Top 10 Best Thermal Label Printers in 2024

A thermal label printer is not your always-go-to printer. It is for people who have businesses related to it. Those businesses can range from running a single store to managing a stock. No matter what, a good label printer is helpful as long as it is fast and can print clear descriptions and labels. Like other reviews and without a doubt, there will always be competing products in the market.

Whether it is hard for you or not, it is our job and business to offer you all the best reviews, so we can help you to make the right decision. Addressing your problem is our job. Now, there are top ten best thermal label printers in 2024. Please don’t forget the product buying guide.


List of the 10 Best Thermal Label Printers in 2024

10. ROLLO Label Printer

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Rollo is a triangular-shaped label printer which works best with whatever the labels you are supposed to tape into those products and items. Quality printing is a thing with the product. Fast printing is yet another advantage of the machine. We know it is hard to know the difference between one label and another label printer. Yet, with Rollo, there is an excellent customer service whether through a phone call or e-mail for you to contact 24h.

9. DYMO Barcode Printer

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This is a very small, cute and compact label printer. Because it is so small, it is very good for one small store. Deal or no deal. Your store can keep being professional, on one hand. The product is affordable and small (which saves space), on the other hand. The special part about Dymo is you can print from any computer programs such as Google Contacts, Outlook, Excel, Ms. Word and a dozen more. Please do not use it with Dymo Stamps. We recommend Rollo for Dymo Stamps. There are two choices. A choice is the label printer only. Another choice comes with paper rolls.

8. DYMO 1755120 4XL Thermal Label Printer

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This Dymo label printer can print fast in a cost-effetive way. Of course, all the top ten best label printers here can print fast. There are templates available in the machine’s software. You can choose one or two among the 60. This is a very huge and fair deal

When the price is affordable, and the quality is good, we kind of are afraid there is no competition with this one in the market. Yet, don’t assume too fast. There must be some competition right there. Let’s dig in further.

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7. DYMO 450 Turbo Thermal Printer

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This Dymo label printer can label print many things such as name badges, barcode labels, file folders and more. Furthermore, it saves resources because the label printing machine just prints the right number of pieces we order. Moreover, it is a thermal label printer, nevertheless. Hence, you do not need to buy toner and ink, which is another big plus for resources saving.

6. Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer

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This one comes with a rather excellent customer service that makes or breaks the item in its own industry. Phone call, checked. E-mails, checked. Communication with the Internet on desktop, checked. Plus, Arkscan takes only 1.2 seconds to print a piece of 4×6 paper label. There is free software, but it doesn’t hurt when you buy other software to be featured with it.

5. Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Printer

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This one is a Brother thermal label printer. Without further due, let’s see what it has to offer. First, Brother is compatible with Mac, Windows and Windows Vista, a big fat yet. Second, it works well with Outlook, Excel and Ms. Word. And, the label printer can print 300 dpi per minute, not bad though

What’s more it is a standard black printing. And, we all can get a more affordable refurbished printer from the model. We can connect the label printer with our smartphones via a cable. Let’s not forget it weighs 2.5 pounds, though.

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4. Brother QL-1110NWB Label Printer

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QI works with Mac, Windows and Windows Vista. The management tools and software are totally free and come along with it. What’s more, there are templates with it too. Unfortunately, the templates are available only with Windows. We all can print via Wi-Fi connection with the machine. Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity is possible with it as well. The weight is quite lightweight of only 3.9 pounds.

3. Zebra ZP 450 Label Bar Code Printer

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Zebra is an excellent thermal label printer for a variety of uses. With this printer, we all can read what is being printed clearly because there is a transparent plastic glass as a cover for the paper rolling. Zebra requires a connection with a USB cable. Some assembly is required,yet it should be simple and straight-forward. And, each purchase is backed by a 90-day warranty.

2. DYMO 450 Twin Turbo label printer


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This printer is very unique because it can print two label pieces at the same time. Meanwhile, the printing quality is 600 x 300 resolution. QuickBooks, Outlook, Excel, Ms. World all, checked. And, it prints the labels as many exactly as we order it to do so.

We can connect the printer with other sources through a USB cable, so the USB cable is supposed to connect the printer with what is supposed to get printings.

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1. DYMO Mobile Label Maker with Bluetooth Smartphone Connectivity

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This printer allows for Bluetooth connection as well as cable connectivity with your computers. Unfortunately, for the mobile app, it applies to only iPhone users. Bluetooth generates power from a lithium-ion battery.Plus, there is a two-year warranty (limited) with the product as well. For the Mobile App, it is outstanding which includes voice-text transfer, spell check, etc.

Buying Guide:

Quality printing: We all should not forget we want the thermal label printers which can print clear and precise info on the bills and labels.

Accurate printing order: You should not waste resources by looking for a thermal label maker that cannot print the number of labels you order. We all should strive for the best by getting the printer which prints exactly what we order to the amount we request.

Connectivity: Some label printers can connect with sources of data via a USB cable. Some others can be a Bluetooth connectivity. Without a doubt, it works one way or another; this is entirely up to us. We can get all the options combined or not make things complicated by choosing one way or another.

Label roll: A label roll sometimes is a part of the package while some companies do not include it. You should just check whether there are label rolls and how many label rolls are there. It’s all what it takes because you can see the price and calculate the costs and benefits, a smart thing almost all of you know exactly.

Warranty: In almost all the reviews, warranty is a thing because it’s a thing, indeed. A warranty saves you from wrong purchases because some products only make good expectations without good after-sales services. Hence, choose wisely and informative.


You have just looked at the top 10 best thermal label printers worth-buying in 2024. These picks are desirable for their reliable quality, and useful, practical functions. We hope you enjoyed the reviews and found it beneficial for your decision-making.

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