Top 10 Best Golf Push Carts in 2022

Are you looking forward to buying a new golf push cart just because the old one is too old to satisfy your demand anymore? if so, you have come to the right place. We understand your demand that searching for the best golf push card may not be easy because it comes with many professional features. Therefore, our team has conducted detailed research on the subject to help you narrow your selection list. The article will provide the reviews for the top ten best golf push carts for you to preview and consider. Moreover, at the end of the article, you will also find a little buying guide section which will guide you through the main features of the best golf push cart.

Here are the 10 Best Golf Push Carts to Pick in 2022

SaleBest Seller # 1
caddytek CaddyLite EZ Version 8 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart - Foldable Collapsible Lightweight...
caddytek CaddyLite EZ Version 8 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart - Foldable Collapsible Lightweight...
Strong Aluminum Frame, Weighs Less Than 18.5 Lbs; Easy To Use Foot Brake. 31 Inch Wide Body Design For Easy Push
$219.00 −$20.00
SaleBest Seller # 2
SaleBest Seller # 3
Jef World Of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart
Jef World Of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart
Lightweight and sturdy, steel Deluxe Golf Cart offers easy mobility on the course; Opens and closes in one fluid motion; folds in half for compact storage
$64.99 −$22.80

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10. Jet World Of Golf

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The cart is made of high quality steel to provide a concrete structure and great mobility. It is known to be both lightweight and sturdy in terms of its frame. The opening and closing function of the cart can be operated with a fluid motion. For more compact storage, it is designed to be foldable to half of its size. In addition, its wheels are equipped with clips for easier removal. The holder is made waterproof, and the bottom is the storage for bigger bags. The bag strap is included to keep the bag in place. It is only 8.4 pounds, and therefore, users can bring it to just about anywhere.

9. Clicgear Model 3.5+

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The golf cart is designed to be compact in size for convenient storage and carry. Users can fold the cart to a much smaller size at 13 x 15 x 24 inches. it is made of aluminum tubes and airless tire to provide a concrete structure. The aluminum allows the cart to be resistant to scratches. Moreover, it comes with additional storage for ball, pencil and holders. The cart is equipped with hand brake to keep the cart in place when the user is not nearby. The additional accessories for this cart include a cup holder for water bottles, an umbrella mount for rainy days, and more accessory tabs for extra storage.

8. CaddyTek Explorer V8

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The golf cart is designed to be compact in size. It is foldable when not in use, and therefore, it makes the storage even more convenient. The folding process is easy, which includes only 2 steps to narrow the size to only 15.75 x 13.4 x 24 inches. The height of the handle is adjustable according to the height of the user, and its body measures at 25 inches which provides comfort while holding. The two wheels in the front can be adjusted within 11.5 and 12.5 inches to fit with the size of the bag. Also, it features an umbrella holder and a scorecard holder. The scorecard holder provides more storage for necessary items.

7. CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5 V3

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The golf car features a handle with a mesh net to include more items. It also comes with an umbrella holder as well as a cup holder to store umbrella and water bottles while playing golf outside. The front wheels are designed to be aligned. Moreover, the main tires are measured at 11 inches to provide a smooth ride and strong traction especially in a wet environment. It also includes a foot brake to help with the journey. Users can simply push to brake and do the same thing to release the brake when they are ready to go ahead.

6. Clicgear Rovic Model RV1C

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The golf cart is compact in its size. To make storage as well as transportation even easier for the users, the cart is designed to be foldable. The size after folding is proved to be only 13 x 15 x 24 inches, and therefore, storage is very convenient. The cart is made of aluminum, and the tires are designed to be airless. As a result, this design does not only provide a lightweight body but also a durable structure that aims to last for many years. There is also a full sized storage compartment to store all the essentials for playing golf. It also features a hand brake to ensure that the cart will not roll away easily when you do not hold it tight. The accessories of this cart include a cup and umbrella holder.

5. Tangkula Golf PushCart

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At only less than 19 pounds, this golf cart design aims to offer a sturdy and durable structure because its frame is made of high quality steel. The appearance is classic yet stylish. It comes with 2 foot brakes for the users to prevent any types of accidents happening. It helps prevent the cart from rolling away when the user is not right there. The wheels are smooth and sturdy, and therefore, it is very stable while changing the direction. The height of the cart can also be adjusted due to your height demands. Its foldable design aims to save space for storage.

4. Qwik-Fold 3 Wheels

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This 3-wheel golf cart design is available in 6 stylish colors. It comes with an adjustable handle to accommodate the demand of different heights. The wheels are designed to be ball bearing, and therefore, the ride is guaranteed to be smooth and sturdy with the least likeliness of the accident happening. The golf cart is constructed of the aluminum frame, which is both lightweight and durable. It also includes an umbrella holder in case the rainy day is coming. Last but not least, Qwik has designed its golf cart to be portable and foldable. Therefore, after use, user can simply fold it up within seconds to store anywhere with the greatest convenience.

3. Caddymatic Golf X-Lite

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The cart is made to be for both storage and travel convenience. The body of the cart is designed to be foldable with simply just a press on the button provided. In addition, the folding function provides fast release wheels function. The frame of the cart is made of aluminum, and therefore, it offers a solid and lightweight base to guarantee the quality. The wheels are designed to be ball  bearing, and as a result, it is smooth and quiet during the ride. The handle also comes with significant features, including a scorecard holder for the additional storage for balls. It also features a drink holder to store water bottles.

2. Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart

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This golf cart is designed to be resistant to all kinds of weather. Its aluminum frame makes the body lightweight and durable. Its enables users to store a large bag of accessory while the cart remains steady. Moreover, the tires are made of solid foam, and they do not need extra efforts for maintenance. The scorecard is there to provide holders for beverage and other necessary items. The handle arm is adjustable according to the height of the user. Last but not least, the standing design of cart makes it friendly to large capacity.

1. Sun Mountain Speed Cart

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Being the best golf cart among the top ten list, it is available in 9 color choices. It is highly recommended by the consumers with the star ratings up to 4.0 out of 5 stars. Its handle has been redesigned to accommodate a larger mesh for the tray. It also features a bracket to guarantee the best speed of the cart seat. Also, the mesh basket is designed to be standard. The bag brackets are adjustable, and therefore, users can make adjustments according to the size of their bags. It is foldable, and the folding process only requires 2 simple steps.

Buying guide

It is worth mentioning that not all the golf push carts on the market are made equally in terms of its quality and durability. The right one is a great assistance which helps you a lot for the extra work. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should carefully evaluate the following criteria:

Materials: steel or aluminum frame enables the cart to be lightweight and portable at the same time. Also, airless tires are there to provide a smooth and quiet ride. In addition, it is even better if the materials are resistant to different weather.

Accessories: the best golf push cart includes many other features, including a cup holder for water bottle and an umbrella holder for the rainy days.

Adjustable Handle: this indicates that users will not experience any discomfort because the height of the handle is too high or too short.

Foldable: a foldable golf push car is outstanding because it makes the user have an easier time in terms of storage and transportation.


In conclusion, the article has demonstrated the main features of the top ten best golf push carts in the market. Now, you should have the decision in your mind to let your old golf push cart retire. With a golf push cart with the greatest design, you can save a lot of effort and energy from carrying a lot of items while going for the golf sport.

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