Top 10 Best Portable Dog Grooming Tables in 2024

Some of you might be thinking of grooming your handsome or beautiful dogs by yourselves. We know you already aware of some of the facts that pet grooming prices could even be higher than your haircuts or hair stylings. Grooming your dogs is not an easy feat, nevertheless. You need some basic skills which you could learn from bloggings and/or videos available on the Internet.

On the other hand, you need the right accessories and tools. Whether you are professional pet groomers, or you are self-starters just to groom your beloved dogs, we have, in this article review, the top ten best portable dog grooming tables in 2024 with a product buying guide.


List of the 10 Best Portable Dog Grooming Tables in 2024

Product Reviews

10.  JY QAQA PET 32″ Professional Foldable Grooming Table

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QAQA portable dog grooming table’s manufacturer has designed and crafted the featured product with customizations for the sizes of your dog(s). You therefore do not need to adapt to your different dogs for the grooming process because the grooming table is adaptable itself already. Customers could adjust the arm height with the clamp so as for the heights of your lovely dogs.

Besides, the product has rubber as its construction material for the table broad board. The table itself is non-slip. On one hand, it is easy for you to keep your dogs at place while you are grooming them. On the other hand, your dogs have comfort and trust with your grooming process because of the product’s non-skid quality as well. Besides, it is a heavy-duty table. The product has a foldable feature, which is great for folding and storage purposes. The product’s manufacturer offers dog owners a full one-month refund policy. There is a one-year-and-a-half warranty policy included in the package as well.

9. GOPET Club Portable Dog Grooming Table

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Users should not expect GOPET as a very-much different dog grooming table than QAQA; although, there are very few distinctive qualities between both of them. The product itself is foldable, like this dog grooming table so as for foldable and storage purposes. Additionally, there is a 40-inch height which you could customize to the heights of your dogs’. The dog grooming table is also a stable grooming table for dogs.

What makes GOPET portable dog grooming table different from the previous dog grooming table is the fact that the first dog grooming table is rust-proofed with some of its metal components. Customers could use the dog grooming table interchangeably for professional and casual usages. It is thus a right investment. The product has an approximate weight of 19 pounds, neither heavy nor unstable.

8. YEHEETECH Dog/Cat Grooming Table | Foldable Height Adjustable

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YEHEETECH portable dog grooming table is, of course, much more different from the two previously mentioned tables for grooming dogs. There is a metal rail at the dog grooming table’s mid-feet so as for you to store accessories for grooming your lovely dogs. Well said, you could store just about any tools with the rails. We do not recommend, however, to store other accessories besides the pet grooming accessories because it is not the very function of the rail.

The table board for grooming dogs is a heavy-duty table board with E1 MDF. Moreover, there are plastic/metal clamps featured with the product too. On one hand, the table board is non-skid, so it is as expected easy for you to groom your beloved dogs. On the other hand, the dog grooming table is waterproof. You thus do not need to worry whether YEHEETECH dog grooming table is going to last. While there is a foldable feature along it, clients should expect it to weigh 29 pounds which is a little bit heavier than some previously mentioned dog grooming tables.

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7. YEHEETECH Portable Grooming Table for Large Dogs | Adjustable Height

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TRAY portable dog grooming table has a tray underneath the board table. As known with YEHEETECH dog grooming table, customers could use the tray rail for storing accessories as well as appliances for grooming your lovely dogs. There is a combination of construction materials to make a quality and top-graded dog grooming table such as PVC, MDF as well as stainless steel. The stainless steel constructs the very basic structure of TRAY dog grooming table.

The feet pad comes with PVC, on one hand. On the other hand, the table board is of MDF material. Such a combination makes an exceptional dog grooming table. While the board is non-skid, and you could adjust the heights for grooming your pets with their different heights, the dog grooming table has an approximate weight of 35 pounds. Besides, pet owners could use the dog table for bathing your pets as well. This is because of the waterproof quality featured with the product.

