Top 10 Best Small Washing Machines in 2022

Small washing machine is designed ideally to fit in a small space, yet still offer you with the most professional and practical functions to help you reduce your daily laundry burden.

To simplify the hassle, we have curated this article just for you to learn about the top ten best small washing machines. And, if you continue to read until the end of the article, you will also learn about the factors that determine the best mini washing machines. Now, let’s see the first pick:

List of the Top 10 Best Small Washing Machines in 2022

10. SUPER DEAL Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine


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To start with, we have this small washing machine from SUPER DEAL. It has the twin tub design which can make the washing as well as spinning process fast and efficient. Users can choose to operate both sides at the same time or transfer one to another after finishing with one process. It features a 1300 RPM motor which is powerful enough to deliver the maximum frequency of 60 Hz. Users can set the timer to let it operate itself with ease.

For the washer, the maximum loading capacity is 8 pounds, whereas the spinning cycle only withstand 5 pounds in total. Its space saving design also makes it lightweight to transport around.

9. hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine


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Now, it’s time to look at another portable washing machine from hOmeLabs. This washer is designed to be completely automatic in the washing process. It has a lightweight body at only 44.1 pounds, and it can do all the jobs, including spinning, rinsing and washing. In each washing process, it can support up to 6 pounds of clothes at once. The legs are adjustable for convenience in transportation.

Moreover, there are 5 cycles in the washing programs it provides. There are also 3 levels of water settings to accommodate different demands. More importantly, it is quiet and efficient enough to ensure you with a smooth process.

8. SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Washing Machine


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Here is another model of small washing machine from SUPER DEAL. It has the smallest size and the lightest tub coming in the twin design. It can be attached directly to the kitchen faucet in order for users to start washing. The washing capacity of this washing machine is 5.5 pounds, whereas the spinning is only 4.4 pounds. However, it can wash and spin at the same time to save time and effort.

More importantly, there is a control timer which can be set at the maximum of 15 minutes. In each cycle, there are 2 deep rinses to bring a better result. Last but not least, it has a high quality plastic body which can be used in a long run.

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7. Panda PAN56MGP3 1.34cu.ft Portable Machine


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Moving onto the next small washing machine from Panda, it has a space-saving design which does not require much space to store. Users can do the laundry easily in small apartments or dorms. It has a large capacity of 1.34 cubic feet which can support the maximum of 10 pounds. It is made to be extremely lightweight for users to transport conveniently.

Moreover, it has up to 10 washing programs to suit different demands. On the other hand, for the water levels, there are 5 settings in total. The operation is also very easy because users only have to attach the washer to the faucet to let the water flow in.

6. KUPPET Portable Washing Machine


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KUPPET provides us another great small washing machine design in a small and compact size. The maximum loading capacity of both washing and spinning departments total up to 17 pounds, which can wash the dirty clothes for everyone in the house. It comes with perfect timing to save your time from monitoring the washing process.

The timer is set for 15 minutes, and the spinning process requires another 5 minutes to operate. More importantly, it has a powerful motor at 1300 RPM to provide you with the frequency of 61 Hz. The drainage tube has been upgraded to be longer and more efficient to increase your expectation.

5. Best Choice Products Portable Compact Twin Tub Laundry Machine


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Here comes the small washing machine from Best Choice Products. It features 3 colors for choice, and it can do the washing and drying jobs at the same time. In the washing department, it can support the maximum of 8 pounds, whereas the spinning department can only handle 5 pounds in each cycle.

The washing time is as fast as 15 minutes, and the spinning time needs another 5 minutes to dry the clothes. It has a very compact design which can fit in any space with confidence. The machine also meets the safety requirements of ETL certification.

4. KUPPET 2022 Latest Mini Portable Washing Machine


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Another model of the small washing machine from KUPPET is designed ideally to fit in small rooms, such as apartments and condos. It features a clear lid which allows users to see what is going on inside the machine. Moreover, it has the timer control set up to help you with the exact time tracking of the washing process. The wash timer is set at 12 minutes.

The operation is also very easy because you only have to fill in the clothes and water to start washing. The maximum washing capacity of this machine is 11 pounds. It is also very lightweight and portable for users to carry around and transport conveniently.

3. Barton Full-Automatic Small Washing Machine


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Next, we also have this mini washing machine from Barton. It is available for you at the most reasonable price. The washing machine requires very little space consumption in the house. Therefore, users do not have to worry about the storage. However, it has a very powerful motor to operate an efficient washing process. The drainage tube enables the machine to let the dirty water flow out fast and efficiently.

There is also a control panel and an LED display screen for you to track the washing process. It is made of a premium quality body which is durable for years to use. Also, the space-saving design makes it fit perfectly into all non-roomy spaces.

2. Giantex Full-Automatic Small Washing Machine


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This is the rank 2nd of the top ten best list, and it comes from Giantex. Although it has a small size body, it features up to 10 programs for users to wash with different purposes. There is an LED display screen to show the indicator as well as the current washing progress. The tub can hold up to 9.92 pounds at the maximum.

Moreover, the timer is set ideally for you to wash thoroughly and efficiently. More importantly, the operation is super easy which you do not have to monitor every minute. The feet of this washing machine also allow adjustment in order to provide the best balance to maintain its stability.

1. SUPER DEAL 2IN1 Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine


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Last but not least, this portable washing machine from SUPER DEAL is another great deal. It is made to last for very long because it has a high quality plastic body which can be used for so many years. It has a lightweight and compact body which does not consume much space and can be transported easily. During the washing process, it does not consume much energy and power. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the cost to a laundromat while having this machine at home.

The rinse technology features the most perfect rinsing result ever because it includes 2 deep rinses in every cycle. Last but not least, the timer for the washing process is 15 minutes, whereas the spinning timer is only 5 minutes.

Buying Guide

All of us want a good product which can provide the best efficiency and durability. Therefore, below purchasing a small washing machine, users should look for the following features.

Tubs: the washing machine should feature twin tubs in order for users to do the washing and spinning job at the same time.

Capacity: for both washing and spinning departments, it should have a total capacity of at least 10 pounds.

Timer: it should have the timer set to ensure that it can work on its own to do the washing job. The timer for the washing department should be 15 minutes, and the spinning timer is around 5 minutes.

Compact and lightweight: because it is a small washing machine, it should be compact and lightweight for easy carry and transportation.

Display screen: it should have the display screen for you to track the progress.


To conclude for this article, we have introduced the top ten best mini washing machines for you to obtain one and place it in the house to help you with the washing process. By having your own washing machine, there is no need to spend more time and money to bring your clothes to the laundromat and let them clean it for you.

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