Top 10 Best Disc Golf Bags in 2022

Everyone who plays disc golf knows how useful it is to have a high quality bag which you can store all your disc golf neatly. However, not everyone really gets to use the great disc golf bag because it might be a less-common product to find on the market. Hence, a lot of people instead use a normal bag to store the disc golf essentials. As a matter of fact, there are actually many available disc golf bag brands you may not have known about; especially if you are new to this kind of product.

Still, it’s good that you are here because in this article, we will be talking about the top 10 best disc golf bags where you can buy with affordable price yet outstanding quality. Check out each brand before finding their details.

Here are the 10 Best Disc Golf Bags in 2022

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10. Trooper Disc Golf Backpack

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For the first one in the list, here we have one of the most popular disc golf bags from D.D Dynamics Disc. What’s special about this product is it comes in a medium size that can be very portable to bring anywhere but it’s big enough to hold up to 18+ discs. Moreover, it also has a different compartment where you can store some clothing and other valuable belongings.

This bag is also designed with a padded strap so you can comfortably carry it no matter how long you travel. On top of this, this bag also has different colors for you to choose which you can especially look for the bright color for easy notice, too.

9. Athletico Disc Practice Bag

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On the top 9th, we have this high quality golf disc bag from another well-known brand that’s called Athletico. To a lot of athletes and those who play regular sports, this brand is nothing new because it has been known to be one of the most reliable companies when it comes to supplying premium bags for sport. Seeing no difference from this one, Athletico Disc and Frisbee golf bags are super convenient to use because it’s designed with many different compartments that allows it to hold up to 14 disc along with other accessories and water bottles in just a bag.

Moreover, because it’s made from durable 600D polyester fabric and metal hooks, this bag is surely made to last the test of time. If this doesn’t secure you enough, Athletico also offers a 100% money bag guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with this product for whatever reason.

8. Innova Adventure Pack Disc Carrier Backpack

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Here on the top 8th, the next top best disc golf bag is from Innova Disc. What makes this bag highly recommended to use is because it comes in a form of backpack that is both lightweight and super-durable; hence, it’s surely a convenient bag to use; especially that you can carry it on your bag. Moreover, it also has a wide space that allows you to bring up to 25 discs and other gears to the ground easily.

Moreover, this Innova Disc bag is the latest model in the company which has a special edition designed with “Star” logo and in mini size. And if you think that this great product must cost you a fortune to own one, it’s obviously not. It’s super affordable that its price is just the same range as other high quality cross-body disc golf bags.

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7. Disc Living Disc Carrier | Frisbee Golf Bag

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Next, we have another top best disc golf bag from a famous brand known as Disc Living. This brand is commonly known to be one of the top specialists when it comes to supplying disc golf bags because it has hundreds of varieties of bags to offer. One of its well-known pieces is this 16oz canvas bag. Especially if you like to travel light and don’t like to bring a lot of disc golf with you, this bag is ideal because it can store up to 10 discs along with a double compartment to store others accessories and water bottle.

It’s not big and heavy which fits with the fact that this game can be pretty tiring to carry a lot of stuff along, so having one like this is truly gold. Also, the design is for everyone, so you don’t have to worry if you are a man or woman and whether or not it fits you. If it’s not for yourself, this Disc Living bag is also perfect to gift to your friends and family.

6. Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Practice Bag

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Moving on, we have another favorite disc golf bag to share with you and it’s from D.D Dynamic Disc. Again, as you may have already known about this brand; especially that we mentioned it previously, D.D Dynamic Disc still has a lot more to offer. To be particular, this bag in Genome color is slightly smaller than the previous one from this brand. It is especially ideal for those who don’t usually bring a lot of disc to the field. Still, it can fit up to 10 discs easily.

On top of this, this bag is also designed with an adjustable shoulder strap that allows it to fit perfectly on anyone’s body. Also, with up to 4 different colors available, you are free to choose anyone and it still looks highly noticeable which is easy because you won’t get confused with other typical black color disc golf bags.

