe. Compared to the previous model, this one comes with a larger capacity, which is suitable for a larger dog or more dogs. It is able to hold approximately 450 oz of water in total. The stream comes in a free-falling flow that encourages the pets to consume more water. The carbon filtration system is made to be replaceable, and it works greatly to remove all the bad smell and tastes.

In addition, the fountain comes with a tall side design which prevents water from splashing or spilling outside. It is made of high quality plastic, and it is resistant to UV rays. For the cleaning process, users can simply remove the top shelf and place it into the dishwasher.

6. Scuddles Dog Water Fountain Step On Toy

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It’s time to look at this dog drinking tap from Scuddles. It is available for you at a very reasonable price. There is no need for skills to operate this fountain because users only have to attach the sprinkler to start the process. It offers clean water after going through the filtration process that eliminates all the bacteria and diseases. The flow of water serves as a motivation for your dog to drink and more and more water every day. There is also an instruction provided for users to train their dogs to use it before starting the operation.

5. NPET Cat Water Fountain

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NPET offers us another great fountain for dogs to use. The capacity of the bowl is as high as 3 liters, which is enough to feed multiple pets at once. Thus, users can also go out for several days and leave water there for the pets to drink. It comes with 3 different modes for the water flow, which include wide waterfall, fountain mode and leaf shape mode. All of them serve different purposes, yet they all encourage the dogs to drink more water.

It comes with a transparent exterior for pet owners to see whether the water is clean and safe or not for the pets to consume. It is made of high quality PS resin, and it is also BPA free. Last but not least, it uses the carbon filtration system to purify and increase oxygen inside.

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4. PetSafe Drinkwell 2 Gallon Dog and Cat Drinking Dispenser

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For this drinking fountain from PetSafe, it is suitable for both medium and large size dogs. It comes with a high capacity of 2 gallons of water in total. Thus, pets can drink the water for a few days ahead. The water has a free-falling mode that is attractive to the dogs and makes them drink more and more water for better hydration.

The fountain features an advanced water filtration circulation which secures the water against the invasion of bacteria. The water flow is adjustable, and it features a quiet flowing process. As a leading industry in the US, PetSafe offers the best customer satisfaction along with its products.

3. isYoung Pet Fountain

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Then, we have this pet fountain from isYoung. It is very affordable, and it has the capacity of 2.5 liters. It is suitable for both small and medium size pets. This fountain encourages them to stay hydrated all day to improve the quality of their own health. The filtration system does remove not only contaminants but also any bad taste or smell that deter the dogs from drinking water. The fountain also features a noise-cancelling system which offers a very quiet process. Hence, with this pet fountain, the dogs are guaranteed with the freshest water to drink.

2. isYoung Pet Fountain, 84oz/2.5L | Automatic Cat/Dog Drinking Fountain

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Here is another model of dog drinking dispenser from isYoung. It comes with a free-falling water stream that attracts the dogs and cats to drink more water than expected. The fountain features a quiet filtration system which never creates any unpleasant noise. The stream flow is also adjustable to suit the demands and preferences of the pet. It is made of non-toxic materials which are ensured to be BPA free. It also never provides any bad odors or taste to the water. For the installation process, it is also very easy with instructions provided from the manufacturer.

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1. PetSafe Drinkwell Zen Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Water Fountain

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Last but not least, this pet drinking fountain from PetSafe. It has a large capacity which is able to hold as much as 128 oz at the maximum. It offers safe drinking water that could strengthen the immune system and prevent the dogs from various diseases related to urinary as well as kidney. It is suitable for dogs and cats at all sizes. It features a stainless steel bowl which is durable and strong for long term use.

After going through the filtration process, the water comes with more water and less bacteria to offer a healthy life for the dogs and cats to enjoy. It also has a quiet operation that will never disturb the life of pet owners and pets.

Buying Guide:

Dogs and cats are real friends to humans, and they offer us with a lot of love and warmth every day. So, what we can return to them is a good quality life with the best health. Therefore, we need to choose the right water fountain to ensure that they are healthy.

Here are some features that you can consider before buying.

Capacity: the capacity of the fountain depends on the size and number of pets. For small and medium-size, it may need about 2.5 liters, whereas for the larger dogs, it may need about 2 gallons.

Filtration system: most of them use the carbon filtration system that eliminates bacteria and disease inside the water. It can also remove bad taste and odors that deter the dog from drinking.

Water flowing mode: it should come with various modes for the water flow. Most of them simply use the free-flowing mode that encourages the dogs to drink more water.

Washing: when it comes to cleaning, it is such a serious matter. For most of the replenish fountains, they feature the washable top shelf that can be washed with a dishwasher. This saves a lot of time and effort for users to spend on other places.

Quiet operation: this is favorable for most people because it does not produce any noise that interrupts the life of the dog owners and the dogs.


Now, to make life more beautiful and practical, grab one of our dog water dispensers now to have a better tomorrow.

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