6. Yaheetech Foldable Pet Dog Grooming Table | Adjustable Height

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If you like any possessions with a black color, PORTABLE dog grooming table is for you. While PORTABLE dog grooming table’s company offers its customers two different sizes as a customization for their different dogs, the dog grooming table has a sum weight of 25.3 pounds. There is a mesh tray under the table board, so that pet owners could store accessories related to grooming your favorite dogs.

What’s special about the product is its sturdy and strong foldable feet. Each pair of two table’s legs comes with a U-shaped structure which could support fair enough pressure from the activity of grooming as well as your dogs themselves. Additionally, you could fold the table. Because the table is of foldable nature, storage is easy. Lastly, it is a very heavy-duty dog grooming table by the overall look and structural construction, that makes the product the sixth-best grooming table for dogs.

5. LAZY BUDDY 35″ Dog Grooming Table

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As a basic dog grooming table, LAZY grooming table for dogs has an adjustment feature with its height for the product’s combing arm. Besides, the dog grooming table is foldable which you are aware of storage purposes. Additionally, the product’s table board is non-skid and easy to clean as well.

While the product’s manufacturer offers his/her customers two sizes so as for dogs’ different sizes, the dog grooming table is heavy with a weight of 32.4 pounds. It has a similar outlook and structural design to PORTABLE dog grooming table. This one makes the fifth-best dog grooming table because of the product’s very subtle comparative advantage to this dog grooming table. It is more heavy-duty than the latter product.

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4. NOVA Microdermabrasion 32” Pet Dog Grooming Table

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NOVA is a portable dog grooming table for small dogs. Although, it becomes boring when almost all the dog grooming tables we recommend share the basic qualities among each other; those very basic qualities make each dog grooming table one of the top-graded grooming tables for pets. The table is not much different from others with its non-skid table board, waterproof quality as well as height adjustment feature.

The special part about NOVA is the leash loop which gives you stability to groom your dogs. More often than not, pets do not always stay at particular places while you are grooming them. This is a bonus from the manufacturer of the product.

3. BONNLO Upgraded Pet Grooming Table

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BONNLO’s users are not going to have a hard time assembling the product. BUNLO portable dog grooming table is a compact and lightweight grooming table for dogs, on one hand. On the other hand, there is a metal tray which you could place other accessories.

The lightweight and compact quality of the product’s makes it easy for moving around and storing. In fact, the product’s stand is collapsible. The product has a total weight of 40 pounds while it could support a weight pressure of 330 pounds.

2. SUNCOO 32” Adjustable Pet Dog Grooming Table Upgraded

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SUNCOO portable grooming table has a weight pressure capacity of 220 pounds. While the table board’s surface is non-slip, you could securely groom your dogs even while they are moving around and disturbing, owing to the animals’ nature. Besides, it has a removable & adjustable arm, customizing to the sizes of your favorite dogs and pets. The adjustable arm lets you keep the dogs & pets at one place for convenient grooming.

SUNCOO dog grooming table has received approval through certifications such as EPA and CARB2 for the product’s quality. The product’s legs are collapsible which makes things easy for keeping the table for dog grooming in the storage room.

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1.FLYING Grooming Pet Dog Portable Table

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FLYING portable grooming table is even more compact than SUNCOO grooming table. The manufacturer offers their customers three choices of colors, on one hand. The product could support a pressure of 50 pounds with its only 26-pound weight, on the other hand.

Buying Guide

Meanwhile, high-quality steel is used to construct the table board’s frame. As expected, the product’s board is non-skid. You could store the table for dog grooming as easily as other aforementioned products.

Foldability: Customers should be able to fold their preferred dog grooming tables. Meanwhile, you might need to choose between heavy-duty and compact/lightweight grooming tables for dogs. Both types of dog grooming tables are foldable, but the lightweight table for grooming pets is easier to be folded and stored because of the lightweight.

Customization: Dogs could come in different sizes and heights. Besides, each customer might have a few or several dogs or pets, in general. You thus should choose any dog grooming tables which you could customize for the specific sizes of your pets, keep them stay still, so you could groom them awesome.


Grooming your dogs is a part of raising dogs and pets. You should groom with some basic and easy styles so as not to make their fur messes up their movements and your living spaces. Please consider features in the buying guide for you to choose the right table to groom your dogs.

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