5. Discraft Weekender Bag

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For anyone that wants to look for a good quality disc golf bag but do not want to spend a lot of money investing in an expensive one, this brand here from Discraft at the top 5th is what you should take a careful look on. Discraft is popularly known as the supplier of many affordable disc golf bags. With this model that we recommended, you can easily get it without tearing your pocket and it works as amazing as you wish it to be. It can hold up to 8 discs without force.

Moreover, the shoulder strap is even made with padded material inside so that it is soft to carry around. On top of it, it is also sewed with zipper and velcroed rain cover to prevent any water leaking in the bag. With this Discraft bag, you can also put your water bottle or your favorite soda to your game, too.

4. Prodigy Disc Practice Bag V2

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On the top 4th, a great quality disc bag you can’t miss is from Prodigy Disc. If you can’t tell by its name, this brand is best known for its specialist in terms of making disc golf bags. With this model in particular, it’s been used by many professional or full-time disc golf players. What makes this amazing is that it can accommodate a huge amount of disc; measuring up to 45 discs or 30 putters. Moreover, the design makes it very comfortable to use because it’s just a zipper away to get your disc in and out; making it less hassle trying to find your favorite disc.

Moreover, with this available space, you can also keep your water bottle and important belongings safe in the bag. What makes this even more amazing is that despite the fact that it has a big storing capacity and many other useful points, its price is very affordable. Don’t wait. Get your disc organized with this bag.

3. Dynamic Discs Sniper Disc Golf Backpack

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Topping in the 3rd place of the list, here we have yet another best disc golf bag from D.D Dynamic Discs. Obviously the brand is so good that its product ranked very high and has many places in the list. For this model in particular, it’s the type of backpack that comes in a sniper packs style. It’s super user-friendly that it can accommodate up to 16 disc and 32oz bottles of water.

Moreover, this bag also has a wide space where you can also use to keep any disc golf accessories or your belongings as you go to play your favorite game. Needless to question about its quality and material use, this bag is definitely a great one to stand the test of time.

2. Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Backpack

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Guess what we have in the top 2nd as one of the greatest disc golf bags, it’s another cadet backpack from D.D Dynamic Discs. What makes this even better than the rest of the products in the list is that it can easily store more than 17 disc in it. Moreover, designed with different compartments available, it’s perfect to store your accessories and organize your stuff so it looks neat when you go to the field.

Moreover, with two mesh side pockets of the bag, you can either carry 2 bottles of water along or use one to put your clothing to wipe your sweat. Either way, it’s a great product to acquire. What’s also good about this model is it comes in 4 different colors that allows you to have wider freedom in choosing which color you’d like to go with.

1. Prodigy Disc BP-2 V2 Disc Golf Backpack

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Finally, the last product in the list which is also the top best disc golf bag ever sold on the market, it’s the premium bag from Prodigy Disc. As you may already know how impressive this is brand and its product, this one right here has no exception. Using the latest material to construct this, this Prodigy Disc bag is one of the very rare products that actually resist water and tears. Instead, it’s super tough, heavy duty and yet super lightweight, so it’s absolutely easy to use. Also, with this product, it can comfortably accommodate up to 4 putters and 26 drivers which makes your game more enjoyable.

Another compartment designed in this bag also allows users to freely keep a water bottle or umbrella in it, too. Although this product is priced slightly higher than others in the list, such a premium piece is worth every penny you spend on it.

Buying guide

When buying disc golf bags, it’s highly recommended that you make sure of a few things. First of all, determine whether or not you usually carry a lot of disc around when you go to play your game. It’s important for you to decide what size of the bag you should choose in order to be able to accommodate enough disc golfs for your game.

Moreover, if you usually bring a lot of stuff to the playground, it’s better to look for the backpack kind of bag as it is more convenient to carry along; plus it doesn’t cause body pain as if you carry a heavy cross-body bag.

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