Top 10 Best Jam Proof Paper Shredders in 2020

In daily businesses, there are hundreds and thousands of paperwork that we need to shred every day when they are no longer in use, and the information on there is not for the public to see. Thus, it is a good idea to have a paper shredder on your own, especially a jam proof paper shredder.

To help you with the selection, this article will introduce the top ten best jam proof paper shredders to you to sift through. Also, by the end of the article, there will also be a buying guide section to offer you more insights about how to choose the most outstanding paper shredder for your individual needs.

List of the 10 Best Jam Proof Paper Shredders in 2020

Best Choice # 1
Fellowes Powershred 99Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder
100% Jam Proof System eliminates paper jams and powers through tough jobs; SafeSense Technology stops shredder when hands touch the paper opening

10. Fellowes Powershred 425Ci 100% Jam Proof Shredder

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Fellowes has designed a great paper shredder which comes in high efficiency. It can do the shredding job for 30 sheets each time. It features a cross cut which has a width of 12 inches. It is compatible with not only papers but also credit cards and CDs as well. This product is from the USA, and it has a powerful motor which will continue to shred until the end.

It has the jam proof feature which highly reduces the paper jams in order to help users with the tough jobs. More importantly, there is an LED indicator to show you when the bin is completely full. The noise level is also very low.

9. ideal. 2604 Cross-Cut Centralized Office Jam Proof Paper Shredder

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Here is another paper shredder from ideal. It is designed perfectly for the number of users between 8 and 10 people in a department. It works well for a small office because it can shred around 25 papers in each cycle, and it can cut up to 491 sheets in a minute. It can shred papers, paper clips, CDs as well as credit cards.

It has the shredding level at cross-cut which is certified by HIPAA and FACTA that can secure the information against spreading out. The cutting shafts are made of solid steel which offers you the lifetime warranty because it can last for many years ahead to provide you an unforgettable experience.

8. Fellowes Powershred 125Ci 100% Jam Proof | 20 sheets

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Now, it comes to another model of paper shredder from Fellowes. In each cycle, it can shred the maximum number of paper at 20 sheets. It features the cross cut system which offers you the best security of your information. It can work continuously for a maximum of 45 minutes until it is required to cool down. When the bin is full and cannot store further papers, the light is there to notify you.

More importantly, it has the jam proof system which can help you work more smoothly because the papers will never get stuck in there. In addition, the bin can store up to 14 gallons to the maximum. It works well for all types of papers and cards.

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7. Fellowes Powershred 225i 100% Jam Proof | 22-Sheet

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Next, we have this paper shredder from Fellowes. It is equipped with the jam proof system to ensure you with a smooth and efficient process. Users can continue to get the papers shredded without having to worry about the jam inside. For each time, it can cut about 20 sheets of papers, and the papers will return in the strip-cut pieces. Therefore, others will never be able to review the information on the top of that.

The bin has the maximum capacity of 16 gallons, and when it is full, users will get to see the indicator light on to notify them that it is the time to clear out the bin.

6. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci 100% Jam Proof Paper Shredder

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Moving onto the next model of paper shredder from Fellowes, it is designed ideally for users who prefer cross-cut papers. Each time, users can put in the maximum of 18 sheets into the shredder to let it cut them into particles. Users can also place staples and cards inside to destroy them. For the operation, users can use it continuously for 30 minutes, and then it will require 40 minutes to cool down.

It works well for the number of uses between 1 and 3 people. It also comes with the jam proof system to ensure that there is no paper jam inside. The full capacity of the bin is 9 gallons, and there is an LED indicator to show when it is full.

5. AmazonBasics 15-Sheet Jam Proof Paper Shredder

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AmazonBasics also provides us one of the best paper shredders on the market. It is able to shred papers, CDs and credit cards. Each time, users are able to shred the maximum of 15 sheets. It can shred to the size of 4 x 31 mm, which meets the security requirements of P-4. If you wish to shred the papers continuously, it can run about 20 minutes.

There is also a shield protection from overheating. The LED indicator is there to remind you about the full bin or overload. The basket is about 6 gallons. There are 4 modes for users to switch around in order to best accommodate their demand in the shredding process.

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4. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci  Jam Proof Paper Shredder

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This is another model of paper shredder from Fellowes. It has the jam proof system to ensure that the paper jam situation will never happen on this machine. It is also silent enough with powerful performance to offer you an efficient experience. Moreover, the energy saving mode is there to minimize the energy used. Also, there is also the reverse system which can stop the shredder immediately.

In each cycle, users can shred about 16 sheets into cross-cut particles. Therefore, it meets the standard of P-4 level of security. Last but not least, children and pets are also guaranteed to be safe with this machine because it can stop itself automatically when there is a hand touch.

3. Bonsaii 14-Sheet Cross-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

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Next, we have this paper shredder from Bonsaii. It is available at a reasonable price. It is designed to be heavy duty which can withstand even the toughest use. It can work continuously for about 30 minutes, and then it needs to cool down. Within that time period, it can damage approximately 3500 sheets of paper. The sheets are cut into the cross-cut particles which keep your information 100% safe.

There is also a jam proof system provided to ensure that it runs smoothly without any jams. The bin is about 4.5 gallons, and there is a transparent window for you to see if the inside is completely full or not.

2. Fellowes Powershred 73Ci Paper Shredder | 12-Sheet

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For this paper shredder, it is able to destroy 12 sheets in one cycle. The papers are shredded into cross-cut particles which ensure that your information is confidential. For a continuous operation, it is able to continue up to 10 minutes, and then a cool down session is followed by. It also has a jam proof system which is able to get rid of paper jams. Therefore, it is suitable for tough jobs.

Moreover, it has the safe sense function which stops itself immediately if there is a hand touching that. The bin is about 6 gallons, and an LED light is equipped to serve as an indicator.

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1. Aurora AU1210MA Professional Shredder | 12-Sheet

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Last but not least, this paper shredder from Aurora comes with high security to protect your information to the best. In each cycle, the maximum shredding capacity is about 12 sheets. It is able to work with not only papers but also cards and paper clips. The security level is up to P-4 with the small pieces of paper.

Moreover, it has a continuous running time up to 60 minutes until a cool down session is required. It is also equipped with the anti-jam system to ensure that there is no jam. Last but not least, it is super quiet and silent for a smooth process.

Buying Guide

Coming to the buying guide section, you should always look for the following features while purchasing a jam proof paper shredder.

Jam Proof System: as its name mentions, this seems to be the most important feature. This system ensures that there will be no paper jams that interrupt the shredding process.

Compatibility: it should work with a wide range of applications, including papers, credit cards, paper clips and CDs.

Security level: the security level is at P-4 which features the cross-cut particles that will never disclose information to others.

Capacity: for each cycle, it should take at least 10 sheets to shred.

Running time: the running time should never be less than 10 minutes until a cool down session is required. Otherwise, it will not well accommodate the demand of the users.

Bin: the bin capacity should be more than 4 gallons.


A great jam proof paper shredder is very essential in daily business operation because we do have a lot of information that we do not want other people to view. Therefore, from our top ten list, you are confident to select one of them to fill your working environment with a more secure atmosphere.

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