10 Best Quality Golf Cart Covers to Protect Your Cart from Rain, UV & Bird Poops in 2023

Having a golf cart requires possessing a golf cart cover because it is going to protect your carts from bad weather conditions and bird poops. Also, to keep your valuable golf cart remain functional and excellent for years, it’s necessary to have the cart’s cover when you park it under the hot sun light or the rain. In need of one cover for your golf cart now? Check out our best compilation of the best golf cart covers below.


Here the 10 Best Covers for Protecting Your Golf Carts  in 2023

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10. EZ go golf cart cover with doors for Club Car, Yamaha, Movaland & Custom Cart

ez go golf cart cover

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EZ Go is an excellent golf-cart cover. It is made of quality materials such as polyester fibers which are not going to easily stretch and shrink under water or rain. Furthermore, EZ Go golf cart cover has a PU coating which makes it waterproofed ability from inside. Another coating from the outside of the cover comes in Silver-Grey color so as to not let the sunlight have a damaging effect on it. This is not to mention, besides the coatings and materials, the cover has been designed to an excellence. There are rear air-vents for a wind-lifting and moisture reduction while the internal insulation makes the product inflammable against fire. The manufacturer offers a one-year refund policy and free replacement when you purchase this product.

9. Explore Land Waterproof & universal golf cart cover

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Explore Land is a universal golf cart cover and available in two colors; Black and Light Tan. The cover is made of 6000D polyester. Like EZ Go, this golf-cart cover also has a waterproof coating. The combination, nonetheless, is able to offer more prestigious qualities to Explore Land than qualities coming with EZ Go; such as golf-cart protection from scratches, fog, dust, snow, sand, UV, rain and harsh-weather situations.

Additionally, the cover is equipped with zipper system which is of heavy-duty quality; it is easy to use and install. Moreover, double security is added with the single bottom of buckle and Velcro. The mentioned bottom could be adjusted. The adjustable feature serves to prevent the cover from being blown away by strong winds. Explore Land golf-cart cover is offered with a three-year warranty.

8. FLYMEI 4 Golf Cart Covers: Waterproof Outdoor Cover for Golf Car

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FLYMEI is a 4-passenger golf-cart cover. It is made of high quality polyester making it UV resistant tear-resistant and waterproof. The cover has the ability to protect your golf cart from rain and damage by the sun’s heat. This golf cart rain cover fits well with ezgo cart, club car golf cart and yamaha golf cart. It is also easy to fold and store in the carrying bag when not in use. In addition, the cart’s cover is also dust-proof, meaning that you don’t need to feel worry about cleaning the dust on it. The zipper system is made with velcro strap to secure it. The Flymei cover is best for protecting your golf cart from dust, snow, rain, sun light, dirt and bird poops.

7. 10L0L 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover for EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha

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The 10LOL’s golf cart rain cover is a 4-passenger size which is suitable for various golf cart such as EZGO, Yamaha and club car. 10LOL has been designed with water-proofed adhesive tape. The design serves as an excellent cover for the golf-carts which are kept in garages all year-round. It helps to guarantee your golf cart to be dried even if there are countless pouring rain throughout the year.

Like the aforementioned golf-cart covers, this cart cover is supported by additional wind strap which remains the cover itself at place during strong winds. Vents, Velcro and zippers are featured in all the four corners of the golf-cart cover too. These pieces of component parts make at ease installation and access into the golf carts. Lastly, the product is offered alongside a lifetime warranty or refund policy.

6. Himal 4 Passenger 400D Waterproof Sunproof Golf cart’s Cover roof

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HIMAL 4 is made of the traditional polyester fabric which makes it strong and durable. The golf-cart’s cover comes with a PU coating to protect against the water and rain. Additionally, the cover has a silver coating for UV protection to prevent your cart from the damage by the sunlight. For the ease of use, you can unfold and fold the cover to pack easily when not in use.

