Top 10 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels in 2023 | Buying Guide

Happiness is seeing your pet playing outdoors safely. That is when you start thinking of getting a quality outdoor dog kennel for them to hang out from the indoors. The good outdoor dog kennels should be firm enough to protect the pets from outside attacks. They should also provide protection to your pets from sunlight, rain, snow, and strong wind as well.

If you are looking for a good one, we think you should firstly look at the list of the our best selected outdoor kennels for dog that we have collected for you. All of them come with different designs and construction to fit different sizes of dogs. Thus, look at it now and get the one that fits your pet.


List of the 10 Best Outdoor Kennels for Dogs in 2023

Outdoor Dog Kennel Reviews

10. Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel

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Neocraft outdoor dog kennel can keep your dogs away from danger every time they spend time playing outdoors. It has a construction of welded structure which is durable, yet very easy to fold down and pack together. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble as you can simply follow the user’s manual and no tools are required. This dog kennel is large enough and can accommodate any dogs as large as 60 lbs of weight.

Neocraft also comes attached with a canopy to protect your pets from sunlight and UV rays as well. Users can conveniently access their pet through its double door system. This means that it can be opened into two pieces including the top and the bottom doors. When you open the top one, you can access your dogs without having to let them out at all.

9. Advantek Pet Gazebo outside dog kennels for large dogs

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Advantek Pet Gazebo should be an outdoor shelter for your furry friend. This outdoor dog kennel is able to support any dogs that weighs up to 80 lbs of weight. It provides a large room for accommodating 1 large dog or a few small puppies. Being constructed from galvanized steel, it offers a tough and durable protection for your dogs.

Other than this, the product also comes together with a waterproof and weather resistant umbrella roof cover. This gives your dog shade and shelter to keep it away from rain, sunlight, and strong wind.

8. AmazonBasics Outdoor Metal Wire Dog Pet Kennel Crate

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AmazonBasics also offers a large dog kennel that can fit up to 2 large dogs. In total, it is able to support about 119 lbs of weight. The product is constructed from tough wire steel and is nicely polished in black powder coating. Furthermore, it is very easy to set up which you can do it yourself by looking at the instruction provided.

AmazonBasics large dog guard also comes with a large canopy roof that is perfectly waterproof and weather resistant. This way, it is able to keep your dogs safe from not only danger but also rain, sunlight, and strong wind. Also thanks to its swing open door mechanism, you can access your dogs very quickly and simply.

7. JAXPETY Large Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel Outdoor

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Coming next, we have another reliable outdoor dog kennel from JAXPETY. You can now let your dogs play outside with a large space and safety with this JAXPETY Uptown Welded Wire Kennel. This product is highly recommended for large dogs as it can support about 108 lbs of weight. The item is built entirely from metal wire and steel roof frame that are very solid and sturdy. On top of that, it is greatly finished in black powder coating which is sleek and easy to wipe clean.

Together with its waterproof cover, it also helps to keep your pets away from sunlight, rain, snow, and other outdoor debris. The entire construction is also resistant from rusting and corrosion which is harm-free to use for outdoor setting.

6. Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Fence Barrier for Pet Dog Puppy Cat Exercise

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Yaheetech is a very safe and secure pet guard that you should get for your pets. It is suitable for both large and small dogs, but small gods are highly recommended. It is a product of metal wire that features round edges to eliminate sharpness. It is also finished up with great iron black coating to keep it away from corrosion and rusting.

In addition to that, it comes with hinged door that is occupied with 2 pieces of latches to make it convenient to open and close. There is also a top quality safety J-shaped latch bolt included to keep the door closed securely. Although it is durable and sturdy, it is very easy to disassemble and fold down for ease of transportation.

5. Pupzo Welded Wire Dog Kennel

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This is another great choice if you are looking for a good outdoor dog kennel. Pupzo welded wire dog kennel is made from very strong steel, so the dog cannot get out of the kennel. Besides, it also comes with a water resistant tarp which is able to keep your pets fine under the sunny and rainy weather. The steel of this thing has welded together very well. Therefore, it prevents the breaking of the weld.

The reversible window on the door is equipped with two basin frames, and two stainless steel dog basins facilitates feeding. Those two things are pretty helpful because you do not need to buy the dog feeding basin at all.

4. JAXPETY Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

JAXPETY Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen | outside dog kennels for large dogs

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This is one of the best dog kennels on the market and it is from JAXPETY. This product is slightly different from the others because it is made of galvanized chain link with a steel frame. The reasons why JAXPETY decided to make the dog kennel with galvanized chain because it is durable and secure. This item also comes with latching door which makes dog get in and get out easily.

The playpen panel is very important because that makes dog contained in the kennel. Additionally, it provides ample visibility that allows the owner to keep the eyes on the pets. The corners of the kennel is no longer sharp because of the welded and coated frame corners. What is more, this product is foldable.

3. Welded Wire Dog Kennel | Dog Crates Cage Large Metal Heavy Duty Outdoor

Indoor Pet Playpen with a Roof and Water-Resistant

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Coming up next, there is another nice dog kennel from Dkile. This dog kennel is very great because it comes with a tarp on top of it. That tarp can prevent your dog from being hot under the shining sun. The tarp is also waterproof, so it will be okay for your dog if it is raining. The kennel is coated well with epoxy coating finish. That thing can make the dog kennel last longer.

Alongside with that, there will not be any rust, corrosion, or fading on the steel. Thus, that thing will be very sturdy. The frames of its are well welded. This prevents the breaking of frames.

2. PawHut outside dog kennels for large dogs

outside dog kennels for large dogs

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PawHut often does really well on making great dog kennel. Of course, the products that come out from a company named PawHut are really good just like this one. It is made from galvanized chain link and that thing is really beneficial as we have said in the fourth product of the list. The roof of the kennel is made of Oxford cloth which provides the shaded area for your pets because the shine and the heat cannot get through that roof.

The door lock is quite useful because it will give additional security to the dogs. More than that, the other dogs cannot get into the kennel without you unlocking the lock.

1. Bigacc Heavy Duty Playpen

Large Dog Kennel Outdoor | Extra Large Dog Crate Metal Welded Pet Cage

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To end the list, we would like to display you the best outdoor dog kennel from one of the best companies, Bigacc. This product is made of inflexible wire gauge which makes the kennel durable. The wire gauge that is used to make the kennel prevents rust, corrosion, and fading even in extreme weather. The roof of its is waterproof, so it will be alright for dogs when it is raining.

Another thing, it also works fine when the weather is extremely hot because the roof provides the shaded area. Door lock is very essential as well. That increases the security to the next level. The unwanted dog also cannot get in.

Buying Guides to Choosing Outdoor Dog Kennel

Used Materials: it is true that when you are looking for an outdoor dog kennel, this means that you are looking for a shelter to keep your dog safe when they are outdoors. That is the reason why you need to consider on the used materials before you are about to purchase a certain product. We believe that any products that are constructed from metal wires and steel roof frame are very sturdy and durable. Added to that, they can be rust and corrosion resistant if they are coated with premium materials like iron or powder coating.

Roof Cover Type: well, consider what type of roof a dog kennel comes with is a really important point. dogs also need to be comfortable outdoor too, just like us as owners. For that reason, we have to look for the one that comes with a waterproof tarp, or the roof which provides shaded area for your dog under the shining sun.


All in all, the safety of your pet does matter. You need to make sure they are safe both indoors and outdoors. However, it does not mean that you need to keep them closed up all the time. Sometimes, you can choose a very safe way to keep them having fun at the same time. That is when you should choose the right and secure outdoor dog kennel for your pet. With all the products we have recommended above, your pet can now have fun outdoors without any worries.

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