Furthermore, wind-proof locking is possible with an enhancement from ABS, so the cover is never going to be blown away by strong winds. The cover’s zipper is heavy-gauged which promises durability of usages. These qualities combined make HIMAL 4 an excellent golf-cart cover for your pick.

5. Party Bay 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover: Quality Heavy Duty Cover for Golf Cart

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Tomberlin’s cover for golf cart is available in two colors such as Jet Black and Latte Tan. It is a heavy duty cover made to protect golf cart from heavy rain, strong wind and sun’s heat. It is made of high quality polyester with excellent stitching. The cover can be used during winter, summer, and more.

The golf cart cover is also designed to be easy for installation. The tie-down hook at the golf-cart bottom guarantees the cover from being blown away by strong blow of the wind. You can fold the cover and store in its back conveniently when you need to use the cart. While this accessory adds an extra cost to the deal, the bag gives consumers a leverage. Tomberlin is also offered with a refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product.

4. 9.99WORLD MALL Golf Cart’s Cover for 4 Passenger Golf Cart

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The golf-cart cover has been designed with two colors of choices such as Tin Grey and Black. The cover is made of nylon fabric while coated with heavy-duty PVC, which makes the overall design water-resistant. An excellent stitching further reinforces this universal golf cart cover to protect against the rain and water.

Talking about the zipper system, there are pieces of fabric flap which are going to protect your golf carts from poor weather conditions; especially heavy raining. A few ventilation holes are featured in the product’s design too. The hole guarantees the golf carts were not going to have funky smells and molds as they lose their ability to breathe. You will get both a lifetime warranty and refund policy for purchasing this product.

3. Kohree Golf Cart’s Cover 4 Passenger: Extra Silver Coating 4 Seat Golf Cart Cover

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Kohree golf-cart cover is made of quality polyester material. The exterior of the cover is coated with Silver painting for a UV protection. From the inside, It is coated with PU material which further reinforces the waterproofed quality of the golf-cart cover. Kohree’s air vent comes in two sides which prevents moisture build-up from inside the golf carts as well as offers the golf cart an opportunity to breathe.

Like almost all the previously mentioned golf-cart covers, Kohree golf-cart cover is designed with a wind-proofed locking for resistance against strong winds. Zipper is made of heavy-duty material too. The high quality and excellent design of the zipper’s guarantees durability of Kohree’s. With a total weight of 3.08 pounds, the product includes in its package a carrying bag too.

2. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Enclosure Deluxe 4-Sided

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Classic Accessories is made of 100% polyester. As having been known from early reviews on other golf-cart cover’s brands, the fabric is weather-proofed while it is not going to stretch or shrink. Worthy to take a notice, the fabric is waterproofed in a well-rounded manner. An elastic cord is featured in the product for a customized fitting to your golf carts.

The cart’s cover design has so far included rear zippers for users’ convenient installation and entry. Consequently, managing and using the golf-cart covers is not going to be a big deal considering the manufacturer had well-thought about all the possible procedures and scenarios. Classic Accessories has an overall eye-catching design, too.

1. Golf Cart Storage Cover – Dry Fit Golf Cart Cover for Standard 2-Person Golf Carts

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Enclosure offers two colors of golf cart’s covers: Black and Tan. Covering and uncovering your golf cart with Enclosure golf-cart cover does not take more than a single person and much of an effort. Furthermore, the cover is highly recommended in areas with strong winds as it is designed for this purpose. The cover is UV and tear-resistant. The product, in overall, is suitable as a cover for four-passenger golf cart.

What to consider when buying a cover for your golf cart

Fabric: Quality of fabrics serves as an integral element of the golf-cart covers’ because strong and durable fabric is going to promise the product to be resilient, durable, waterproofed and weather-resistant.

Bottom Lockers: Bottom Lockers are important because it prevents strong winds from blowing away the golf-cart covers.


Having a golf cart should come with a golf cart cover because the cover protects your cart from bird poops and bad weather conditions. As a result, your golf cart is going to be functional and pretty-looking for many years to come. Please consider our buying guide for your considerations.

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